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C10 The tour

Amelia pov

I couldn't hide my excitement, I was so excited going to the company. I checked at my dad and I saw him he had this little smirk on his face and an un explainable feeling ,

" honey!" Make sure you are going to be with me when we get there !! Dad announces making me frown , why dad ?

Because I just want you close with me , I want you to learn what I do , what we usually do when we are at the company , I will even give you a tour myslef.

Aww , thank you dad , I tell him with a small smile. Anything for you my dear , he says and kisses my forehead

We are here !! The driver announced, slow down!! Dad scolds with a little chuckle when I almost dropped on theground because of my excitement and childishness , I giggled like a teenager and blushed a little.

I feel so stupid, I heard dad mumble , " Why ?" I ask baffled .

Because I just ... I wanted you to get better and I failed to understand that all you needed was space and to socilaize and do whatever that is positive for your mind .

He explains with a little pain in his voice .

It's okay dad , it's not too late !! I am going to try my best and make sure I get familiar with all that you do . I am ready for this , I squealed with excitement.

Okay stop it , come with me , he commanded and soon we were at the entrance of the large company, " my eyes widened looking at the interiors, wow!! Beautiful , I averted my gaze to the decors and the paints that looked so enchanting and the paints that were hanged and looked so mesmerising in my eyes . "

This really is beautiful, the entire building is just so big and so enchanting, we were just at the entrance and I can completely say that I am so astonished and so proud of dad , he did a very good job .

This place is even more better than home , I found myslef whispering to dad .

I heard him clearing his throat catching my attention, " what!" I asked him not so soon my cheeks heated up.

I guess the workers were so amused seeing me with their boss , " dad why are they staring ?" I whispered trying to looked everywhere but not them .

He laughed and said , " get back to work guys ! This is my daughter Amelia ," he introduced me .

Whisperes started as I watched the workers eyeing me up and down and talk to the others , I felt so insecure for a moment .

It's like dad felt it too, " Get back to work right now and stop with the whispers " I could have sworn he barked but he wasn't a dog , was he ?

I followed him while hiding behind him , trying to look more at this beautiful building. " soon we entered in the elevator and he pointed at a button that had a P sign . "

Dad , what's that P for ? Curiosuly I ask , well that's where my office is , the last floor which is private , only for me . He said proudly.

I am so proud of you dad, you are always going to be my role model , he smiled looking at me and kissed my forehead, " I feel the same darling !" He replied and soon the elevators door opened and we entered in his office.

Wow dad !! Why is it all dark? I frowned seeing all the places have been designed with either black or white paints and decours .

I don't know, it feels so homey in here to me , he replied making my jaw drop . " Dad !! " homey !! Na you lying, i teased .

He took a remote control and opened the curtains making the lights to shimmer inside the whole office illuminating it, " So cool !!" I muttured and looked at the now a very homey and well planned office .

You weren't wrong dad , black isn't my favourite colour nor white either but I can say this sure looks so homey, I complemented looking everywhere ." It was one hell a big office , you can even make a bed and a kitchen and a dining area if you wish , " ofcourse !

I love it dad , I heard myself telling him . You have more to see inside this whole building , you will be taken a back by seeing the whole building later, it's one in a million full of richness and with high skilled workers , advanced machines and a good pay too , He finished the last words with a wink .

I chuckled and shaked my head , " I was always on going in my teen days, I had alot of friends, alot of them , I had a lot of girl friends too before I met your mom. " He winked and I chuckled while we were walking outside his office for the tour.

I have been always close with my dad, but these new informations he is giving me, I just feel like I am lucky to have him, as a parent and the most of all , my role model.

I used to be the hottest man out there , he stood proudly and I eyed him with a quizzical look . " So you were what alot of nerds used to refer you as the Badby?" I quoted wity my fingers, He suddenly burst out laughing and shaked his head with a disbelief.

Well, you could keep it that way, he shamelessly reply . We passed through the mechanic centre's , this was the first place where he took me . It was really advanced so clean and a very noisy and busy area .

We took the elevator and passed at the accountant department , he introduces me to them and I gladly smiled and socialised a little with them .

" You are doing really well doll, really well !! I heard the voice inside my heard telling me , abruptly I froze because I wasn't prepared of this stupid outburst. "

" better get used to me , I will be here quite often . " It said , I shaked my head and saw my dad looking at me with a quizical look .

Are you tired darling ? He asked as we entered the elevator , not really dad !! I want to do somthing to make myself busy ,

Can you please employ me dad !! Please ..

Ofcourse my dear , that's why you are here , I want you to show me , your mom and my workers what you got !! He challenged.

Give me a month and I swear you are going to see wonders !! I challenged back .

That's like my girl , he gave me a cheeky smile and soon we were at his top floor of the office.

The moment we entered in his office, his secretary, an old lady came inside ! " Mr Maxwell you have a meeting after fifteen minutes sir ! "

The woman eyed me and then turned to dad , " it's okay !" You can talk, she is my daughter, he enlightened her .

Oh dear , I heard her breath out and gave me a reassuring smile , I smiled back at her not disappointing her , " I..I gues i will just occupy myself with the books over there .. " I pointed out leaving them alone discussing whatever that is they wanted to discuss.

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