Regret/C11 The conference room
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Regret/C11 The conference room
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C11 The conference room

Amelia pov

Dad nudged me to follow him into the conference room ,I was nervous and excited at the same time.

One , I am going to be crowded by new people , two ; I have to prove myslef that I am worthy of working in the company without an interview .

" I belive in you , " Those are my dad's words before we left his office to the conference Room , I hope i don't ruin anyone's day. I mumbled and carried on walking !!

" John !!" Dad called the same man who had came to dinner few weeks ago at home , " Max !" He called him back and gave him a pat and a brotherly hug.

Good to see you here dad says , Uncle John then turned and looked at me , his eyes litting up, you are here !!? He said more like asking and I nod shyly, " Greet your uncle, dad reminded me . "

Oh sorry !! Hi goodmoring , " morning my dear , " I am so glad you are here joining us in all these boring meetings ,your aunt Tina is really fond of you, she even wanted to come and see you , but I told her not to. She can be a little giddy and crafty but so friendly and loving , he explained.

I nod my head , he gave me a kiss on the forehead and not so soon we were all seated on the chairs , I took out the notepad that I stole from dad's office , I listened to what they were talking and wrote down some important hints that the company has to be making sure they are going to be worked on and sighed silently.

The only light inside the room was illuminated by the screen which was on and the projector illuminating light to it ,

Well, I didn't know you are this clever, "what do you want now ? " Can't you stop bugging me , ? Well I am inside you , what did you think ? That I will not talk and I ..

"Shshsh ," I muffled!! We are in a meeting, I mumbled. A clearing of a throat brought me back to the table ,

" lord ! , how can this day get even more embarrassing to me , they caught me talking to myslef .!" Is there a question that you need to ask or any problem ?

Dad asked in a very serious mode , " Fuck , I don't want to ruin this . " umm yea !! " .. I was just contemplating about something inside my head , I mean I was thinking about this project .

" Quick questions !!? " He raised a brow like not believing me , for goodness sake, I mumbled.

" What if we invest less or by seasons into this project because looking at the statistics on the screen ,we have both a very good scale of hitting this investment off and also going down too , and I mean if we go down , I mean massive loss that can not be recovered even if we want to withdraw the remaining shares . "

I found myslef asking like a pro infront of the room which was all packed by big reputated business men , " whew!!" Thank you lord for saving me, I mumbled and closed my eyes swallowing hard .

A minute passed, all I could hear was nothing !! A well presented silence.

I opened my eyes fast and I could have sworn I peed on myself seeing all the faces gawking at me like I am the most ...

" interesting thing in the whole world !"

I gulped , " Crap !" Did I say something which wasn't on the list or did I blurt out something which was well .. not really related with this.. this meeting.

Wow!! I heard uncle John murmur , I couldn't think of that at all , and without her I think we could have made a very grave mistake. Murmurs erupted, I looked at dad and I sunked down on my sit feeling my stomach churning .

His well defined face was straight, he didn't say a thing which had me worried .

" That's absolutely a wonderful idea ," I heard my dad praising not so soon , I abruptly peeped and looked at him, my heart melted , he was smiling .

For a moment I thought he was mad at me ,

So anything that you want to add in this project ? Uncle John asked interested and wity amusement filled in his voice .

Umm .. well !! If there is anything new I am going to enlighten you all , but for now I, suggest that we take things slow as because we have some very good projects which are doing really well at the moment possibly. Because I am not sure ,.

Considering this is a little risky , I explained.

That's a very good advice , uncle John complimented, indeed it is !! Dad said enough for me to hear making me blush .

I think you did a fantastic job taking her from those shadowed painted walls to the company max , she is a perfect fit for the position of a pre- CEO . Indeed she is, dad said with a smile looking at me proudly .

After a few more minutes of talking , the meeting was dismissed leaving I , dad and uncle John at the conference room .

I am tired , I whinned . Sure you are , you did really well darling , I didn't know that you could have made all those good strategies and giving us all those new techniques from your little head . I am so lucky to have you as my little smarty daughter,

I blushed , dad stop !! I will be working alot here , with you guys !! I added ,

Well, I think I have to borrow her and steal her some of the days and take her to my company, I also want a little smarty little girl that I wasn't bless with , " you will come visit my company won't you ? " He aksed with hope .

Definitely ......" uncle John! Call me uncle, he blurted out . " Okay uncle I tell him with a smile. I will surely visit your company,

Great , let's get out of here max , I want us to have a little chit chat and yea , I want you guys in the week end at my place .

" this week end , he announced and took dad with him .

Make yourself comfortable Mel !! Dad yelled before he closed the conference door .

I felt so sleepy , " I am a sucker in sleeping because I... I would trade anything to have a good and a better sleep. "

" I yawned and looked at the empty conference room, it fit more than five hundred people, I am telling you !! It's really large !

So big, I murmured tiredly and rested my head on the table coming into contact with the cold glass table.

Hours later ...

As my eyes were closed , I could feel something poking my nose, like what the heck !!

Stop ,!! I tell the person irritated , stop let me sleep !!

I whinned but the person continued .

I said stop!! I yelled and found myslef awake , eyes open , irritated with a frown on my face meeting up, face to face with a very attractive man who I have a feeling I have met once but no idea where.

My whole face went red , I..I m sorry ! I said embarrassed, it's okay , he was a very attractive man, " But not as attractive as that man Marcus!!" The voice inside my head announced, I fought the urge of rolling my eyes .

My jaw dropped, " what the hell i am not a pervert, " I gritted out and curse this stupid voices that made me blurt out what I didn't want to say infront of this man .

" He laughed at me , I felt so embarrassed, I felt like a thief who was caught doing whatever the hell I wasn't supposed to do. " .it's okay , you aren't a pervert !!

You are cute thoo..he beamed , my cheeks went red . I am Simon , he introduced himself, I am Amelia . I tell him with a smile.

Nice to meet you amelia , likewise! I replied with a small smile.

Why are you here alone ! Oh .. I.. well I dozed off , I tell him with a small yawn that I couldn't control . " excuse me !" I blurted out embarrassed,

No it's fine , you are pretty !! He commented. Thank you

Amelia !! I heard the familiar voice of my dad , " dad !" I stood up making some space between the guy and me and went to him .

I am sorry , I was sleeping, it's okay !

Simon my boy , you are here ! I heard dad calling the guy that I just met , " yea uncle !! " he replied and walked to us .

So she is the famous Amelia ? He asked with a smirk , yes meet my daughter Amelia !!

The pleasure is all mine , he replied and caressed my arm which I gave him to shake a second ago , whilst his eyes never left mine .

His eyes .... his eyes looks so damn familiar..

We better go , we are running late, dad announced in que he left my arm and I walked away with dad not before giving him a last glance and him giving me an intense look .

" weird !"

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