Regret/C2 Chapter 1 Prologue
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Regret/C2 Chapter 1 Prologue
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C2 Chapter 1 Prologue

Amelia pov ...

Mel !! Come here , i have been calling you for the past half an hour , what the hell are you doing ? My mom screamed from downstairs.

I groaned with frustration , " I am coming!!" I yelled back for the hundredth time . I stood up lazily from my bed and went to my bathroom. I poured some water on my face and soon I was sober .

I looked my face on the mirror and approved my looks and went downstairs ,

I heard faint talks from my mom and my dad ." Yes , she will be here soon , I heard my dad's voice . I could recognize their voices even if I would have been in the deep depth of the oceans .

Oh there she is !! My dad said happily after I was there , " Good evening ma , good evening pa !" I greet them with a small hug .

I straightened myslef when I saw we had company , " a man and a woman!"

Hi , I say to them with one of my charming smile .

Oh goodness my dear .. you have such a very beautiful smile , the woman complimented and I blushed . Thank you , I tell her . She stood up unexpectedly and gave me a big hug like she knew me from somewhere.

I felt the same, I felt like I knew this woman too , simple fresh and a loving one.

Have we met before? I asked awkwardly after she pulled out . I could see my parents giving me this awkward look .

No my dear !! You must be hyperventilating or somthing else , we have just met !! The woman told me .

Oh sorry ! I chuckled and she gave me a smile, no need my dear you are so adorable and have a good personality too . She says flashing me a smile .

Thank you , I murmured , I am not used to complements, I feel so small and weird when a person complemnts me ." John !! I like her , I like her so much!! Look at her , she is well organised and a very respectable girl. "

I am sure he will like her , " I heard the woman whispering to him ."

Wait a minute !! What is this all about?I looked at my parents who were also whispering something on their each other's ears , I sighed because I didn't want to interrupt my parent's beautiful dinner with their long time college friends just like what dad has explained the day before yesterday .

My dad values friendship and I am amazed and so lucky too to have him with me .

I will ask them whatever that it is they are talking later, I mumbled . Mom , I am hungry I whinned making the two couples chuckle .

You still act like a little baby Mel , you need to grow up ! Stop being this clingy and childish. Ma !! I whinned but a glare from her made me close my mouth instantly .

You shouldn't be hard on her like that Cassandra!! The woman says to mom , No she needs to learn , she is spoilt too much and she needs to understand and act like an adult . My mom said and I fought the urge of rolling my eyes.

Typical her !! " Let's organise the table!" My mom said after few moments of talking. I gave her a tight smile and went to the kitchen. I wonder where the maids are, not that I am complaining, but mom preparing dinner?

Well this is something new !! To me , ofcourse;

Wow mom !! This looks so delicious I tell her after I saw all of my favourite dishes . Na , na , na , you aren't going to touch any of that Mel . I know mom , I was just complementing your food . I tell her with a small sarcasm .

She rolled her eyes and soon we started organising the table . Smells so delicious Cassandra!! The woman said to her , well Tina I prepared all this for the both of you, I want you guys to remember my cooking like the old times !!

I trust you with your cooking skills , they are the best !! The man john commented mom , Coincidently I felt my mom's cheeks heat up.

What the fuck ? Okay !! Maybe I am just being so extra , I tell myself and took a seat on the dinner table , I looked at dad and I saw him acting quite normal ." I shouldn't think too much , I tell myself and soon I started eating . "

This is so delicious mom , I tell her for the hundredth time . She rolled her eyes and looked at me . And don't eat much Amelia!! I don't want you to look like some fat clown .

I went silent , I mean this is not her first time throwing insults to me , She has been mean sometimes but I know she still loves me .

She is my mother , she gave birth to me and I know whatever she is saying, she knows what she means, maybe it's because she wants me to be the girl who she has ever wanted.

" A noble like one, and .... I don't know anymore ."

Everything fine ? I heard my dad ask after he saw me that I wasn't eating anymore. I gave him a reassuring smile and nod .

Yea , don't worry at all !! I just feel like I am full all over sudden , i tell him truthfully . " Don't listen to your mom dear , eat and have some more !!" I know she was just kidding . The woman Tina says to me and I gave her a small smile .

"I know," I replied defending what she said about mom, I couldn't feel the appetite of my food anymore. After the awkward dinner , they resumed talking . I went to the kitchen and took the desert like I was told .

Everyone was devouring the desert as a thought came on my head, " I had this vision like I knew the woman infront of me so bad !" She looked so beautiful.

I felt a pinch on my lap , " aww!!" I yelled abruptly and looked at the person who pinched me , what was that for !! I whinned.

Stop staring Mel !! My mom says to me , I felt so embarrassed knowing the woman and everyone saw me looking at her and how i was staring .

I .. I am sorry !! I said abruptly and stood up from where I was sitting. A wave of dizziness passed through my head , I hissed in pain as I felt a sudden pain on my forehead.

It hurts !! I mumbled before I reached anywhere near the stairs , Mel !! Mel!! Mel ! I heard faint whispers of people yelling and calling my name .

It hurts !! I mumbled again and soon I felt myself slipping unconscious. Then it hit me , thsi isn't the first time I was like this !! I was always the girl that my parents didn't like to talk about .

A weak , timid and a sick girl.

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