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C5 The voice

I walked slowly on the park and hummed slowly , it was a very beautiful day , children were playing with their parents and some couples were romancing, it was cute to watch but very embarking hen you get caught staring .

I chuckled a little and walked to a swing , It was empty and beside me was a child who was being singed by her parent . She looks so cute , hi !! I tell her and she smiled back at me .

Ahw is so precious and cute ,I tell the mother !! Oh everyone says that , I am hee nonney , the woman says to me abruptly.

Oh , my small drilled a little, I thought she was yours I tell her truthfully. Everyone says that , but she isn't I am juts so close to this little precious girl . She replied with amusement .

You are so beautiful ,she commented and I looked away shyly . Thanks I tell her with a right smile . She chuckled and said , " well , I didn't thought that you will be shy getting a complement . "

I am not used to , I tell her generously " You are such a kind soul, she commented from nowhere ." I looked at her face and she gave me a small smile.

I am sorry!! I judged too quickly, it's fine i tell her and gave her a reassuring smile.

What's her name ? I wanted to make these small little comments to her , her name is Malia !! Wow , thats cute it fits her, I replied trying to carry on our conversation .

Malia , say hi !! The woman said to her , " hi ! " she said to me shyly. Aww !! You are so cute !! I commented to her and shw replied boldly. " Thank you . "

You raised her really well , I tell her . " She went silent ,"

Can I play with her ? I ask her feeling a little excited, " Sure !!" I will be just here watching . She says ,

I stood up from the swing and carried her , " Malia !! What's your favourite food !!" Ice-cream!! Shw replied instanly .

That's not food !! With a playful frown covered my face , she giggled . You look like the little princess that I saw in my TV , she is beautiful just like you . She commented.

Aww baby , then I will be your real life princess, okay !? I ask her , " yay !!" She clapped her hands .

Nanney!! Nanney!! She is my princess !! She is my princess !! She squealed and I giggled .

We played some more , after some few hours , her nonney announced that they had to leave , okay !! I tell her and gave Malia a small kiss .

I hope to see you soon , I tell her and hugged her nonney ,take care of that sweet pineapple. Ewww !! I am not a pineapple, Malia commented with a small frown feigning hurt .

My heart melted looking at this little , " okay malia , you are not !! You are as beautiful as a lilly flower ,yay!! She squealed and gave me a kiss on my cheek . Thank you my princess;

She squealed and I smiled shaking my head , Bye ! I tell the nanny . Oh by the way my name is Amelia , mines Terry!!

Nice to meet you , likewise I replied and soon I saw them descending from where I was .

I had so much fun today , I guess its time to go back home .

I smiled a little when I saw that the little girl dropped her little doggy doll ," I took it on the ground and promised myslef that I was going to give it back . "

You met such a nice soul , " You are making progress !!" I heard the same voice in my head telling me,

My heart beat went from seventy two rate pounds in a minute to uncountless pounds , I could feel my heart beating through my ears , my palms !! A wave of dizziness passed through my head .

I refuse to be weak and go unconscious,I refuse to be timid, I am brave, I can fight this ..

What's happening!!? Wh ..who are are you !!? I found myslef shaking and asking the voice which I heard again in my head .

But again, I heard nothing!! I reassured myslef and swallowed like always, I reached for a tree and made my heart beat lessening to a normal rate.

" Whatever that is inside my head , I swear I am going to fight you myself!!" I murmured and gritted my teeth , maybe mom sees me differently because I am truly weak and can't fight my won demons . But I swear over my mom's love and my dad's careness, I am going to make sure I beat the shit out of this stupid thing inside my head .

By hook or crook , I composed myself and went inside my car , I am not allowed to drive but who cares !! " I want to prove to them that I am normal just like them!!"

And I can do anything without any one's help , let's do this girl!!" I cheered up myself. I turned the radio on switching my favourite music and soon I started driving without a care .

I know my parents are going to be really mad and are looking for me at the moment, but I just want to show them that I am a big girl and I can take care of whatever comes neither from north or east nor , south to west .

I am prepared ,

" So am I!!" I heard the voice in my head again, I didn't stop because I was at the road , my heart was beating but not erratically.

If this stupid illusion voice can me shudder , why can't I use my most important tool that is my brain to protect myslef and smiled all this shits on one place of my fucking brain .

I am not a psychopath !! I yelled when the music was really high in my car . I wanted to waste myself and pretend like everything is alright but will everything really be alright?

Or is this just the calm before the storm?

Fuck you , you fucking mysterious voice inside my fucking head !! I yelled .

Fuck you too !! Do you think this is easy for me to be trapped inside your fucking head !! You dumbo!!

I froze ... what in the hell has just happened? ... wha..wait !!

Oh my god!! I mumbled knowing I wasn't hallucinating , A real fucking voice was inside my fucking head , I was fucking trapped , and it was all real , I could feel my hands shaking and my body sweating profusely from nowhere.

I couldn't control my car as I felt my brakes screeched and my whole body freze for the thousand time , I could feel my car losing control and infront of me was a tree welcoming me to the darkness....

Or maybe not !!

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