REINCARNATED IN DXD/C1 Death and three wishes
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REINCARNATED IN DXD/C1 Death and three wishes
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C1 Death and three wishes

Somewhere in the dark room,

There is a young man around 15-16 years old laying on the bed while playing on his phone.This is Daku an orphan,he grew up on the orphanage but this year he decided to leave the orphanage.Because he didn't want to bother the people in the orphanage anymore,when he stand on his own feet Daku have a hard time living just to survive.

He successfully find a part time job,which is being a cashier in some kind of convenience store.He was assigned in night shift which is good for him since he have a class on morning.His appearance was normal,he have black hair,black eyes and normal face.When he's working in the evening,Daku always watch an anime,read a novel or some kind of fanfiction when there's no one around or when he was bored.

"I need to go and buy something to eat."Daku said.

He got up on the bed and walked towards the door,Daku exited his apartment and walk at the side of the street.

After somewhile,

Daku arrived in a convenience store,he picked what he wants and walked towards the counter to pay the things he needed.

"A total of 340 yen sir."The man in the counter said.

"O-ok."Daku stuttered before he took a certain amount of money and handed it to the man.


The automatic door opened revealing a young man with a white plastic bag on his hand,Daku walked out of the convenience store with a white plastic bag and he can see a bench not far away.


Daku sit on the bench and put down the white plastic bag beside him,he took his food in the white plastic bag and started to eat.

"After this,i need to go home and review about science and math since i have a test tomorrow morning"Daku said before he clenched his hand making the empty can to dent.

Daku stood up,and look at the sky for a moment before he stopped looking at it and started to walk.

Daku look at the traffic light before he started to cross the street,while Daku is crossing the street a horn sound came from his left ear.

"What th-.."Daku thought,but before he can even finish his thought.

He looked at the spinning sky dazedly,before he landed on the ground.His head tilt and can see a truck not far away,seeing this Daku already know what's happening.

"So i'm about to die?...but it really hurts,i couldn't feel my arms anymore..."Daku couldn't help but complain on his mind,he couldn't waste anymore words since it will only bring more pain to him, so he could only talked to himself in his mind.

"Am i... going.. to.. reincarnate in other... worl-"He thought in his mind,but before he can even finished his sentence he lost his consciousness and everything went black.

"Where am i?"Daku asked calmly as he looked around him,he could only see a pure white even a tint of black weren't there.

"Is this the legendary "Limbo"?is it?"Daku couldn't help,but thought in his mind as he looked around with an excitement.

"Yes,this the "Limbo"young man."a feminine voice resounding in the white area.

Daku look surprised,and when he was about to open his mouth and asked about where did the voice came from.A crack suddenly appeared infront of him,the crack opened revealing a girl with yellow hair,brown eyes, straight nose bridge and pink beautiful lips.

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He looked at the girl infront of him with an amazement,every question lingering in his heart have been answered.He was really going to reincarnate!

Daku looked at the girl for whole 5 minutes,the girl looked at Daku and said with a beautiful voice.

"What?is it your first time seeing a goddess or a beautiful lady?"The goddess said.

"Yes."Daku answered honestly, although he can see some proclaimed goddess when he's alive or a rare beauty but this is the first time he can see a real goddess.The level of gap between them is another level, beside he couldn't lie to the goddess.

"I'm Athena,a goddess of all creation."the goddess introduce herself.

"Athena athena athena athena...."Daku started to memorize the goddess name in his mind,he's worry about forgetting her name.

"Alright then,as for why you are here? it's because i'm going to reincarnate you in the world of anime.You can picked where do you want to reincarnate."Athena said with a smile.

This smile make Daku heart to beat faster,Daku shrugged his shoulder and smile too.This is what he wants,sure enough he will reincarnate in anime world.

"I'll give you 3 wishes treat it like a bonus."Athena said before he sit down on the chair.

"What?where did this chair even came from?"Daku thought in his mind as he looked at the chair curiously,he shake his head it's not time to think about this.

He needed to think what kind of wish he will asked for,he pinch his chin and started to think.

A minute have passed.

"For my first wish,i want unlimited mana."Daku said.

"Alright,and i'll give you a mana control for free.You still have 2 wish remaining."Athena said before she took a sip of tea.

"My second wish is to be an immortal,fast regeneration,immune to any poison or potential particles that will harm my body,and didn't age too."Daku said with an excitement.

"Ok,then what's your last wish?young man."Athena said.

"My last wish is to have a system."Daku said,he really wanted to have the legendary system just like in novel.

"Alright then where do you want to reincarnate?"Athena said calmly.

"I want to reincarnate in highschool dxd,the time and plot will be the same."Daku said excitedly.

"Alright then,but i'll adjust some of it so expect it if there's a surprises in that world."Athena said mysteriously.

"Alright,all have been settled.Until we meet again young man."Athena said as she stood up.

Daku look at Athena curiously,Athena looked back at him before she snapped her fingers.

Daku lost his consciousness again,and he fall into a pit of darkness.



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