REINCARNATED IN DXD/C3 Impurity removing pill
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REINCARNATED IN DXD/C3 Impurity removing pill
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C3 Impurity removing pill

When Daku arrived in the middle of the forest he looked around before a uniform suddenly appeared in his hand,when Daku see this he have a confused face.

"What is this system?a uniform? didn't you say i just needed to find and go to Kuoh academy?"Daku threw many question to the system.

[Ding! host it's optional,if you choose to attend Kuoh academy you will receive another reward.]The female system said with a cold voice,Daku nodded before he started to undress his clothes and put on the Kuoh uniform.

Getting another reward wouldn't hurt besides he only just need to attend in Kuoh academy,he didn't need to do something like problem in transferring he just needed attend that's what system said.

After he put on his uniform,he looked around making sure there's no one around and closed his eyes for a moment before he disappeared in the middle of the forest.


A young man with a quite handsome feature suddenly appeared behind the pole,although he suddenly appeared behind the pole but no one noticed him.This young man is Daku and as for why no one noticed him because when he's in the middle forest he lowered his presence beforehand to make sure not to get the attention of highschool students, after he arrived Daku skillfully mixed in the crowd.

When he is already infront of the Kuoh academy and only just a step before he entered the school he suddenly stopped,he smile while looking at Kuoh academy this is his dream that would never expect to happen and then entered the Kuoh academy.

[Ding! host just completed the quest:find and go to kuoh academy! Rewards:nerd glasses, impurity removing pill.]The system said coldly.

[Ding! host just received a nerd glasses.]

{Info:nerd glasses can have all information or knowledge about subject,when the host wear it he will given a lot knowledge in all subject.Host charm can optionally raised or decrease into 35.}

[Ding! host just received a impurity removing pill.]The system said coldly.

{Info:this can make will make host ten times stronger than the normal people.Host charm will increase in 50.}

"Alright,good i guess."Daku said as he started to walked towards the hallway,while walking a familiar face appeared infront of him.She have a white hair and yellow eyes which is Koneko.

"Hi! thanks for touring me around yesterday."Daku walked infront of Koneko and greeted her with a smile.

"Hello!no problem."Koneko said with a neutral tone.

"Alright then i'll be going now,see you later."Daku said, Koneko nodded when Daku see this he started to walked towards the student council room.He didn't need a guide right now,he have a map in his eyes beside with his power he can see everything but jist like other it still have a range limit.

"You must be a transfer student right?"A young bespectacled woman with a slim figure, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes said.

"Yes."Daku said as he sit down infront of Sona,he looked around and when he can see a guy with yellow hair he smirked secretly.The guy Daku was looking at is Saji the new member of student council.

"I came from eastern Europe and we have a greeting if you don't mind."Daku said some nonsense as he looked at Sona,of course Sona already knew what Daku greeting said about while Saji at the side have a questioning face.

"Oh -."Sona said but before she can finish her sentence Daku already interupted her with a kiss on her cheeks,Sona just smiled and sighed when she see Daku do this and didn't get angry because she respect their culture while Saji who's looking at the side blink his eyes stupidly before a angry expression appeared on his face.

He stood up and was about to rushed towards him however Sona shot a glanced at him making him to stop and restrain his urge to beat me up or.... getting beaten by me.

"Alright,then Daku your class is 2-b.You can go now."Sona said before she get back to her work Daku won't bother her anymore so he walked towards the door,when he arrived infront of the door he stopped before he looked at Saji who's looking at him with an jealous and anger expression when Daku see this he smiled before he let out his tongue provokingly because he didn't need to worry about Saji.

With his current power he can only just use his eyes petrified Saji,and now he's thinking if he should steal Sona and others in the student council room to join his family.

"Should i get them or not?well might not think about it anymore and just enjoy touring the school."Daku thought in his mind before he walked towards the field,since it wasn't time yet he might go and tour around the school.

While he's walking not far away he can see a three figure stand up from the grass and started to walked.The familiar two figure have a bald one and the other one have a glasses as for the last one it's a girl?

"Hey,system it seems that i'm in the wrong world."Daku asked the system if he's in the wrong world because he can see that the girl have a trait face of issei,but her hair was shuffled.

[No host, you're not in the wrong world.]the system said.

"Is this what they called a parallel world?no that shouldn't be the case, because Motohama and Matsuda still the same except for Issei who's the main protagonist in highschool dxd."Daku knew that parallel world wouldn't be the choices since Issei was the only one who got genderbend so he started to create some conclusion.

[Ding! host this isn't a parallel world,this world mc was issei before but in unknown cause he died in a strange disease.To treat this disease the people needed to have a new modern technology,with the current technology this disease couldn't be cured.As for that girl,she is the twin sister of Issei Hyoudou.When Issei Hyoudou die some pervertedness transfer to his sister along with the booby dragon.]The system explained everything to Daku.

"Why did the perverted nature of Issei was transferred to his sister? anyway might follow them since i still have time."Daku said before he followed the famous perverted trio.

(A/N:I don't own the dxd and i don't know when I'll upload again.)

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