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C1 Chapter 1


I sat on the floor in my room, looking out of the wide-open window at the large ball of light in the sky. It was another stormy night and the sky was filled with heavy clouds.

The wind shook the windows and the light of the flashing thunderbolts illuminated my room.

It was a full moon and I listened to the distant howls die down. I was supposed to have transitioned with the rest of the Werewolves in the pack, but I was not just any Werewolf. I was powerful and I could control whenever I wanted to turn.

I looked sideways as the door of my room flung open and I saw my sister Alyssa standing in the doorway and staring at me disdainfully. She was holding a bowl and a candle in hand. She walked into the room and dropped the both of them on a table.

"It's.... it's my birthday today," I croaked out in fear and my father seemed to get even more enraged.

I heard Alyssa's tiny laughter echo throughout the room and I glanced at her, "Oh look, it's the princess's birthday. We should all FALL DOWN AND WORSHIP HER!" Her voice started out as mocking and tiny before becoming fierce and enraged.

"I told you to stay the Fuck away from this table!" He yelled at me.

"My Mate is dead because of you and I'll never love you. I'll always hate you." He bellowed and every word felt like a hit on my chest.

He has shown nothing but hate since the day I was born because my mom died when giving birth to me.

"But I didn't kill my mom!" I cried and I knew I would regret that.

"How dare you talk back at me!" He shouted and hit me in the face with his fist. I cried as I fell to the ground on my butt and my hand scratched the floor.

I wiped the blood off my lips and looked up.

"You're a bastard!" He yelled and before I could react, he grabbed his coffee mug and flung it at me.

I screamed as the ceramic broke against my skin and the boiling hot coffee splashed on my face. I cried as I felt my face burn and turn red.

My father stepped away from me and walked back to the dining table.

"Marissa!" He shouted out the name of a maid.

"Sir," Marissa ran into the room and she stopped, looking at me on the floor.

"Take her away and clean her up, then come back and clean up this mess," My father instructed. Marissa quickly walked towards me and pulled me up to my feet.

I could feel my face burning as she dragged me out of the room carelessly.

"You bitch! You just added to my work!" She whined, dragging me roughly. Not even my father's servant regarded me because of how much he hated me.

I couldn't keep my promise to myself as I felt my tears trickle down my left cheek. I felt weak as I hadn't eaten anything and just survived my father's abuse.

"Don't slow me down you slut!" Marissa yelled as I began to walk weakly and she pushed me roughly. I immediately lost balance and I became dizzy as I fell to the ground and lost consciousness again.

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