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C2 Chapter 2


What have I done again?

He walked into the kitchen with his eyes filled with anger. Everyone in the kitchen immediately became silent and they stopped what they were doing.

He glared at me with a piercing gaze and a disgusted look.

"What are you wearing?!" He asked at the top of his voice, looking at my dress that was soaked and had been stained by Alyssa.

"I.....I'm........." I stuttered in fear, not knowing what to say to him.

"The general pack contest is holding soon and you're participating!" He yelled and I flinched in fear, remembering that Nadia had told me this.

How could I even fight in this state I am in!!

"You're not going to disgrace this family by coming late!" He shouted in anger, pointing furiously at the floor.

"I wasn't informed," I said and immediately, he swung his hand at me and hit me in the face with the back of his palm.

I yelped in pain and almost slipped on the smooth marble floor, but I held on to the sink behind me.

"Never talk back at me!" He yelled at me and suddenly grabbed my hand roughly.

I groaned as he dragged me across the kitchen carelessly. He stopped as we got out of the kitchen and he let go of me with force, causing me to the fall to the floor on my butt.

The sudden force caused a painful vibration up my spine and I winced.

"Get dressed now and meet me at the downstairs in two minutes or I'll make today miserable for you!" He threatened, breathing loudly and stomping away.

When was my day never miserable!


I looked out of the window as the car slowly drove down the road to the pack square. It was only 2 days since Alyssa took my powers so I was still feeling very weak and by the time I'm strong again, it'll be another full moon and she'll do it again.

I glanced at her and my dad sitting at the front of the car and discussing about Alyssa's college plans.

The car soon stopped and I opened the door, climbing out. The square was already getting filled up with pack members.

I glanced around and spotted free seats beside Nate and Nyla. We were friends in high school, but after I graduated, I hardly see them as my dad doesn't let me leave the house.

"Hi Tasha," Nyla looked up with a smile as I sat on the empty seat next to her.

"Hi." I smiled back at her.

"You're participating in this contest right?" Her twin brother, Nate asked and I nodded, smiling bleakly.

I'm already 18 and I'll have to participate. Nyla and Nate were one year younger than I was.

"Good luck," Nyla said excitedly. She was about to say something again when someone walked by. I looked up to see Alyssa glaring at us with despise.

Nyla and Nate immediately stopped talking and they shrunk into their seats. Everyone knows how much my dad cherishes Alyssa and as the Beta, they didn't want to get on his bad side.


I watched as Alyssa smacked the man she was carrying on the floor and I could swear that I could hear bone cracking.

Everyone cheered for Alyssa as she had just defeated the man by making him land on his back. She looked so satisfied and she enjoyed being praised.

To my surprise, my name was called out next and I gulped, looking at the fighting ground. I would have to fight Alyssa.

She had a smug smile on her face and I gulped. I looked sideways to see Nyla place her hand on my shoulder and smile.

"You can do this."

I smiled bleakly and stood up, walking to the fighting ground. I stood opposite Alyssa and the two of us stared at each other before the whistle was blown.

She charged at me with a loud cry and she swung her fists at me. I was stunned for a while, but I bent out of the way in time, making her fist swing over my head.

I moved out of the way quickly as she lost her balance and I used the chance to kick her leg.

She grunted as she fell to the ground on the floor and I heard everyone clap.

Alyssa now looked super angry and I got nervous.

You can do this Nathasha. I tried to encourage myself, but I was swallowing nervously as I knew where this would end.

Alyssa got up on her feet and before I could notice, she zoomed at me and threw a punch up my jaw.

I felt her fists crack my jaw bone and send me flying up. I fell to the floor, but I managed to support my self with my palms.

I was about to stand up, but she dashed at me again and kicked me in the chest.

I felt my rib press against my heart and the impact of the kick sent me threw across the fighting ground.

Loud noise erupted in the square as I heard everyone begin to cheer her loudly

I groaned, feeling my chest ache and a sharp pain in my palms. I grunted as I stood up to the floor and I looked at my palms to see them bleeding.

I used them to support myself when sliding on the floor so they were badly bruised.

I faced Alyssa who was standing a few meters away with a fierce look. I panted heavily, wanting this to end quickly.

I was weak and even if I was fighting against someone who didn't have a personal vendetta against me, I would lose.

I clenched my fists as Alyssa dashed towards me again. I changed my mind and decided to summon the last bit of energy in me.

I was going to use the one thing that made me special than the rest of them. I unclenched my fists and as she came towards me, I extended my wolf claws.

Werewolves could only do this during full moons, but I could. I can also control how I turn and refuse to turn on a full moon.

As she got close enough, I swung my arms at her and my claws slashed her arms and chest. She shrieked in pain as blood gashed from the cut.

I sighed deeply and felt the claws retract back in. I was too weak to sustain them.

Everyone went silent immediately and no single sound could be heard. They all knew my gift, but they didn't think I would use it in fighting, but most importantly, they knew that Alyssa would be super mad now.

I looked at her and her eyes turned a bright yellow color. She cried loudly and grabbed me by the neck.

I couldn't breath as she wrapped her hands tightly around my throat. She slowly lifted me up into the air, ignoring my arms that were hitting her.

All of a sudden, she screamed and she threw to the floor. I cried as I fell to the floor with my back flat and pain ripping through my body.

That instant, loud cheers erupted in the crowd and Alyssa smiled proudly. She won.

I groaned, breathing in deeply and I looked up to see Alyssa stretching out her hands to help me up. I was too weak to stand up on my own, so I stretched out my hands and took her hand.

She pulled me up, but before I could fully get up, she raised her left leg and used her knee to throw a kick in my jaw.

I immediately fell back to the ground with a loud thud and I heard the crowd cheered loudly.

I hate my life.

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