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C3 Chapter 3


I didn't go back to my seat as I was too ashamed to face everyone present at the square. Instead, I went to sit at the far end, close to the exit and I watched the rest of the competition from there.

I winced in pain from time to time, touching my aching back. I could feel my ribs cracked, and it would take much longer to heal because of how weak I was.

It would usually take about 10 days for me to start gathering my strength again, but after I'm at my full strength again, it'll be another full moon and Alyssa would come to take all my power again.

No matter how hard I fight her, she always wins because of the dark arts she practices. It's forbidden for wolves to practice magic talkless of going to the Mages for help, but Alyssa violated all of this things.

My dad ignores everything she does and the servants in the house dare not say a word or they will be killed. I obviously can't do anything about it as I'm afraid what my father would do to me.

He always let her have her way and she messed with everyone around her.

Speak of the devil. I looked up as people cheered loudly and I saw Alyssa smack down the second opponent after embarrassing me.

People cheered once again as the last opponent walked into the fighting ground. A small smile formed on my lips as the man who I adored walked towards Alyssa.

It was Alpha Jack, the Alpha of the pack. This contest was for pack members older than 18 and younger than 30. Because Jack was still young, he usually fought against other pack members in the contests.

His father was the former Alpha who was killed in a fight against Rogues. I heard the stories about how Jack single handedly slaughtered all of the Rogues on that day in a fit of rage.

Jack automatically became the Alpha and no one challenged him. Even my father respected him.

I adored him a lot and sometimes, I wish that my mate would be someone like him. Someone who would love me and be strong enough to protect me. If I had a mate like him, I would no longer suffer humiliation or constantly live in fear.

I watched as Alyssa wrestled against him with her characteristic grunts and loud cries. Just like the last year and the year before, she would lose to Jack and end up as second.

That should be me up there. It's because of my powers that she's able to go this far. My special abilities started to manifest when I was in high school and when she discovered, she didn't let me get to master them before she sought help from a witch.

People cheered loudly as Jack hit Alyssa to the floor and he held his hand to her neck, winning the competition.

What happened after this was all a blur to me. I didn't care what was happening or rather still, it was better if I didn't get involved. There was a celebration and after it finally ended, the gate of that square was opened. It was evening already and I was tired of sitting here and watching everyone.

I stood up from the bench I sat on and I walked towards the gate so I could go back home. Just as I was about to step out of the narrow gate, someone crossed their hand over the gate and I stopped quickly.

I looked up to see Keelin, Alyssa's friend staring at me with a smug smile.

"Hi loser." she smirked.

I ignored her and tried to pass under her hand, but she lowered her hand and I quickly stopped before my face could touch her hand.

"I'm talking to you, don't ignore me!" She said in irritation and I stood up straight, looking at her.

"I don't have anything to say to you Keelin," I retorted, crossing my arms over my chest.

"But she does!" I heard Alyssa's voice behind me and she suddenly pushed me from behind. I staggered forward and nearly collided into Keelin, but she instantly pushed me back.

I staggered backward again and Alyssa immediately stepped out of the way, causing me to fall on the floor, back flat.

"Such a loser," Keelin snickered. I grunted as I sat up on the floor and just as I stood up, Alyssa dumped the content of the glass in her hand over my head.

I wiped my face so I could see clearly and the alcohol burnt the bruises on my skin. I looked around to see some group of people standing around the corner snickering.

I looked away and pushed back my soaked hair before walking out of the gate.

"Make sure you don't wet your bed again. You're stressing the servants enough already!" I heard Alyssa shout behind me and people burst into laughter.

That was the lies she fed everyone in the pack and I couldn't defend myself because I was allowed to leave the house except on some occasions and some people stayed away from me because of my father.

They all believed that I was some kind of weirdo who had physical and mental health issues.

I wasn't ready to wait for everyone to get this over with and have my dad drive us back home so I was walking instead.

After about 10 minutes, I finally looked up to see my house up ahead. I looked over my shoulder as I had saw a shadow move quickly.

I ignored it and assumed that it was one of the pack wolves, real wolves running around.

I stopped before my house and sighed deeply. I reached out for the door knob, but I pulled my hand back as I decided not to go in yet.

I decided to go sit at the foot of the small forest behind our house. I usually went there so I can be alone and just stare at the sky. I slowly walked down the slope and I stopped as I got to the foot of the forest. I breathed in deeply and sighed before sitting on the grass.

I needed to stay here for a while before going back to face all my problems, then I would take a bath cause my hair reeked of alcohol.

I looked over my shoulder again as I had this feeling that someone was watching me. I was about to look away when I saw the shadow of an human figure in the distance.

Who was that?

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