Remarry After Divorce Battle/C1 Bowl of Saffron
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C1 Bowl of Saffron
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C1 Bowl of Saffron

"Zhao Wenxuan, let's go together." Xu Shaoyin looked at the joyful family in front of the hall and threw out a sentence that silenced the entire hall.

Madam Zhao was the first to react. She was extremely satisfied with Xu Shaoyin as her daughter-in-law, and she quickly advised her: "Grandson's wife, don't be rash. Wen Xuan was implicated in the Mo case and only managed to get away with it because of your kindness. This is your credit; you are the Zhao Family's benefactor, and our Wen Xuan will be grateful to you for the rest of her life."

What the Countess had said about the case of the Black Devils was related to flood control of the Yellow River. The local officials colluded with each other, building the embankment without much work, pouring rain in June, and pouring water through the embankment, resulting in heavy casualties. What was most shocking was that the money for the disaster had been pulled out by the geese. When it finally reached the citizens, half of Chen Mi was made of sand and stone, while the quilts and quilts were covered with a thin layer of cotton wool.

Finally, it was the fact that His Majesty had secretly dispatched an official to supervise the disaster relief efforts that led to the knowledge that corruption was rampant. The emperor was furious. From the imperial edict to the county magistrate, he dismissed forty-six court officials in a row.

Xu Shaoyin thought it was annoying and laughable to talk about the "Ink Avarice" case, and mean words kept popping out of her thin lips: "This case has a lot of implications, from the temple to the place, from the court officials to the Baiding Merchant House, no one dares to say more about it, my father was Anguo Marquis, and he kept his tail between his legs. Yet, you, Zhao Wenxuan, a cloth seller, take the money you can't give out and ask others to help you. For what? It was just because of my sister, her father-in-law's position as the Minister was dropped. He cried and said, "Sister, help me. Aiyo, that little face is crying so much that I feel sorry for her." "I haven't said anything yet. Brother-in-law, you actually patted your chest and wants to help …"

The others in the hall were caught off guard as they heard the gossip. Some of them were embarrassed, while others were curious. When the madame saw that everyone's ears were pricked up, in order to protect Sun's daughter-in-law's face, she picked up her purple sandalwood walking stick and chased the juniors out like ducks, leaving the couple to their own quarrels in the room. After the argument, it would be fine. It was for a couple, so they would have to fight on the end of the bed.

Hearing her mention her younger sister Xu Kouyun, Zhao Wenxuan finally said something. She said in a muffled voice, "As her older sister, don't speak nonsense. It will ruin her reputation."

Seeing that he was still considerate enough to speak up for Xu Kouyun, Xu Shaoyin flew into a rage. After taking a few deep breaths, she made a relaxed and carefree smile. "Then you really are awesome. I still need to thank you for thinking for her sake."

"Sofia, don't make such nonsense, and don't say such ridiculous things. I know that I was wrong this time. I won't be like this in the future. " After all, Zhao Wenxuan was used to doing business, and it was common to observe a person's appearance. She immediately noticed her wife's gnashing teeth and quickly lowered her head to be a child. However, he thought that lowering his head to be a child made Xu Shaoyin even angrier.

Xu Shaoyin looked at the man who had been husband and wife for half a year and almost blurted out the words, "Zhao Wenxuan, there's no future. From the beginning, this was a mistake."

"Xu Shaoyin!" Ever since I married you, I didn't take a concubine and didn't go to the brothel. Even though I was mocked and feared by others, I didn't say anything. On the other hand, you, who are childless and jealous, have already committed two of the seven sins.

Xu Shaoyin burst into an uproar. She raised her voice and said, "It doesn't matter. Just give me a copy of it. As long as I have nothing more to do with your Zhao Family!"

Old Madame Zhao had chased everyone else away, but she herself had stuck herself to the door and eavesdropped.

There was suddenly no sound from inside the door. She quickly took two steps back and saw the two of them angrily push open the door and come out. The old lady pulled Zhao Wenxuan back and asked, "Good grandson, how did you talk to your wife?"

Zhao Wenxuan held back her anger and said with a cold expression, "Grandma, she insisted on leaving."

The old mistress glared at him, furious. "You …"

Before she could finish, she clutched her chest and fainted. Zhao Wenxuan quickly supported her and shouted in panic, "Grandma, Grandma! Hurry, call the doctor! "

Xu Shaoyin, who hadn't walked far, naturally heard it. She hurried over to help the madame. She rather liked this enlightened old lady and didn't want anything to happen to her. "What are you doing cold? Hurry and help Grandma into the house."

However, Xu Shaoyin suspected that the madame's body was still considered strong and healthy. She was able to climb the mountain to burn incense by herself a few years ago, so why did she pass out now?

Zhao Wenxuan picked up the madame and was walking quickly when she suddenly felt the old lady's hand pinching her. He looked down and saw the old woman's closed eyes rolling, and he knew what was going on. He said to Xu Shaoyin, who was beside him, "Shaoyin, Grandma is sick now. She's always liked you, so you should wait until she's better before you bring it up. "

The madame rolled her eyes in her heart. Although she pretended to be in a coma for this purpose, she actually wanted to say 'Grandson, go slower!'

Actually, Xu Shaoyin also felt a little regretful after she suggested and left. In this dynasty, women's virtue was restricted and demeaned.

But if he doesn't...

Xu Shaoyin could not bear the thought of his evil deeds. Even if there would be gossip, even if she could only be a sister-in-law for the rest of her life, she had to leave, and she had to leave right now! It was already benevolent of her not to leave when Zhao Wenxuan was in danger of going to prison.

After a while, the doctor arrived. She quietly went back to the courtyard to pack up her things, letting her two maidservants Yu Qing and Mu Yun to clean up the gold and silver. As for the large dowry, she would send someone to carry it after she returned home.

Yu Qing and Mu Yun had always thought that since Miss saved Young Master, she would definitely gain more face in the Zhao Family. Who knew that when they heard Miss say that she wanted to pack up and return to her parents' home, they became drowsy for a moment.

They were in a daze when they saw Young Master push open the door and wave for them to get down. Before leaving, they even "delicately" closed the door.

Lili looked at Xu Shaoyin, who was carrying a bundle, and frowned. Her eyes were even more somber, making it hard for her to refuse. "Sofia, you have always been smart. "Why not stay? I promise you that you won't have any more delusions and will definitely live a good life with me."

Xu Shaoyin folded her arms in protest, a cold smile hanging on her lips. "What you said makes sense, but I just don't want to hear it." "Who wants to live with you? When I think about how there's a white moonlight in your heart and whether it's my little sister or not, I can't stay. When you first married me, did you think that you could see her during New Year's Day?

Zhao Wenxuan went silent under her constant questioning. Her heart sank as well, falling straight into the ice cave. He felt bitter and bitter in his heart after his anger had died down. He felt so wronged that he wanted to cry. Zhao Wenxuan was someone she had fallen in love with at first sight. She had personally asked Mother to marry her.

Zhao Wenxuan thought that she was just being gentle. She took a few steps forward and wanted to embrace her: "Shaoyin, don't cry anymore. In the future, we'll live a good life, and then we'll have a child. Do you like boys or girls?"

He began to describe the family of three enjoying the cool under the grape arbor, when Xu Shaoyin suddenly gave him an elbow.

He immediately woke up and saw his tearful wife sneering, "You did remind me to fill a bowl of saffron soup when I go back, so as to avoid any unnecessary trouble."

With that, she pushed open the door and walked out. She said to Yu Qing and Mu Yun in bewilderment, "You two sure are well-behaved, only listening to him. You don't even listen to my orders anymore. "Fine, since that's the case, you can stay at the Zhao Family. I will go back by myself."

Yu Qing and Mu Yun had been serving Xu Shaoyin since they were young. When Xu Shaoyin was married, the indenture contract would be in her hands and her life would be in her hands. Hearing her say this, the two panicked and didn't know what to do, so they followed her out of the main gate of the Zhao residence. They didn't even bring a hat, and under the strange gaze of the passersby, called a carriage back to their parents' house.

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