Remarry After Divorce Battle/C11 The Story of Dog's Blood
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C11 The Story of Dog's Blood
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C11 The Story of Dog's Blood

The next day, Xu Shaoyin woke up very early. She opened her eyes, and Mu Yun, who had been paying attention to her movements, quickly walked in and whispered to her.

"Miss, you're awake. Do you still need the usual food this morning?" The breakfast in Anguo Marquis's mansion could be said to be fixed, but this Xu Shaoyin was an exception. It was completely different from other people; even though it was only a concubine's breakfast, the master had pampered her to the extreme.

Of course, the reason why Mu Yun and Yu Qing were so sincere to her was not because of this, but because Xu Shaoyin was genuinely nice to them. However, the habit of asking for breakfast early in the morning was passed down to them.

"I'll make some green bean porridge this morning. I'll fry a plate of yellow fish and two salted duck eggs. I don't want anything else." Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Xu Shaoyin said in a deep voice. Mu Yun nodded and helped Xu Shaoyin to put on her clothes and wash up. Afterwards, she left the room and headed for the kitchen.

However, just as she reached the door, she was hit full in the face by Yu Qing. Luckily Mu Yun quickly took a step back and reached out her hand to support Yu Qing. She waited for her breathing to calm down before she turned around and walked into the room.

At this moment, Yu Qing had an anxious expression on her face. The news she brought would be no joke. Mu Yun was in no mood to pass the dishes to the kitchen. It was more important to let her young miss know as soon as possible.

After getting out of bed, Xu Shaoyin gracefully walked into the room on her homemade yoga mat. When she looked up, she was surprised to see Mu Yun and Yu Qing quickly walking in with a sweaty face. She pointed at the teapot on the table and indicated towards Yu Qing's direction with a smile.

Mu Yun walked quickly to the table, poured a cup of cold tea, and passed it to Yu Qing.

"Miss, something terrible has happened. The son of the cabinet, Minister, Xiang Yang, came to the mansion early in the morning to propose marriage." Before Mu Yun could do anything, she walked quickly to the table and poured herself a cup of tea, drinking it all in one gulp.

However, when the thirst in her mouth disappeared, she found that the room was very quiet because the Miss she was very worried about had the same shocked expression on Mu Yun who was standing opposite her. The people around her even thought that her expression was because she was frightened by ghosts she saw in the middle of the day.

"Miss, you?" Yu Qing asked carefully after a long while. Xu Shaoyin and Mu Yun, who were still in shock, immediately spoke at the same time with a soft voice.

What was going on? Could it be that the melodramatic plot won't be shown alone?

What the heck was Minister's Young Noble, Xiang Yang!? Oh yeah, he saw that cute chick the other day, and from her and Wang Guangjun, he understood Xiang Yang.

But what the hell was Xiang Yang proposing to her?

Didn't he know that he had just left? Wait, did he not know that the rumors about him being abandoned for the sake of having an affair with someone else were spreading? Could his brain be playing tricks on him?

She didn't believe Xiang Yang at all because he liked her and had to propose to her because he loved her, not to mention when her reputation was in disarray. Thinking of something, Xu Shaoyin looked at Yu Qing who was still hugging her cup and said with a faint smile.

"Yu Qing, do you know who treated Xiang Yang?" Since Yu Qing said that Xiang Yang came to the mansion personally to propose marriage, then she naturally needed someone of sufficient status to welcome him. Thinking of this, Xu Shaoyin had a choice in mind.

"In reply to Miss, the old master entertained you himself." Yu Qing said seriously after some thought. Suddenly, he thought of something and added, "When this servant came over, Master and Young Master Xiang Yang were having a conversation in the hall. These servants also listened to the butler."

Xu Shaoyin didn't know what to do. She wanted to make a trip to the hall, but she was afraid that it would get more and more messy. After all, the rumors from yesterday hadn't spread, so she walked back and forth on the spot for a long time. Mu Yun and Yu Qing, the two servant girls, could only helplessly watch as she walked back and forth.

Just as Xu Shaoyin was scratching her head, a middle-aged man flashed in. He was wearing a brown silk robe and had a friendly expression on his face. When he saw Xu Shaoyin, he smiled.

"Elder Xu, why did you come over?" If there was someone in this family who was truly nice to her other than her dead mother and father, then Elder Xu was definitely one of them.

Since he was young, Elder Xu was sold to Anguo Marquis Manor by his biological parents, and after his parents passed away, he stayed at Anguo Marquis Manor peacefully for dozens of years. Because he could be said to have grown up with Anguo Marquis, Xu Lee treated him like a brother in private, and as for Xu Shaoyin, she had been close to him since she was young, so she called him Elder Xu.

"Miss, Master is waiting for you in the hall!" Housekeeper Uncle Xu bowed to Xu Shaoyin and then said the reason for his visit with a smile.

"Has the man left? Why would my father suddenly let me pass? " Hearing that, Xu Shaoyin blinked her eyes and stared straight at Elder Xu as she asked.

"That person naturally left. Otherwise, the old master would not have let you pass!" Let's go, don't let the old master wait for too long. "

"Alright then." Rolling her eyes, Xu Shaoyin helplessly turned around and walked out. Since Xiang Yang had left, she could rest assured. It wasn't because she was afraid of Xiang Yang, but because she really didn't know his real purpose.

She didn't want to fight a battle that she wasn't confident in. Furthermore, according to what Elder Xu said, only her father was fond of her. Naturally, she wasn't afraid of him.

When they reached the main hall, Anguo Marquis Xu Lee was sitting quietly on the throne with a cup of tea in his hand and a serious expression on his face. When he saw Xu Shaoyin walk in, he beckoned her over with a smile.

"Yin, come over here and take a seat."

Xu Shaoyin walked over with a dubious expression. She sat down on the chair closest to Xu Lee and asked softly, "Father, is there something the matter in calling your daughter here all of a sudden?"

"Yin, don't tell me you really don't know why I called you here?" Xu Lee said.

"Since father says so, daughter understands. So daughter wants to know what father's decision is?" Xu Lee's expression was indifferent, so it was hard to tell. Xu Shaoyin did not intend to continue probing, so she directly asked.

"Yin, you're my daughter. What do you think will be your father's decision?" Xu Lee said with a smile as he stroked his beard.

"Father, could it be that you've refused?" If there was a thirty percent chance of success before, then Xu Shaoyin's confidence in the conjecture in her mind now exceeded eighty percent.

It was that his father had rejected Xiang Yang's proposal to marry him. Of course, she didn't know the reason at the moment.

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