Remarry After Divorce Battle/C14 Jin Hua Who Heard the News
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C14 Jin Hua Who Heard the News
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C14 Jin Hua Who Heard the News

After her brother left, Xu Shaoyin heard Su Xinghee say something she couldn't understand, and her calm heart once again started to boil. But after thinking too much, she felt that the weather was getting increasingly hot, so she gulped down a cup of tea and walked out of the Stone Pavilion and returned to her own courtyard.

As soon as they stepped into the courtyard, Yu Qing and Mu Yun, who were already waiting in Middle Hall, quickly walked over and greeted them in soft voices.

"Miss, you're finally back. Miss Jin Hua is here. " As she spoke, she indicated for the door to open. Xu Shaoyin blinked her eyes but didn't say anything. She quickly walked in.

The parlour was originally filled with an ancient style of boudoir, but it was changed by Xu Shaoyin's modern people who directly said they didn't like it. It was just that the two maidservant couldn't stand this style, but their master's order couldn't be disobeyed, so they could only turn a blind eye. Furthermore, the old master had always doted on her, so the layout of the parlour had never changed.

On the left side of the hall, there were a few flower pots, while on the right side, there were a few chairs and a carved table. The Miss Jin Hua maidservant that maidservant spoke of was currently sitting upright on a chair. From time to time, she would look in the direction of the door with an anxious expression. Upon seeing Xu Shaoyin, he immediately jumped off his chair. He walked over quickly.

"Aiya! "You're finally back. You said that such a big thing has happened to you, but now you're worried to death!" After saying so, he patted his chest with a worried expression.

Xu Shaoyin had known Jin Hua for a long time. Naturally, she knew that Jin Hua was truly worried for her. She immediately grabbed her hand and sat down on a chair, smiling as she spoke.

"It's just some small matters that will scare you to death. Furthermore, with such a small matter, it will scare you to death. Aren't you a little too cowardly?!" "Hmm, do you think you have the guts to do so?" As she spoke, she extended her pinky towards Jin Hua.

"You damned girl!" "How can you still be in the mood to cause a ruckus over such a big matter? Tell me what your father is thinking right now." Jin Hua impatiently asked as she rolled her eyes at Xu Shaoyin.

"My father? Are you talking about Anguo Marquis? Oh right, what news did you hear? " Xu Shaoyin's heart skipped a beat when she suddenly heard Jin Hua mention this. She composed herself, squinted her eyes and asked coldly.

"At this time, you still want to bicker with me? Now that the news has spread, people are saying that you were abandoned due to having an affair with someone else. For such a big matter, did Anguo Marquis not take any measures?" Jin Hua said.

Xu Shaoyin had originally thought that Jin Hua was talking about Xiang Yang, but she didn't expect her to be talking about this. Xu Shaoyin inexplicably exhaled, picked up the teapot on the table, poured a cup of tea for Jin Hua, and then poured another cup for herself.

"Tell me about it!" Could this even be considered a problem? Besides, didn't everyone already verify my innocence that day in the Spring Garden? You don't need to make such a big fuss over nothing. Come, come, drink some tea and calm down. " With a smile, Xu Shaoyin pushed the teacup towards Jin Hua's direction.

"What you say makes sense, but do you know? Who knows who would want to frame you behind your back? Besides, the people on the streets don't know if you've really done that kind of thing, made a ruckus, and still have a bad reputation. Could it be that once you've left, you'll really learn to be your sister-in-law and won't get married anymore? "

Jin Hua sighed. She looked deeply at Xu Shaoyin as she consoled her in a low voice, "I know what you said, but have you heard anything else?"

Jin Hua's brows were knitted together. Her serious expression made Xu Shaoyin feel somewhat guilty. She blinked her eyes and suddenly thought of something, smiling as she spoke.

"Other things? "Right now, it's still your problem. What else is there to do? Tell me what Anguo Marquis plans to do." With such a huge matter, no matter what, Yin was the marquis' biological daughter. The marquis shouldn't care, right?

"You really didn't hear it?" Seeing Jin Hua's worried face that didn't seem fake, Xu Shaoyin took a sip of tea and told her everything about Xiang Yang coming to the mansion this morning to ask for a marriage. When she finished, Jin Hua, who still had a worried expression, was already as motionless as a sculpture. The only difference was that the expression on her face was too surprising. His mouth was wide open in disbelief.

"I didn't hear wrongly did I? Are you saying that Xiang Yang came to the house of the Marquis to propose, and that the target of this proposal is you?" After a long while, Jin Hua seemed to come to her senses as she pointed at Xu Shaoyin with her finger and said this word by word.

Xu Shaoyin nodded slightly. That's right, this was indeed the case. There was nothing much to hide. Seeing her nod, Jin Hua, who was still in disbelief, finally believed her words. Although she had a few mischievous moments, Xu Shaoyin wouldn't lie so easily now, much less lie to her.

Then, this matter might be real. Jin Hua became very excited after receiving this realization. She suddenly thought of something and leaned in front of Xu Shaoyin.

"Then what did the Marquis say? Did he agree?" By the way, what do you think? Do you agree? "

To be honest, the matter regarding Yin's rumor didn't count as anything much. It could even be said that Xiang Yang was not an ordinary person. If someone like Xiang Yang were to personally go to the mansion and propose marriage like Yin had said, it would prove Yin's character on the other hand.

Xiang Yang's father was the cabinet, Lord Minister! Of course, Xiang Yang was a suave and elegant person. Since he was able to personally propose marriage, it meant that he was also interested in Yin.

"Why did he agree? It's not like I know him. Alright, since I've already said that, then don't worry about it. Just put your heart at ease." Xu Shaoyin pouted.

"That's Xiang Yang!" The dream lover of a Beijing woman! You told me you didn't know him? You don't know him, why would he suddenly come to propose marriage? "Honestly, could it be that the man that was with you and Xiang Simiao yesterday was him?" Jin Hua didn't believe a word Xu Shaoyin said. Xiang Yang's reputation in the capital was too good.

To let a woman reject Xiang Yang's proposal to marry was simply a fantasy in her eyes. She didn't believe it! And it was real disbelief.

She thought that Jin Hua would understand the result of Xiang Yang's proposal, but she never expected that this girl's brain was so big that she actually thought of the man who disappeared in the yard yesterday. Xu Shaoyin admired her and found it hilarious, so after a long while, she raised her head and rolled her eyes, but didn't say a word.

Xu Shaoyin's silence made Jin Hua think that her guess was the truth. Her face flushed red with excitement, and she stopped drinking her tea as she got up from her chair and walked over to Xu Shaoyin.

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