Remarry After Divorce Battle/C15 Do You Want to Refute
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C15 Do You Want to Refute
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C15 Do You Want to Refute

"You and I are sisters, do you still want to hide it from me? Since he's already come to the house of the Marquis, do you think the ladies and young ladies who went to the Spring Garden to find out about that matter won't have any connection to him?"

"Are you going to just tell me exactly when you met?"

Ye Zichen settled the matter as soon as he said it. That was, the man who disappeared later was Xiang Yang, who was with Xiang Simiao and Xu Shaoyin that day.

Xu Shaoyin, who was already speechless at Jin Hua, looked up at the ceiling and rolled her eyes. She secretly thought about what Jin Hua had said. Although her guess was off, she still heard the latter part of what she had said.

It was likely that the moment Xiang Yang stepped into the Anguo Marquis Manor, the matter of Xiang Yang coming to propose to him had already become a hot topic in the capital.

Thinking of this, was she going to retort or not? En, this is a problem. Xu Shaoyin suddenly remembered something and turned her head to look at Jin Hua with a puzzled expression.

"Where did you go before you came here?"

Jin Hua waited for a long time for the right information. She rolled her eyes at Xu Shaoyin and went straight back to the chair she had sat on a moment ago. She took a sip of her tea and spoke in a lazy tone.

"What else can I do for you? Do you think I have nothing better to do in this hot weather?" Jin Hua continued, feeling wronged as she thought about the conversation before.

"However, who would've thought that you would still hide things from me like sisters. Sigh ~ Could it be that the world is really going down and the human heart is not?"

After saying that, she let out a long sigh. However, her gaze was fixed on Xu Shaoyin. It was obvious that she still had some hopes for Xu Shaoyin and was hoping that she would find out and tell her about it!

What kind of person was Xu Shaoyin? She was a modern person who came from a new world, so she had heard of all sorts of scenes and dramas. Jin Hua's little acting skills were nothing in her eyes.

Hearing her words, Jin Hua snorted coldly. Just when she was expecting her to say something, Xu Shaoyin withdrew her gaze and placed her hand on the teacup on the table.

Jin Hua would never lie, and Xu Shaoyin also believed in her feelings for her sister. However, a long time had passed since Xiang Yang left the mansion for Jin Hua's visit, but Jin Hua didn't know about this news. It could be said that this news didn't spread as fast as she had imagined, or that it was sealed off secretly by someone!

Xu Shaoyin didn't know the reason why, but she didn't care much about the results herself. Even if everyone believed that she had an affair with someone else, she wouldn't get married in the future.

In the modern world, living a lifetime by herself was not a rare thing. Even if the news of Xiang Yang's proposal to marry were to spread and rescue her from that rumor, she might not be any better off than she was now. Perhaps she would never dare to appear in the streets again, after all, the streets were filled with people who wanted to marry Xiang Yang's woman.

Xu Shaoyin cursed herself in her heart, but unexpectedly, her determination was brought to bear, and when she raised her head to look at Jin Hua's face, she was already smiling like a flower that was about to bloom. Lightly opening her red lips, she looked at Jin Hua with a burning gaze.

"What you said is reasonable, but this thing really isn't what you think. You and I are like sisters, how can I hide it from you! "Also, father has refused Xiang Yang's proposal."

Jin Hua couldn't help but believe Xu Shaoyin's serious expression. When she thought of Xu Shaoyin rejecting Xiang Yang's proposal to marry, Jin Hua didn't know what to say. Jin Hua sighed for a while and patted Xu Shaoyin's hand as if she had lost something important.

"Alright, alright. This is already the case. Don't worry about me anymore. Let's talk about you. How's the situation?" Seeing that Jin Hua sincerely felt sorry for her, Xu Shaoyin's stomach was filled with helplessness. She blinked her eyes, thought of a topic, and changed the topic.

"Me? Why is he mentioning me again? I'm fine, what can happen to me? " Suddenly hearing Xu Shaoyin mention her, Jin Hua, who was originally feeling sorry for her, asked doubtfully.

"What are you talking about? It's a huge matter!" Are you going to stay at home and be your old girl? " Xu Shaoyin teased with a smile.

Hearing Xu Shaoyin's words, Jin Hua realized what she was talking about and blushed. She walked up to Xu Shaoyin shyly and pushed her shoulder as she spoke, feeling a little embarrassed and annoyed.

"You, ah, you. You actually said I was invisible. You're the same age as me, so let's talk about your matters." He wanted to pull himself out of this embarrassing topic with a single sentence and direct the topic towards Xu Shaoyin. However, Xu Shaoyin had already prepared herself for this and followed up immediately.

"What you said isn't right. Wasn't what you said before you said this my problem?" Isn't it only because I've finished my story that I started to talk about you? " Xu Shaoyin lowered her head and continued in a low voice.

"Besides, I've already left home, and I'm already a woman like that in the eyes of outsiders. I don't have much hope for a marriage anymore. You, on the other hand, have a beautiful face. You are looking for someone to marry."

Xu Shaoyin had said this very seriously, and she had indeed thought so. She had originally thought that she was a person from the modern era, but after the first marriage, she still couldn't understand her own heart. I don't understand love.

She was hoping that she would find a husband of good character in the future and not be like her. After all, she was different from her; not everyone had the courage to choose the path that belongs to them, so she hoped that she would be happy.

Actually, Xu Shaoyin didn't care about He Li at all, nor did she care about him at all. However, in order to make Jin Hua stop talking about him, she could only pretend to be in extreme pain in front of her.

Sure enough, her acting skills worked. After Jin Hua heard her words and saw her heartbroken expression, she forcefully swallowed the words that she was about to say. She looked at her fixedly before taking a step forward and pulling her into her embrace, saying solemnly.

"No matter what happens to you, Yin, you have always been my friend. You will always be until the day I die."

With that, she hugged Xu Shaoyin with all her might. Jin Hua originally had a lot of strength, so she might have been moved by Xu Shaoyin. However, she used even more strength, causing Xu Shaoyin to be unable to breathe.

"Cough cough cough, Jin Hua …" Cough cough, be a bit more gentle. I'm about to be strangled to death by you. " After struggling to say those words in Jin Hua's cage, Xu Shaoyin felt as if the air in her chest that she had spent so much effort to store was being used up.

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