Remarry After Divorce Battle/C17 Get a Gentleman for the Maidservant
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C17 Get a Gentleman for the Maidservant
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C17 Get a Gentleman for the Maidservant

Her answer was filled with pride. After all, not everyone was prepared at all times. But having said that, she was curious as to where this girl had gone to.

However, they didn't have to wait long. Soon, they heard footsteps coming from outside. The two of them looked over and saw Mu Yun, who had just left. She was holding a piece of paper in her left hand and a book in her right. She had a calm expression, so she couldn't tell what she was doing.

"Mu Yun. What are you trying to do? " Before Xu Shaoyin could open her mouth, Yu Qing was the first to ask.

As soon as she finished speaking, Mu Yun smiled and walked over to put the items on the table in front of Xu Shaoyin. She knelt on the ground and said seriously.

"Miss. This servant wants to learn how to write. I hope Miss can teach me. If possible, I don't need the monthly money. I only want Miss to teach me how to write. "

"Miss told you to go get the book. You're coming over with a pen and paper, are you trying to say your book isn't written?" Previously, Mu Yun didn't finish writing the book because she didn't know how to read, and she did say it in front of Xu Shaoyin.

"Are you serious?" Xu Shaoyin, who was at the side, did not listen to Yu Qing's words. She looked straight at Mu Yun and asked seriously, at that time, she had wanted to teach maidservant how to read, but after learning for a period of time, Yu Qing had improved a lot.

However, she didn't expect that she would actually bring it up herself. This really did surprise Xu Shaoyin.

"You may be sure that you won't give up after learning for a while like you did before?" Yu Qing couldn't help but look at Mu Yun when she heard this. Honestly speaking, she was also skeptical of that girl's determination.

"Your servant has thought it through. If your servant does not persevere, then I will not take the monthly payment." Mu Yun didn't cower in the slightest when faced with the duo's questioning. She nodded and said seriously.

If that's the case, then that's good, I won't teach you guys anything else for tomorrow. How about this, in a few days I'll invite a female teacher to come to the mansion and teach you all how to read.

The two Lili understood what their young miss meant. Being able to specifically invite the teacher for their sake was already extremely grateful, so they did not dare to slack off on their old work. At this moment, even Yu Qing knelt down and promised repeatedly.

"We servants will definitely learn to read properly and not disappoint Miss."

Xu Shaoyin nodded slightly and waved for the two of them to stand up. Since this matter had been decided, it would naturally be better to settle it as soon as possible, and do it as soon as possible. Xu Shaoyin was originally studying for females, and the study pond was specially equipped with female teachers for the sake of females, so it was not difficult to find a female teacher who could teach them how to read.

However, due to Xu Shaoyin's reputation in the capital, she thought for a while, then wrote a few words on the paper. She called Mu Yun over and whispered a few words into her ear. Then, Mu Yun quickly left Anguo Marquis's residence with the letter.

"You can go down and take care of your business, I want to be alone."

After Mu Yun left, she waved her hand to push Yu Qing away while Xu Shaoyin sat alone on a chair by the window.

Xu Shaoyin looked through the window into the distance, and although there was not a trace of the wind blowing through the dark green leaves of the summer day, there was still some tranquility to it. The cicadas who were clamoring were probably tired and quieter, and looking outside, Xu Shaoyin thought to herself, "If it rains this time, it should be cooler."

As for Wang Mingxia, who led Anguo Marquis Xu Lee's orders to talk with Xiang Mansion, even though she was sitting in the carriage, she was filled with grievance and hatred. She didn't expect that after the woman died, the daughter she left behind would cause trouble for her every day.

Just as Wang Mingxia was silently cursing Xu Shaoyin, the carriage suddenly stopped. The coachman outside leaned close to the curtain and softly shouted, "Madam, the Xiang Mansion has arrived."

Even if she didn't want to, she had no choice. Wang Mingxia tidied up her clothes and got off the carriage with the servant girl, who followed behind with a gift in her arms. Even though Anguo Marquis Manor had very little interaction with Xiang Mansion, they could be said to have never had much contact with Xiang Mansion.

However, after reporting to the gatekeeper, a housekeeper quickly came out and welcomed her into the living room. There was also Lady Xiang who invited her in.

Wang Mingxia waited until she was seated on a chair before calling her servant girl for tea before she said with a wide smile on her face.

"Sorry for the intrusion today!" "Mrs Xiang."

"What are you saying, Lady Xu? You've come to my estate to play with me! That's what I've been hoping for!" "But I'm guessing that Lady Xu must have come for something today?"

Xiang Madame Lee's gaze swept across the present on the table as she asked puzzledly. She didn't believe that Wang Mingxia would bring things to see her for no reason at all.

"Lady Xiang is right. I really do have some things that I want to tell Madam today." Hearing Lee's's question about the purpose of her visit, the bright-looking Wang Mingxia's face was suddenly filled with a smile that was even more brilliant than the previous one as she hastily spoke. However, he felt a bit embarrassed when he finished.

Seeing Wang Mingxia in such a state, Xiang Madame Lee did not immediately reply. Her gaze remained fixed on Wang Mingxia for a long time before she slowly spoke. However, her smile was not as warm as before.

"If Lady Xu has something to say, feel free to say it. I'll just listen to it."

"Since Lady Xiang has said so, then I'll just say it directly!" Madam Xiang probably knows about the marriage between our family's concubine, Xu Shaoyin, and our master. She's always been spoiled bad by my master, and now that she's done something like this, it's really a headache! " As she spoke, Wang Mingxia paid attention to the change in Xiang Madame Lee's expression. Noticing that her expression remained unchanged, she changed the subject and continued.

"Speaking of which, Young Master Xiang Yang is really a genius. In the capital, all the girls are chasing after him. And my family's concubine is like that as well. She really has something to do with your young master …"

When Lady Xiang first heard Wang Mingxia mention Xu Shaoyin, she didn't think much of it. Xu Shaoyin's suggestion of leaving had already spread throughout the capital. Naturally, she knew about it. Though I don't know why she mentioned it.

Lee's continued to listen patiently. Only when she heard Wang Mingxia mention her son did she realize something was wrong. Just as expected, Wang Mingxia then mentioned Xu Shaoyin's bad situation. Although she didn't directly say it, her meaning was very clear.

Xu Shaoyin was not worthy of Xiang Yang! Of course, Lee's also felt the same way. However, she was still a bit puzzled. Why did her son have a relationship with Xu Shaoyin, that hungry girl?! Otherwise, why would Wang Mingxia have come to the mansion herself? Her attitude clearly showed that she still refused her son.

Had something happened after that spring garden that she didn't know about? Thinking of this, Lee's couldn't help but frown.

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