Remarry After Divorce Battle/C19 Mother and Child Skirmish
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C19 Mother and Child Skirmish
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C19 Mother and Child Skirmish

At this moment, Xiang Yang was still immersed in the brilliant plot of the Book of Words. In the face of his furious mother's words, he was unable to react for a while, so he asked in confusion.

The angry Xiang Madame Lee had only come here to ask her son why he wanted to marry that disreputable girl. She had absolutely not expected that in the face of her question, he would actually pretend to be deaf and mute, the anger of fifty percent instantly turning into a hundred percent.

"You're still playing dumb with me? What's the matter with you going to Anguo Marquis Manor and asking to marry Xu Shaoyin? "You said that you didn't even inform me, the mother, when you proposed for marriage, and even waited for me to personally come over and ask for punishment? You really are a good son!"

At the end of her words, Xiang Madame Lee's tone became even more suppressed. However, the low pressure within made it clear that the anger in her heart had reached its peak.

"Mother, so … so mother was talking about this!" But things were not what mother thought at all. Mother, you have to listen to your son's explanation! " Listening to Lee's's words, Xiang Yang finally understood that she was questioning him about that matter. He lowered his eyes and rolled his eyeballs. He made a decision in his heart. When he looked at Lee's, his eyes were filled with grievance and sincerity.

"Oh? You feel wronged? "Who else can make you feel wronged in the capital?" Although she was angry at her son for acting on his own initiative, Xiang Madame Lee also wanted to know what exactly had happened inside.

"Then tell me exactly what happened, and see if mother wronged you!"

Having heard Lee's's words, Xiang Yang immediately sat down beside her with a smile. After sorting out the words in his heart, he answered immediately.

His mother also knew about the matter of Xu Shaoyin giving her little sister a cold dressing in the Spring Garden that day. From then on, little sister kept talking about how good Xu Shaoyin was, how she was a good girl with a dignified character, and his son always knew that his mother was thinking about his son's marriage, and hoped that his son would get married with a good woman soon. When his son heard Simiao's words, he went to Anguo Marquis's mansion in a rush, but didn't expect that Anguo Marquis Xu Lee would forcefully reject his son's proposal.

At the end of his sentence, Xiang Yang put on a brave front. The anger in Xiang Madame Lee's heart disappeared without a trace, replaced by heartache and anger. Suddenly, she thought of something.

"What did you say?" Is it because you listened to Simiao's words that you asked to marry Xu Shaoyin? " Seeing Xiang Yang nod his head heavily, Xiang Madame Lee did not say anything. She directly called her servant girls in and told them to call Miss over.

Soon, Xiang Simiao, accompanied by her servant girl, came in. When she saw her brother Xiang Yang was also there, she greeted her mother Lee's with a pout before finding a chair to sit on. She didn't seem to want to talk to her brother at all.

Seeing his sister in this state, Xiang Yang didn't get angry. He just smiled at his mother. Seeing this, Xiang Madame Lee glanced doubtfully at Xiang Simiao, who was obviously unhappy on her back, and then glanced at her calm daughter.

"Simiao, mother summoned you here today because she has something to ask you. You must answer truthfully! "

"Mother, what do you want to ask me? "Could it be that it has something to do with big brother? I will tell you everything first, I don't know anything about big brother, not even the slightest bit. There are some things that I don't know that mother shouldn't blame me for."

Ever since the incident at the Spring Garden, Xiang Simiao had been very dissatisfied with Xiang Yang bringing the prostitute into the yard. Now that her mother had called her over, her brother was also there, which made her think that it must be related to the incident that happened that day.

"Sister, why do you say that!? "Since mother has asked, I must be sure that you know. I just hope that sister can answer truthfully!" As soon as Xiang Simiao finished her sentence, Xiang Yang, who was sitting beside her, interrupted with a smile. Xiang Simiao couldn't help but glare at him fiercely.

Seeing the two siblings in such a state, Xiang Madame Lee helplessly placed her hands on her forehead and sighed. Following which, she smiled at Xiang Simiao.

"The reason why I called you over was indeed because of your elder brother. Simiao, did you once mention to your elder brother that Xu Shaoyin is an extremely good woman?" Lee's stared unblinkingly at Xiang Simiao, waiting for her answer.

When she saw her brother Xiang Yang bringing the prostitute into the Spring Garden, Xiang Simiao was extremely unhappy. Therefore, after the incident that happened after the cold treatment, the first thing Xiang Simiao did after she saw her brother was to praise Xu Shaoyin fiercely in front of him. She hoped that through the comparison between the two of them, her brother would feel disgusted with the prostitute.

However, why did his mother suddenly ask about this today? Did something happen that she didn't know about? Thinking of this possibility, Xiang Simiao couldn't help but focus her gaze on Xiang Yang.

"Well, Mother. "I didn't say anything wrong, right? It really was my sister who introduced me, that's why I was so moved to Anguo Marquis's residence. I really didn't mean to hide it from my mother, Mother. Don't be angry with your child?" Hearing Xiang Simiao's words, Lee's fell into deep thought. Next to her, Xiang Yang hastily added.

However, this scene caused Xiang Simiao to be extremely confused. Why was it that the more they heard, the more she could not understand? He turned to look at his mother with a puzzled expression.

"Mother, did something happen?"

"Actually, it's nothing much, but your brother knew from your mouth how good Xu Shaoyin is. He wanted to marry her so he went to Anguo Marquis's house to ask for a wife. But he didn't expect Anguo Marquis to reject him."

Seeing her daughter's confused look, Lee's took a sip of tea and told her what had happened. When she looked back at her son, her eyes were filled with guilt, but now she understood the truth of the matter, that her son had only hidden it from her on the spur of the moment. In the end, it wasn't intentional, but Xiang Lili held Xiang Yang's hand and patted his hand.

After hearing what Madame Lee said, Xiang Simiao's eyes immediately turned to Xiang Yang, who had a smug look on his face. It was true that she had mentioned Xu Shaoyin's good character in front of him, but Xiang Simiao couldn't believe that he was going to Anguo Marquis's house to ask for a marriage because of this.

Back then, under the situation where he was being insulted, Xu Shaoyin still treated him with care and personally applied ice. In Xiang Simiao's heart, she was already a friend of hers, but she didn't expect her brother would actually change his mind on such a small matter.

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