Remarry After Divorce Battle/C2 It's Not like It's a Big Matter
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C2 It's Not like It's a Big Matter
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C2 It's Not like It's a Big Matter

Xu Shaoyin and Zhao Wenxuan's meeting started half a year ago in the Great Xiang State Temple. She was the servant girl of the House of the Marquis of An, and had followed Mother to the temple. She didn't believe in Buddha, so she knelt on the prayer mat and looked around while Lady Wang was pious and respectful.

She tilted her head slightly to the side and saw a handsome man supporting a white-haired old man as he knelt down. His handsome appearance was eye-catching and could make anyone fall in love with him at first sight.

Before he left, Xu Shaoyin met him again as she wished, and asked him directly for his name and where he lived and where he had been married to her. He suddenly blushed and didn't say anything. The old man beside him was Madame Zhao, who answered eagerly for him.

Xu Shaoyin received the answer and followed Xu Kouyun, who had come here to look for her, as she wished.

She didn't realize that Zhao Wenxuan was blushing because she saw Xu Kouyun in the distance, and Xu Kouyun was also an incredibly beautiful face that could make people fall in love with her at first sight. From then on, the name "Xu Kouyun" was placed at the bottom of his heart and grinded against his tongue.

Xu Shaoyin was sixteen years old by then. As a person who was born in the womb, she had long known in her life that the King of Sleep did not even exist. While complaining that she had been transported to a novel by a stepmother author, she secretly sought out a suitable husband for herself.

After returning from the temple, she sent people to find out about Zhao Wenxuan's marriage. When she found out that Zhao Wenxuan was a businessman without a wife and concubine, she immediately asked Mother to come over to tell her marriage. Mother, who disliked them, would naturally not think about her family.

Xu Shaoyin thought that if there was anyone Zhao Wenxuan liked, they would reject this marriage. Zhao Wenxuan felt that the Hou Mansion was too strong to refuse, not to mention that if she married Second Lady, she would be able to see the unattainable Third Lady Xu Kouyun again in the future.

This time, He Li came to the Zhao Mansion because of Xu Kouyun.

She was married to the son of the Minister of Revenue, whose father-in-law had been implicated. With so many court officials being corrupt, the Department of Revenue had to bear the responsibility of insensible people and incompetent examiners. Naturally, the Minister of Revenue had to be held responsible. Not only would they have to remove him from office, but they would also have to detain him in prison and find out if he was corrupt. As they were in a high position, it was hard to avoid having their subordinates not dirty. Just speaking of the annual gifts, there would be quite a few people who would use this opportunity to offer their good intentions.

Xu Kouyun was no exception, she had gone to the Mansion of the Marquis and came to the Zhao Family, but she had no other choice but to do it in desperation. Who knew that there would be a fool who would be willing to run away for her, and even be suspected of being involved in the bribery process? It was only because Xu Shaoyin had asked her father, Anguo Marquis, and Zhao Wenxuan really had nothing to do with this matter that the officials released him.

An Guo looked at her and felt a headache coming on. She said with disdain: "Didn't you just say you wanted me to save your husband? What are you back here for now?"

Among the four daughters, the one that troubled Xu Lee the most was his second daughter, Shaoyin. She had been naughty since she was young and did not fear him.

Xu Shaoyin knelt down without a word. Xu Lee was so frightened that he stood up from his teacher's chair and asked: "What's wrong?"

Xu Shaoyin didn't reply, but because they were at home, she rushed over with a pained expression and tears in her red eyes.

Yu Qing replied, "In reply to the lord, Miss wants to leave."

Nowadays, women's morals were prevalent. From the previous dynasty, the matters of marriage and separation became fewer and fewer. It was impossible for any married woman to not end in one go. Thinking about this, Xu Lee could not help but hesitate, not to mention that now, due to the matter regarding the greedy ink case, some matters might be taken advantage of by the political enemies.

At this moment, Xu Shaoyin's Mother Wang Mingxia also came. She wore a blue robe with a rolling edge, and a set of pearl heads. The passage of time could not be seen between her eyebrows. Xu Kouyun, who was following her, looked more like a pair of sisters than a mother and daughter because of recent events.

Lady Wang glanced at Xu Shaoyin who was kneeling on the ground and asked, "What's wrong now? Some time ago, I asked you to fish Young Master Zhao out, but you didn't kneel down.

Father Xu sighed and told her that his daughter wanted to leave him.

Yin, you asked for this marriage yourself." At that time, I also advised you, as a young mistress of the house of the Marquis, what kind of thing is it for you to marry a lowly merchant? Aren't you asking others to laugh at the decline of our house and suspect that I, Mother, am bullying a concubine? Marry a chicken and a dog will follow a chicken. If you only experience grievances, then don't even think about leaving.

Xu Shaoyin could not bear to say more, so she ignored her. She actually started to recite, "I told you that you have to have parents who want to marry you. How can we, Pearl of the Noble Families, marry a merchant?" Mrs. Wang only knew that Zhao Wenxuan had been sued for a bribe, but she didn't know that he had run away because of the Minister of Revenue. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said that.

Therefore, Xu Shaoyin let out a contemptuous laugh, "That's right, Zhao Wenxuan is an idiot. She actually went to the Ministry of Revenue to plead for the favor of someone else because of a few tears. "I find it funny that he can't even give away the silver taels. I don't know where he got the guts to plead on behalf of the Revenue Minister. Don't you think so, third sister?"

Since Xu Shaoyin was still a little kid, Lady Wang had never had the slightest advantage over her. When she saw the corner of her mouth raise into a familiar smile, she knew that something was wrong, so she quickly changed the topic, planning to ask her daughter in private what was going on. "Why are you asking your Third Sister, they are good husband and wife. But you, what exactly are your plans?

Xu Shaoyin nodded and emphasized, "Father, mother, daughter must be separated. Worst case scenario, if she were to comb her hair in the future and become an unmarried concubine."

These words of hers did not take into account the ethics of the system nor the Xu Residence's face. It seemed laughable and unrealistic. Even Xu Kouyun was looking at her with a peculiar expression. She translated it to say, "I'm afraid you're retarded."

"My daughter is unfilial. Back then, I chose Zhao Wenxuan to avoid the responsibility of getting married. In order to fulfill the love and joy of marriage in my heart, there was no third party's infatuation. In the eyes of his parents, it was laughable that he should leave just because there was someone else in his heart. However, in the eyes of his daughter, since he was unable to fulfill my infatuation, then it would be fine if he did not marry her. " Xu Shaoyin cried and kowtowed to her father, Mother, who was at the top of the hall. She said, "After the marriage, whether it be as a concubine, wife or concubine, the daughter has nothing else to say."

Father Xu frowned and quickly went to support her, then called for someone to give her medicine to stop the bleeding on her forehead. "Our Xu family does not exchange our daughters for in-laws. Don't think too much. If you are unable to get married, I don't need your food. You can even give it to your brother, the steward.

Xu Shaoyin didn't expect her father to say this. She was so moved that she buried her head in his arms and cried. As an orphan in her previous life, this was the first time she experienced the feeling of being able to hide in her father's chest when in trouble.

Looking at the warm atmosphere between father and daughter, Lady Wang frowned but didn't say anything. She suddenly reached out her hand to push Xu Kouyun away, making her stagger two steps before she threw herself into her father's embrace. Father Xu rubbed their heads, sighing over the passing of time in his heart. In the blink of an eye, the two little peas had grown up and had gotten married. He gestured with his hand, feeling that his two daughters had grown quite a bit since they were married.

When Mr Xu looked up, he saw his wife with her head lowered and her eyes slightly red. He winked at her, intending to go to her room in the evening, to talk to her about something he hadn't done in a long time.

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