Remarry After Divorce Battle/C20 Brother's True Understanding
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C20 Brother's True Understanding
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C20 Brother's True Understanding

"Mother, do you really think that your brother is going to marry you because of what I've said? Did you forget that he was crying and shouting about marrying that prostitute? "

"Simiao, what do you mean by that?" Suddenly hearing that familiar word from Xiang Simiao's mouth, the hand holding Xiang Yang relaxed a little. When she looked back at Xiang Yang, Lee's's eyes were also filled with a hint of sternness and scrutiny.

If it wasn't for Xiang Simiao's reminder, her elegant and elegant son, who was on the verge of getting married, who had repeatedly delayed his marriage, had told her one afternoon that he was going to take hooker as his wife. What kind of identity did they have, his husband was the Minister of Imperial Court's Lord Minister, so how could a family like Han Lin let hooker in, thus she had severely refused his request. From then on, Xiang Yang never brought up this matter again.

Xiang Madame Lee thought that Xiang Yang wanted to give up on the idea of marrying hooker. Now that she mentioned it again from her daughter, it was obvious that there were things she didn't know about. Could Xiang Yang's intention to marry that disreputable girl be related to marrying hooker? Xiang Madame Lee stared straight at Xiang Simiao.

Mother doesn't know that Xu Shaoyin isn't as good as the rumors outside. On that day, when I had a sprained ankle, she took me to cool down without saying a word. Mother, you also know that I have a bad temper, but she acted as if she didn't hear anything.

"Mother knows that once a woman is abandoned, no matter if it is in her family or in front of ordinary people, she won't be able to lift her head up. So, this is what big brother wants." Xiang Simiao glared fiercely at Xiang Yang as she said that. Xiang Yang's calm face was long gone, replaced by a dark expression. However, he didn't say anything in the face of his sister's accusation. He just remained silent.

"Simiao, what's your brother planning?" Xiang Madame Lee asked with squinted eyes.

"Mother is already like this, don't you understand? If you marry into the Xiang Mansion in the future, you will definitely be obedient to him and help him become Na Fangfei's concubine. Mother, do you still not understand? "Big brother basically wants to use Xu Shaoyin to achieve his goal of marrying Fang Fei?" Xiang Simiao said.

After Xiang Simiao finished her sentence in one breath, she hurriedly poured herself a cup of tea and drank it all in one gulp. Hearing her words, Xiang Madame Lee did not say anything, but looked at Xiang Yang at the side.

After saying all of this in one breath, Xiang Simiao's mother did not seem to want to blame her brother at all. She only felt her liver ache from anger as she stomped her feet in dissatisfaction. She pulled her servant girl away and left the study room. Watching Xiang Simiao's back as she left, Xiang Madame Lee put down the teacup in her hand and stood up. She only stopped when she reached the entrance of the study room. With a stern gaze, she glared at Xiang Yang and said coldly.

"Just now when your sister was here, I gave you some face. As always, I will say as long as I am here." That woman called Fangfei would definitely not be able to enter my Xiang Mansion. Just give up on this thought. " After which, he lifted his foot and was about to leave.

"But mother, I really do like that Fang Fei!" Can't a mother agree to this request? " It was unknown when Xiang Yang had stood up as well, but he stared at Xiang Madame Lee's back as he said this seriously.

"No!" "You and I are not ordinary family, so we definitely can't let a hooker in. If you marry her, then how would Oratory Officer treat your father? You've thought about it before, you should take care of yourself in the future. If I see some bad things again, then I will personally help you deal with this matter."

This time, Xiang Madame Lee left Xiang Yang's study without looking back. Xiang Yang, who was standing in the study, stood there blankly. After a long while, he finally came back to his senses, sat back down on his chair, and started flipping through the Book of Words in front of him. However, the interesting part of the story seemed to be as dry and boring as white wax to him. The charming figure of a woman unconsciously appeared in his mind.

Xiang Simiao angrily returned to her yard and immediately threw down the cushion that was placed on top of her bed when she entered the room. The servant girl that came in quickly went to pick up the cushion and carefully comforted her.

"Miss. Madam only asked you to go over and ask a few questions, you really aren't worth getting angry over! " Back then, when she was at Xiang Simiaowei's side, the servant girl wasn't by her side, so she didn't know Xu Shaoyin's place in Xiang Simiao's heart. Naturally, he didn't know why his mistress was so angry.

"Taozhi, what do you know? Do you know Xu Shaoyin? That's my friend. "I never thought that my brother would be so crazy that he would use her for that whore, Fang Fei. How could I not accept this!" Xiang Simiao, who was about to fly into a rage, pouted when she saw Taozhi.

Taozhi could be said to be her favorite servant girl. If there was someone who could pacify her when she was angry, that person would undoubtedly be Taozhi. The name Taozhi was also her name. Because she loved to drink Taozhi the most.

"But didn't I hear that Xu Shaoyin had left? No matter how I see it, Master Xiang Yang marrying her is a blessing for her eight lifetimes, right? " At the end of her sentence, Taozhi's voice became softer and softer, just because the Demon King of Confusion's face became darker and darker.

"Alright!" Alright! My lady! Didn't Madam say it earlier? "That Anguo Marquis has already refused the young master's proposal. That Lady Xu has already been freed from the young master's use, what else do you have to be angry about?"

Taozhi was a little confused and confused. One must know that this Demon King of Confusion was not afraid of the heavens or the earth. Since when did he start to care about others?!

"How can I not be angry? "Xu Shaoyin was almost taken advantage of by brother. It's already quite pitiful that she left. If it wasn't for Elder Xu's father's wisdom, my conscience wouldn't have been able to rest at ease!"

If she hadn't mentioned Xu Shaoyin's incident in front of her brother Xiang Yang, her brother wouldn't have had such a bad brain and wouldn't have gone to Anguo Marquis's house to ask for a marriage, causing so many things. Thinking of this, Xiang Simiao felt sorry for her friend Xu Shaoyin.

"If that's the case, why don't you make a trip to the Anguo Marquis Manor if Miss is free. Talk to that Lady Xu properly, just treat it as a relief to her and Li! It's useless for you to say that you're angry here! " Knowing that Xiang Simiao was sick, Taozhi hurriedly followed up with a question.

"You're right. How about this, you go to the warehouse to see if there's anything fun. Find a few more items. I'll go to Anguo Marquis Manor tomorrow and play with them for her."

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