Remarry After Divorce Battle/C5 I will Not Let You down
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Remarry After Divorce Battle/C5 I will Not Let You down
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C5 I will Not Let You down

Xiang Yang looked at the beautiful ladies on the other side of the river with disdain. When he returned to the cabin, he was very worried about Fangfei: "Frankly, what if someone found out that you brought me here?"

"So what if we've been discovered? I'm eager to announce our relationship to the world. It's best if a woman isn't willing to marry me."

Fanfei leaned into his arms, gently stroking his intentionally lowered cheeks. The two of them were like a pair of lovebirds intersecting each other's necks. She sighed softly and sighed, "Husband, I came from a humble background. It was already a blessing of yours to be able to get a favor from you. Your future is limitless, do not ruin your future for me. "

Their experiences were just like the stories in the stories. The famous scholar and courtesan met in the brothel, and their fame began with their loyalty to talent. In contrast to the story of the ungrateful scholar, this young man was willing to go against his parents for the sake of a renowned courtesan. Thinking about this, Fang Fei's heart felt sweet and sour. She didn't know how far she and Xiang Lang could go under such pressure. Everything that happened today was just a steal.

Xiang Yang hugged her tightly: "My Fangfei, don't say that. I can't promise to marry you, but I can promise you that if I do, I'll let her outdo you. "I want you to openly enter the Xiang Clan, and let your legal wife take you first."

"Frankly, I'm glad you said that. "I've always been worried that the bees would follow the scent of the flowers and wait for the flowers to grow old. Perhaps the bees and butterflies under the trees have all disappeared as well."

Xiang Yang grabbed her hand and held her hand with his ten fingers, "Then I will be a branch. When I am about to pass away, I will hold her hand tightly. When I can't hold her hand anymore, I will wither and fall into the ground together with her."

Speaking of Xiang Simiao, she couldn't believe that her brother would be so daring as to openly bring that Fang Fei Tang over to the Xiang Mansion. In front of more than half of the aristocratic ladies in the capital, he would be like a boat in a boat! She couldn't believe her eyes. She just wanted to get there and test her hypothesis.

Xu Shaoyin wanted to take Xiang Simiao to the doctor for fear of some other injury, but she was determined to go to the East Lake, despite her sprained foot. This piqued Xu Shaoyin's curiosity. She spread her arms in front of her and asked, "Little Simiao, why don't you tell me first why you need to go, or you can go with me to a doctor. It'll be bad if you get a fracture or a hidden wound."

Xiang Simiao thought this person was extremely irritating to be meddling in other people's business. He walked around her, but unexpectedly, it was Xu Shaoyin who picked her up in just two steps! Xiang Simiao was stunned for two seconds. She thought to herself, "Why is this person so strong?"

She unconsciously spoke out her thoughts. Xu Shaoyin then explained with a smile, "I have a habit of exercising my body, but you are too light."

"You, you're so annoying!" Xiang Simiao was so frightened that she wrapped her arms around her neck, feeling embarrassed for some reason.

"You guys …" "What's going on?" A man's voice came from behind them, and they both turned around at the same time. Their crystal clear eyes looked at the approaching person, reflecting his figure.

The crowns and accessories of the newcomers were inlaid with large gems. The handsome face between the middle age and middle age was concealed behind a golden jade. It was exactly the dressed up of the famous and despised gentry in the capital.

Although Xu Shaoyin had the intention to strengthen her body, her strength was limited due to the restrictions of living in a lady's room. Her arms were sore and weak. She put Xiang Simiao down in a relaxed manner, placed her behind her back and said, "May I know who Young Noble is? The ones invited in the garden today are all the ladies and ladies. I'm afraid I'll offend them."

Wang Guangjun smiled at them and said: "I am Wang Guangjun, the owner of the Spring Garden is also a friend of Xiang Yang. "Little sister Simiao, you still haven't come out to prove your brother's innocence. Otherwise, you would have been beaten out of here by this young lady."

Xu Shaoyin was slightly surprised when she heard him announce his name. She had heard of Wang Guangjun's name before. She knew that he was a self-made businessman who had experienced a lot of legends. It was said that even the richest Gangnam Royals couldn't compete with his wealth.

On the other hand, Xiang Simiao jumped in front of him, pointed at his nose and asked, "Wang Guangjun, are you helping my brother bring that woman in? You're helping the evil! You colluded with others! "

Wang Guangjun looked at the bright and beautiful Xiang Simiao. For the first time, he felt that his good friend's little sister could already be considered a woman. The sudden thought made him despise himself slightly, and he quickly controlled his mind to look at Xu Shaoyin. He noticed the aggressive look in Xu Shaoyin's woman's eyes, and touched the gold and green cat's eye gemstones in her hands, smiling as she said, "Little sister, what's wrong with your foot? "Also, don't you want to introduce this lady?"

"Don't change the subject! So she's really on the boat? "

When Xu Shaoyin heard her words, she suddenly understood. She was talking about Xiang Eldest Young Master, who was going to get married. At this moment, he might be out on the lake with a beauty of low status! She felt that she was right, and couldn't help but feel sympathy for the future Madam Xiang. She wondered which family's girl would be so unlucky.

Wang Guangjun straightened his face and said, "Little sister is smart. I won't hide it from you. Miss Faangfei was indeed brought in by me." But don't you think your father and yourself are too narrow-minded? Why was it that the two people who truly loved each other had to be separated just because of the difference in status? In terms of birth, no one dared to guarantee that they could be considered as part of the top eight generation. Just like me, today the nobles and officials think that I am a country bumpkin with low taste and have hit the jackpot. "In the future, my son, my grandson, will be extremely famous."

Xu Shaoyin, who was standing on the side, applauded Wang Guangjun, but she couldn't help but raise her hand and interrupt him, "Other than that, there's no other objection. Although the house-to-house relationship emphasizes the status and economy of both parties to the marriage, it is a false assurance that both husband and wife have received the same education and shared the same views on the subject. "

It was just like how she and her ex-husband Zhao Wenxuan, one of them carried the modern thought of a free love as a monogamous couple while the other was giving in to the words of a matchmaker.

Wang Guangjun looked at her deeply and asked back, "Don't you think my thoughts are laughable?"

She shook her head. On impulse, she wanted to teach him what Marxist philosophy was, but in the end she only said one sentence from a future history textbook: "All men are born equal. There will be such a day."

Wang Guangjun Xu clenched his fists and covered his lips to hide his peculiar emotion: "Haha, besides Brother Xiang, only Madam agrees with my theory. I, Wang Guangjun, am friends with you today!"

"Alright, I, Xu Shaoyin, will definitely make this friend of yours."

Their side was like when Boya met his son, when Marx met Engels, and when a Party member met a comrade, they were on the verge of tears. However, only Xiang Simiao still remembered their original topic. She muttered in a low voice, "How can my brother be with hooker? He did not hesitate to go against his parents, even disregarding his future prospects for her. Even if my future sister-in-law can't become my brother's support, she can't become his stain and drag him down! "We're all doing this for his own good. You guys don't know anything, you're just outsiders …"

She looked at Xu Shaoyin with a wronged expression, thinking that the two of them were in the same team, I don't want to be friends with you anymore!

Lili did not forget Xiang Simiao, who was standing by the side, and said to Wang Guangjun, the owner of the Spring Garden: "Sofia has sprained her ankle. Can you find a room for her to cool down?"

Wang Guangjun thought carefully and sent someone to get the sedan chair for the doctor.

When the sedan chair arrived, he asked Xiang Simiao to sit on it while he and Xu Shaoyin walked and chatted. All these years, he had been a travelling merchant from the north to south. His casual words were full of fun, and the two of them chatted happily. Even better, unlike other people who would only agree with him, Xu Shaoyin would occasionally bring up points that would make him feel refreshed.

At this moment, the two focused on chatting, didn't notice a fleeting figure behind them.

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