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Rosalie stared at the test results in her hand, sweating profusely.

"It can't be true. It isn't possible. I can't be pregnant all because of one night." She thought.

"It's the truth madam. This is the third time were conducting this test. What more evidence do you need?" The doctor asked impatiently.

She grabbed her hair in frustration and placed her head on her laps.

Ever since that night with that stranger, nothing had been going well with her. Her sister told her parents about all that had transpired between them and as usual, she was scolded and termed a 'slut' by her father and step mother.

Jackson had to marry her sister because she was already pregnant for him. She now two months pregnant and she's expecting their child in the next seven month.

And Rosalie, she lost her job. Now, she's penniless and living like a stranger in her father's home. She was like the black sheep in her family and now, what would they think of her when they find out that she's pregnant?

"Miss Rosalie. I would advice you to stop stressing yourself because you have a human being inside of you. You'll need to eat more balanced diet and exercise regularly. Yoga is advisable for pregnant women like you so that you baby will be heal...."

"There will be no need for that." She suddenly uttered cutting the doctor off.

"What do you mean by that miss??" The doctor asked confused.

"I don't need your advice because I'm going to abort this baby." She uttered.

The doctor stared at her in shock.

"I'll advice you not to do that miss. This is your first child. Can't you discuss it with the baby's father first?" He asked.

At the mention of his name, she suddenly remembered the stranger she had spent the night with and sighed sadly.

The doctor seeing her fallen expression regretted his words.

"I'm so sorry miss." He apologised.

"It's alright. Let's just get on with the abortion. I want to do it today." She said.

"I hope you can rethink your decision miss. It's a life we're talking about here. The life of your child." The doctor said trying to reason with her.

"I've made my decision. I'll get an abortion and that's final." She said adamantly.

The doctor sighed and said;

"Okay. If you say so. I just need you to read and sign this document." He said handing over to her a file and a pen.

She read it's content and placed her signature at the space provided.

"Thank you so much for your time doctor." She said and stood up.

"You're welcome. Just give this document to any nurse you meet with outside my office. He or she will lead you to the operating room. I just hope you won't regret your decision." He said.

"That you for your concern." She said and left the office.

Outside, she saw Rose and Jackson walking towards the office. Jack wrapped his hands carefully around Rose's waist to prevent her from falling while she smiled happily. Anyone that saw them felt envy towards their public display of affection towards each other.

Rosalie sighed bitterly in her heart. Just one night changed their lives and she was at the loosing end. She tried to take another route so they wouldn't spot her but it was too late.

"Rosalie." Rose called happily after sighting her figure.

She sighed and turned to face them. Jackson was still giving her the look he gave her when she left the hotel that day. He still looked remorseful.

"Fancy meeting you here Rosalie. Why are you at the hospital. Are you sick?" Rose asked feigning concern.

Rosalie stared at her blankly without uttering any response.

"Oh wait. Let me guess myself. It looked like you were coming out of Doctor Anthony's office. That only means that you're pregnant." She said.

Jackson stared at her in shock and pain.

"Is that true Rosalie?" He asked but she ignored him.

"I just asked you a question." He asked again angrily.

"Yes. I'm pregnant. So??" She asked nonchalantly.

"Really Rosalie?? How could you do this to us?" He asked painfully.

"What did I do? I was just a victim like you." She said.

"Really? How come I'm not pregnant?" He asked.

Rosalie stared at him like he had gone crazy.

"You slept with my own sister, impregnated her and got married to her. Now you both are expecting a baby and you still have the conscience to blame me for all that had happened?" She asked angrily.

"Who else is ro blame for you acting like a fucking prostitute." He uttered angrily.

Rose, noticing the tension between them and the people who had gathered around decided to do something.

"Jackson you can't blame my sister for everything. You know we were both at fault too. We both betrayed her." She said.

Rosalie scoffed at her pretentious words.

"How come I didn't notice all these signs earlier?" She thought.

"Don't plead on her behalf because she doesn't deserve it. She doesn't even feel any remorse for all that had happened." Jackson said.

"But you still have to apologise for calling her a prostitute." She said batting her eyelashes seductively at him.

Rosalie rolled her eyes at her actions and said;

"I don't need your useless apology. Yes, I'll be expecting a baby but unlike yours, he'll be born out of love but not as a scheme to steal someone's man.

She said and left the hospital angrily, forgetting what she had planned to do, leaving behind their shocked and angry faces.


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