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"Where is that bastard daughter that calls herself mine? Where's that daughter that wants to destroy my legacy?" He shouted angrily while Sofia, Rose's mother tried to calm him down.

Rose was also there with Jackson. She was still holding unto him like she left him for a minute, he would disappear.

Rose's eyes met with Rosalie's and she smiled evilly at her while Rosalie just scoffed angrily at her and her mother's pretense.

When he noticed that Rosalie had returned, he rushed towards her and gave her a resounding slap.

She gasped in pain and held the affected cheek. She stared at the father who had always adored her when her mother was still alive and asked with pain throbbing in her heart;

"Dad, why did you ...."

"Oh shut up." He said cutting her off.

"I have never been your father because if I was, you wouldn't try to spoil my name like you did." He said.

"What do you mean by that dad? How did I ever try to spoli your name?" She asked.

"You're pregnant right?" He asked releasing the bombshell.

Rosalie scoffed and stared at Rose which made her to grin wider.

"Did Rose tell you that?" She asked instead.

"I asked you a question ypung lady and I expect you to give me a straight answer." He said.

"Yes. I am pregnant. I'm two months gone.

"Okay then. Who's the father of the baby?" He asked calmly.

"I don't know." Rosalie answered truthfully.

Robert stared at her in shock and anger.

"After all the years and resources I have wasted in making you this fine young lady that you're, is this how you'll repay me??" He asked angrily but Rosalie just remained silent.

"I fed you, clothe you and even took you to the best schools that girls your age eould just wish to attend but this is all you have to show for it?? A bastard in your womb with an imaginary father." He said.

"My baby isn't a bastard. Rose got pregnant out of wedlock too but I didn't hear you ranting the way you're doing now. I'm your own blood daughter. Why can't you respect and love me the way you do to her? " Rosalie said with tears brimming at her eyes.

"Young lady, don't drag my daughter's name into your mess." Sofia warned.

"Yes, she got pregnant but we all know who the father is but no one knows your baby's father. We don't know if he's still alive now or dead. Or whether he's a rich man or a poor person. No one knows and now, you dare compare yourself to Rose?? You know what, let's go back to the hospital so we can remove that bastard in your belly. I can't have a bastard lurking in my home." He said charging towards her.

She was able to dodge him and said angrily;

"My baby is not a bastard, the rreal bastard here is Rose from that wife of yours and I'll never abort this baby. I will give birth to it because it's my flesh and blood."

Her statement made Rose and her mother's face turn sour.

"How dare you call my daughter a bastard." Sofia said charging towards her but was stopped by Robert.

"Is that not what she is? If you and your bastard of a daughter didn't barge into our lives, my mother would have still been alive and my life would have been better. I wouldn't have been miserable in my own father's house." She said angrily.

Sofia stared at her in shock and turned to face Robert;

"You heard what you daughter just called me and my daughter. It seems like me and my daughter aren't welcome in this house anymore. Why don't we just leave." She said shedding crocodile tears.

"You are not going going anywhere. Rosalie, apologize to your mother right now!!" He commanded.

"Why should I apologise for telling the truth? It's obvious they came here with the purpose of wrecking our family. If you hadn't cheated on mom with your mistress, all these wouldn't be happening right now so don't blame it on me. You ruined your legacy yourself." Rosalie said angrily.

"I'm your father so don't talk to me that way." He said.

"When last did you act like my father? If you want me to treat you as such, you should acknowledge me as your daughter too.

"Shut up." Robert said hitting her again.

"Since you don't want to get rid of that bastard, then leave my house. Pack all your things, leave and never come back." He said angrily.

"Okay, I will leave here. It's not like there's anything left for me in this house again." She said still masaging her hurting cheek.

She walked inbrto the house brushing past a happy looking Rose and quiet Jackson. She packed the things her father hadn't thrown out yet and that included the money the stranger had left for her.

She stared at the untouched money.

"I guess I'll have to use you to sustain for a while." She thought.

The money was more than enough to keep her and her baby for one year.

She also took her credit cards and one of her mother's portrait. She stared at the rest of her mother's belongings sadly.

"I'll come back for you when I'm stable enough." She thought.

Sbe took stared at them for a while before leaving the house. She arranged her suitcases that were scattered on the floor and walked away without looking back.


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