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"Mom mom. Wake up." Rosalie heard and her eyes fluttered open.

She looked up to see a pair of beautiful eyes staring down at her. She smiled and sat up.

"How was you night baby." She asked ruffling his hair.

"It was fine mom and yours?" The little boy asked.

"Good." She replied smiling.

"Aren't you both just cute?" She heard and turned to stare at Jasmine, a fruend she made after arriving at M city, someone who had saved her life.

"Good morning." Rosalie greeted.

"Morning." She said.

"Mom. It's late already and you promised me that we'll be going to the mall today to buy me a new birthday gift." He reminded.

She stared at him and noticed he was already dressed.

"Maybe it was Jasmine who dressed him." She thought.

"I hope you remember that we have a business meeting around 3:00 pm this afternoon. So you better get your butt off the bed now." Jasmine reminded.

"I'm so sorry. Let me just go and get ready." She said and stood up from the bed.

She walked into her bathroom, took off her clothes, put on the shower and let the warm water cascade down her body.

Under the warm feeling of the water, she reminisced on all she had to pass through the ast few years. She didn't know how she had been able to survive till this moment.

When she left J city and arrived at M city, she thought she would able to survive with her unborn baby for about a year with the money the stranger had left for her but tragedy struck.

She was attacked by hoodlums and all her belongings were stolen. Including the money and her credit cards. She was left with nothing to fend for herself.

She had to sleep under bridges or rent tents whenever its raining and eat from hand to mouth. She worked different menial jobs to sustain herself but they weren't enough. This continued for about two months until she met Jasmine.

Jasmine was on her way to a meeting when she saw Rosalie begging for alms that day. Jasmine felt pity for her because she noticed she was pregnant. She baby was already four months gone so her belly was protruding a little.

She took her home, cleaned her and fed her. Jasmine was working at a business company at that time so she introduced Rosalie to the business. When Rosalie was due for birth, she stopped working and gave birth to her son, Alexander.

Months later, she hired a nanny and continued working. Two years ago, she quitted the company with Jasmine and they both started a new business together with Rosalie as the president because it was her idea and Jasmine as her vice president.

Now, they are both one of the most successful business women all over the world with many influential business patners. Wherever they went, different powerful men always kiss at their feet because of their beauty and the aura they emit whenever they were around.

All these was thanks to her saviour Jasmine.

Rosalie put off the shower and wrapped a towel around her slender body. She came out of the bathroom and went into her walk in closet. Alex and Jasmine had already left. She took out a black straight skirt and a white long sleeved top.

She took out her underwears and put them on. She picked out her one of her heels and also put them on.

Then, she sat in front of her vanity mirror and fixed her hair and make up. When she was done, she stood up and twirled in front of the mirror.

"I look great." She said smilling.

She took her purse and went to the dinning room where the met Jasmine and Alex serving the food.

When they were done, she took her seat and they ate in silence. They finished in no time so Rosalie packed up all the used dushes and kept them in the sink.

She came out of the kitchen and met Jasmine sitting in the living room.

"Aren't you coming with us?" She asked.

"No. I didn't have enough sleep last night so I'm a bit tired but don't worry. I'll be around for the business meeting." She assured.

"Okay then, whatever you say." She said, picked up her car key and left the house with Alex.

They walked towards the garage and entered her car.

"Seatbelts." She said and Alex but on his seatbelts.

She started the car zoomed off in no time. was


They had stopped at the front of a cross walk so pedestrians can pass.

"Mummy look." She heard Alex say and turned to stare at what he was pointing out. It was a billboard.


Then, they showed his photo. That feeling of familiarity came again as ot had always done when Rosalie stares at his picture. That feeling that tells her that they had met before.


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