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"Mummy are you listening?" Rosalie had Alex asking and she turned to face him.

"What were you saying?" Rosalie asked back.

"I was just telling you about his awesomeness." Alex replied.

She looked up and saw that the traffic lights had already turned green so she started the car and zoomed off.

"Who were you talking about again?" Rosalie asked earning an eyeroll from Alexander.

"You weren't even listening mom." He grumbled.

'Don't roll your eyes at me young man. Explain to me so I can understand." Rosalie scolded.

"I'm sorry mom." Alex pleaded.

"So who were you talking about?" She asked again.

"I was talking about Tyler Hemsworth, I want to be famous and successful like him." Alex said.

"Why did you say so?"

"He's just thirty two years old and he has already made a name for him self, I want to be like him." Alex said.

"Why don't you just wish to be better than him instead of being like him," Rosalie asked him.

"You are right mom why didn't I think of that?" Alex asked hitting his fore head.

"That is because you are still a young boy and you have plenty of time to achieve your dreams so you don't have to disturb you self with things like that for now. Just focus on growing up and being mama's cute little boy." Rosalie said.

"But mum, I'm not a boy I am a man now." Alex said showing off his tiny muscles.

Rosalie laughed at his gestures and said

"Yea I can see that now. You are fully grown already."


They arrived at the mall in no time and they got out of the car hand in hand.

They were busy gathering the attention of folks on their way to read the mall.

"Isn't that the famous Rosalie Tucker?" One asked.

"She's so beautiful in that outfit of hers." Another remarked.

"There's a little boy with her, is that her child? He's so cute." Someone said making Rosalie's straight face morph into a smile.

"I've always heard that she had a child but this is the first time I'm seeing him." Ankther said.

"Rumor has it that her child is a bastard, that is why she left her home for M city." Someone said and Rosalie turned to glare at the person.

The lady who made the statement felt someone's gaze on her. She turned to see Rosalie's angry eyes glaring at her. She quickly hid her face in fear.

Rosalie scoffed and kept on walking while people surrounding them kept on gawking.

She entered the mall and an attendant came to greet her immediately.

"Hello miss, welcome to Sunshine Mall. What can I do for you?" She asked smiling brightly.

"Can you please take me to the kids section? I want to get something for my son." Rosalie answered.

The attendant stared at Alex and smiled.

"Okay then, this way." She said leading to the kid's section.


"Is that all you want?" Rosalie asked Alex.

They were already at the kids section and Alex chose only one toy.

"Yes mom. This is the toy I've been asking you to buy for me but you always said that you didn't have time. Most of my classmates already have it and now, I can show mine off." Alex said bouncing happily.

"I'm so sorry baby. I don't always have time to cater for your wants. I promise I'll make it up to you." Rosalie said.

"It's okay mom. I totally understand." He said.

"Such a smart boy you have there." Rosalie heard the attendantvsay and she turned to face her.

"I know right." Rosalie said.

"It makes me want to have a child of my own." The attendant said earning a smile from Rosalie.

"And you will one day. So how much is the toy?" She asked.

"Its $180, 000." The attendant said.

"Okay. Here...." Rosalie said giving her her credit card.

"Thank you for patronizing us." The attendant said after she had removed her payment.

"You're welcome. Come on Alex, let's go." She said.

"Mom wait. I'm pressed." Alex said.

"Uhm excuse me. Can you tell me where the restroom is?" Rosalie asked the attendant.

She gave her directions while Rosalie took Alex there after giving her the toy to hold.

She got there in no time and entered the male's restroom. She opened a cubicle and helped Alex ease himself.

After that, she washed his hands and hers and straightened his clothes.

On their way out, she saw Tyler Hemsworth and a lady hugging. She gasped in shocked and rushed back into the restroom with Alex in her arms. Luckily they didn't notice her presence.

"What is he doing here and why is he hugging her?" She thought.

She opened the door slightly and peeped through it. She gasped in shock when Tyler suddenly pushed the girl away from his arms coldly.

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