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Luckily, Alex didn't see what his "role model" just did if not he would really be disappointed.

"Ouch. What was that floor?" The lady asked embarrassed.

"I have told you countles times to stop bothering me. Is that too hard to understand?" He asked coldly.

The lady managed to stand up from the floor and stared at him tearfully.

"But I love you Tyler. I've always loved you and nothing will ever stop my feelings for you." She said.

"Tyler? Mommy is that Tyler? Why don't we go and greet hi...." Rosalie quickly placed her palm on his mouth to shut him up.

"Shush...." She muttered and turned back to face the "couples".

"I don't need your love and I'll never love you back. Get that into that thick skull of yours." He said emotionlessly.

"Really?" The lady asked with a sadistic smile but Tyler ignored her.

"You will take back your words and I promise you that. I'll make you regret what you just said." She said walked away agrily.

Tyler sighed in relief at her absence while Rosalie was still watching and waiting for him to leave.

"Come out." She suddenly heard and saw that he was staring at the direction of the restroom's door.

"I hope he isn't talking to me. Please let it not be me." She prayed silently.

"You the lady hiding in the men's restroom. Didn't you hear what I just said????" He asked impatiently.

Rosalie sighed bitterly in her heart and emmerged from the restroom with Alex in her hand.

Tyler was awestruck by her beauty. He had never seen anyone as beautiful and endowed like she is. She looked like a supermodel but he had never seen nor heard of her before.

"Who is she???" He thought.

He kept on gawking at her until he heard a little voice say;

"Tyler Hemsworth, I'm a really big fan you yours. Can I please get your autograph."

He looked down to see a pair of beautiful eyes. He didn't know when he crouched towards the boy's level and ruffled his hair.

"Do you have pen and paper with you?" He asked staring at the boy in adoration.

"Yes I do. Here it is...." He said handing over a piece of paper and a pen he had taken from his pockets.

Tyler signed his autograph on the paper and handed it over to him.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." The little boy said in excitement making Tyler to break into a very bright smile.

He finally remembered what he wanted to do. He coughed in embarrassment and stood up to look at Rosalie.

She didn't look scared nor drool at him like other girls would and that intrigued Tyler more.

"What are you doing here? Where you stalking me?" He finally asked.

She scoffed inwardly.

"This guy is really full of himself." She thought.

"Why would I be stalking you?" She asked back.

He stared at her in shock. No girl have ever talked back to him the way she did. She should be cowering in fear right now or even drooling but he's the one doing so. He was deeply ashamed of himself.

"How am I supposed to know? You obviously followed me here and hid in the male restroom with your nephew so when I called you out, he would distract me by asking for my autograph. Come on, let me see your camera. Where is it?" He demanded.

Rosalie stared at him like he had gone crazy.

"This guy is a real nutcase." She muttered eyeing him.

"What did you just say? I know you just cussed me." He asked.

"I didn't say anything. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'll like to take my leave." She said and made to leave.

"Mummy. You just lied." She heard Alex say so she stopped walking and turned to look at him.

"What do you mean?" She asked back.

"You lied that you didn't say anything but I heard you saying 'this guy is a real nutcase'. And mummy you always said I shouldn't lie that it is a bad habit." He scolded.

Rosalie stared at him in embarrassment while Tyler just smiled enjoying the show.

"Let's talk about this when we get home." She said and made to leave again when Tyler held her back.

"We are not done talking yet." He said smiling.

"There's nothing left to talk about." She said wishing she could just wipe off the annoying smile from his face with her palms.

"You have to hand over the picture you just took." He said stretching out his hands to recieve the 'picture'.

"I didn't take any photographs. Why would I want to do that?" She asked angrily.

"Why were you in the men's restroom then?" He asked provoking her more.

"It's none of your business. Now, let go of me." She said trying to break away from his hold on her.

"First, give me the photos." He said.

"Excuse me Mr. Tyler." He heard and turned to face Alex.

Rosalie took the chance and freed herself from his tight grip. He sighed involuntarily after her warmth left his hands.

"What's wrong with me???" He thought.

"My mom didn't take any pictures of you. She isn't a photographer." He said.

"Mom???" Tyler thought staring at them in shock.

"This young lady is married???"

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