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"This young lady is a mother????" He thought bedazzled.

"Let's go Alex." Rosalie said and left with him while Tyler just stared at their retreating figures in shock.

Rosalie collected the toy from the attendant and left the mall hurriedly. She didn't know why she was scared while talking to him. Maybe it was because of his cold aura.

Thankfully, she was able to hide her panicked state from Tyler. She sighed in relief when ahe left the mall.

She entered her car and buckled Alex's seat belt immediately. After that, she started the car and drove it home.


At home, she met Jasmine seating where she had left her. She rushed to fridge and took out a bottle of water. She opened the bottle and poured the water down her throat.

"You guys are back already? I thought you were going to spend another three hours there." She said.

"I had to hurry home because of the business meeting." She lied smoothly not wanting to tell Jasmine her ordeal with Tyler.

"But it's just 12:03 pm and the meeting isn't starting till three." She said staring at Rosalie suspiciously.

Rosalie coughed in embarrassment seeing Jasmine had caught on with her lie.

"Mum is lying." Alex suddenly said making the atmosphere more awkward.

"Really??" Jasmine asked turning to face Rosalie.

"Yes." He affirmed.

Rosalie stared at Alex and gave him a 'don't say anything look'.

"Do you care to explain what happened at the mall today???" Jasmine asked.

"Yes. We met Tyler Hemsworth in front of the male's restroom." Alex said making Jasmine to gasp in shock.

"The famous business tycoon Tyler Hemsworth????" She asked surprised.

"How many Tyler Hemsworth do you know???" Alex asked back.

"Go to your room Alex." Rosalie said giving him a stern look.

"Okay. I will. Just remember mom, it's bad to lie to others. You said so yourself so you had better practice what you preach." He said and ran to his room when he saw Rosalie charging towards him.

If not for the shock she's experiencing, Jasmine would have burst out laughing at their childish behaviours.

When she finally regained her composure, she asked Rosalie;

"Is it true?"

"Is what true??" Rosalie asked back.

"What Alex just said." Jasmine answered.

"Did he say something now? I wasn't listening." Rosalie lied.

"Don't try to act dumb. Tell me the juicy details. What happened??" She asked impatiently.

Rosalie groaned in annoyance.

"That naughty brat...." She muttered.

"Are you going to talk or should I force the words out of your mouth?" She asked staring at Rosalie in anticipation.

Rosalie sighed and explained every detail to her while she listened with rapt attention.

"After that, I ran away in fear." Rosalie said ending her story.

Jasmine stared at her for a while before bursting into a fit of laughter.

"What's so funny??" Rosalie asked giving her a displeased look.

"I.... I can't... believe.... he thought..... you were a reporter." She said still laughing.

"How's that funny?" Rosalie asked.

"Yeah it isn't. Sorry." She said and managed to stop laughing.

"So is that why you ran in like your pants were on fire??" She asked.

"Whatever and lady, I'm not wearing pants." She said showing off her outfit.

"It's just a figure of speech miss know it all." Jasmine taunted.

"If you say so. I'm going to bed now. Wake me up before the meeting starts." She said.

"Yes madam." Jasmine said giving her a mocking bow.

"That's my girl." Rosalie said and patted her head playfully.

She ran upstairs immediately so Jasmine wouldn't catch her.

She got into her room and shut the door. She stripped off her outfit and jumped on the bed.

"Finally... some me time." She muttered and drifted into a deep slumber.


Rosalie's peaceful sleep was disrupted by some noise out side her room. She groaned and checked the time on her phone. She gasped in shock when shockshe read 2: 30pm on the screen.

"Wake up Rosalie. We are getting late." Rosalie heard Jasmine say and rushed into the bathroom.

She did her business hurriedly and put on a new set of office wear. Jasmine was still knocking on her door. She checked herself again in the mirror. When she was sure that she was okay, the picked up her purse and phone.

Jasmine sighed in relief when she finally opened the door.

"Why didn't you answer on time? I thought you were dead." Jasmine teased earning a glare from Rosalie.

"It's not that easy to kill me babe. Let's just leave now, we're already late." She sajd and walked downstairs while Hasmine followed closely behind her.

"Has Alex's nanny arrived yet?" She asked.

"Yes. She's in Alex room." Jasmine replied.

"Good. Let's go." She said and they left for the company.

"They arrived in no time and Rosalie's secretary Sandy came out to greet them.

"Good afternoon Miss Tucker, Miss Austin." She said bowing respectfully before them.

"Afternoon Sandy. Are the clients here yet?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes. They have been waiting for about thirty minutes now." She replied glancing at her wrist watch.

"Where are they right now?" Jasmine asked.

"They are currently at the meeting room." She said.

"Alright, let's go." Jasmine said and they left for the meeting room.


They got into the meeting room and saw to men standing with their back facing them.

"We are so sorry for wasting your...."

Rosalie was saying but was cut off guard by the sight in front of her. One of the men had turned to face her. She gasped in shock after recognizing him.

"What is he doing here???" She thought.

He caught her gaze and shiwed of his dazzling smile.

"Nice to meet you again Rosalie Tucker." He said stretching out his hands for a hand shake.


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