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C1 Charm Bar 1

At the charm bar in T City, the music was so loud that it was almost deafening.

The air was filled with the smell of alcohol and hormones, a degenerate atmosphere.

Wang Ruoxin habitually tugged at her hair. Ever since she came into the bar wearing this kind of clothes, she kept tugging at her hair. There was no other reason but the clothes – it was too short and exposed!

"Stop pulling, if you pull any more it'll tear the clothes off." Wang Zi curled her lips and, at an angle that she couldn't see, a hint of disdain rapidly flashed through her eyes.

"Beautiful young miss, are you waiting for someone? Do you want to have a drink with your brothers? "

Since the two of them had sat down, Wang Ruoxin had been pestered by several people who had come over to chat with them.

Wang Zi pulled Wang Ruoxin's hand and whispered into her ear, "This is the effect we want."

Wang Ruoxin, 21 years old, a senior majoring in journalism at T University, was currently in the midst of a scandal.

Wang Zi was a good friend and close friend of hers. She had entered the magazine earlier and was now a small editor in the magazine. Wang Ruoxin's job was also introduced by her.

As for why the two of them dressed up like this to charm the bar in the middle of the night, it would have to start from the morning …

"Wang Ruoxin, if you still don't have any news this week, I will make a big cut on your internship evaluation! I suppose you know what you're going to do? " Editor Qin Ze shouted angrily in his office.

Everyone who was an intern in the magazine had a mission, and that was to catch the news within a set time. Furthermore, they had to have a certain level of enthusiasm.

When she saw Wang Ruoxin coming out of the editor's office with a face full of dust, Wang Zi immediately went up and said, "Did the editor call you again? "Don't worry, I have a way." Then, he bent down and whispered into her ear, "There will be a lot of gossip in the seductive bar, there will be a lot of government officials and second-generation rich people …"

That was how Wang Ruoxin, who was wearing an exposed black bag and wearing a sexy and fiery dress, sat at the bar with Wang Zi tonight.

Wang Ruoxin sat at the bar, staring at the news for a long time, but still couldn't find any news about the rich second generation.

"Stop looking, I'll help you find it in a while." you'll find what you want. " Wang Zi said meaningfully, "Well, how about tasting it?"

Wang Ruoxin took a sip and stuck out her pink tongue. "Ah, it tastes so bad."

Then she said softly, "Zi, I need to go to the washroom."

"Mm, we'll go straight from here. We'll reach it if we turn right again."

Wang Ruoxin followed the route that Wang Zi had told her, and when she reached the corner — —

"Ah …" "Hmm …" "You're great, ah …"

Wang Ruoxin wasn't a fool. When she was in university, she had watched adult movies with her roommates. It sounded exactly like this.

She quietly opened the door to the washroom and opened it a tiny crack. It wasn't that she was curious about what the real deal was, but she was curious about what kind of people could do such things in the ladies' restroom.

What made Wang Ruoxin surprised was that the man inside the house had turned his face to the side in a blur.

It was Ye Zhehan! The manager of the city's Imperial Group!

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