Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C10 It Was like Being Bitten by a Dog
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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C10 It Was like Being Bitten by a Dog
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C10 It Was like Being Bitten by a Dog

Zhang Helin thought, her life will definitely be very long, because she must see the children in the orphanage grow into adults, so she can be at ease to leave.

When they left the orphanage, the sky was getting darker.

Wang Ruoxin looked up at the darkening sky. She had a feeling that a heavy rain was coming. She lifted her foot and was about to rush to the bus stop when the rain started pouring.

In an instant, she had transformed into a chicken soup. She picked up her bag and covered her head as she ran towards the bus stop.

"Creak …" With a screeching sound, Wang Ruoxin fell to the ground in front of the car with a step.

Wang Ruoxin wailed in her heart. She really had some background these few days. Did she leave her house without looking at the calendar? Why was he so unlucky?

She didn't want to stand in front of the car while it was raining. She wanted to get up, but she couldn't move her feet. If she moved, the pain would kill her. She tried several times but still couldn't stand up.

The people in the car could no longer wait. They carried umbrellas as they got out of the car.

Wang Ruoxin first saw a pair of shiny leather shoes, then raised her head, she really would rather be blind, how could it be that man?

Ye Zhehan also felt this was a little interesting. Wasn't this little girl the one who was pressed down by him in the washroom and ravaged by him in all kinds of ways? Why did he appear again today? Was it a coincidence or was it intentional?

He smirked. "Hey, hurry up and get up. Are you trying to bluff me or something?"

If that was really the case, then this little girl might have made a mistake. The matter from last night was originally something that both the two of them wanted to do.

If she was really held accountable, she would be the one at fault. It would be fine if she didn't get caught, but since she was found out, how could it be so easy to get over it?

What happened last night was just a lesson to her, a price to pay.

"Tsk, who would lie to you. I'll just treat it as being bitten by a dog." Wang Ruoxin said in a forceful tone. Who has ever seen a dog bite back at them?

Ye Zhehan's sneer widened, "Is he being bitten by a dog? I really didn't see it. Not only do you have no moral integrity, you even have such strong tastes.


Wang Ruoxin couldn't help but spit on his face. "I really didn't notice. I'm a wolf with skin."

That she had a strong taste in her mouth, that she …

"Haha …" Ye Zhehan raised his head and laughed, but no one knew if he was really happy or just faking it, "I really didn't see it, is he shooting a magic film? Are you using the Fiery Eyes of Truth? "

Wang Ruoxin didn't want to continue talking to him here in the rain. She pressed her palm to the ground and stood up while enduring the pain on her ankle. "Young Master Ye, everyone is busy and have their own lives. Some things are just like a dream."

Wang Ruoxin left with a limp, ignoring the rain.

Ye Zhehan stood under the rain with his hand holding the umbrella, staring at Wang Ruoxin who had already left. Because of the wet rain, her clothes were sticking closely to her body, making her body seem even more exquisite and graceful.

For some reason, there was an unfathomable feeling in his heart.

Wang Ruoxin endured the pain on her ankle as she stood on the bus. The gazes of the people on the bus were dazzling to her. She didn't care about the looks of the people on the bus.

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