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C11 Could It be

When they arrived at the station, Wang Ruoxin got off the car and found that the rain had stopped. The sunlight was shining again, shining lazily on the crowd.

In the city of T in June, when the sun rose, it became sultry again.

Wang Ruoxin was still twenty-five minutes away from the bus stop. By the time she walked home, her clothes were half dry, but her ankles were swollen and very high.

She changed her clothes, went to the medicine cabinet, took out the saffron, and wiped her ankles.

"Hiss …" It hurts.

Wang Ruoxin felt that she had to go to the temple to pay her respects. Otherwise, why would she always meet that inhumane person? No, that's not right. It's not a human, it's a beast.

She limped into the small bathroom and first wiped off her hair and body. The pain in her thigh was not as obvious as last night. She looked at herself in the mirror. The jade pendant on her neck was the only thing her parents had left her.

Dad, Mom, where are you now? Are you doing well?

Even though she had no memory of her parents except the Mother Superior in her life, she was grateful to them for giving her life.

The next morning, Wang Ruoxin woke up early. Her biological clock was always punctual and her feet still hurt. Luckily, it wasn't as red and swollen as the day before. She hobbled her hair into a ponytail and walked outside wearing a business suit from the market.

Today's time was longer than usual. Due to the pain in her feet, she walked a little slower. Fortunately, she arrived at the magazine as usual.

Gossip Magazine.

"Ruoxin, what happened to your foot?"

The moment they entered the office, Gao Hau was the first to notice her discomfort and asked with concern.

In that instant, everyone in the magazine looked at the two of them in an ambiguous manner. In the magazine, except for Wang Ruoxin herself, everyone could see that Hao Hao liked Wang Ruoxin.

"It's nothing, I just accidentally twisted it yesterday." Wang Ruoxin smiled and said indifferently.

For her, minor ailments were nothing. As long as she could still stand up and move, it would be a small matter.

Gao Hau walked in front of her and helped her to walk to her seat. Then he passed soy milk to her from his desk, "Be careful when you run the news in the future. How about you take a few days leave to rest and go to the hospital?" Would you like to accompany me to the hospital for a look? "

Hao Hao's eyes were filled with concern, giving her a moment of discomfort, "It's alright, Brother Hao. Thank you for your soy milk."

When Wang Zi walked into the magazine, she saw that the two of them were happily chatting with each other. She couldn't help but clench her hands tightly, and a flash of viciousness appeared in her eyes: Wang Ruoxin, you are just a broken shoe.

Thinking about that, Wang Zi revealed a charming smile again and walked over, "Hau, what are you talking about? So happy? "

"Nothing, Ruoxin's foot accidentally twisted." Gao Hau told the truth, "I was very happy to see the editor yesterday. After asking, I found out that it was Ruoxin who had filmed the news about Ye Zhehan in T City."

Ye Zhehan?

Wang Zi immediately thought of the day she went to the seductive bar, where Wang Ruoxin stayed in the bathroom and came out. She immediately said that she took a photo. Could it be that the person who had a relationship with her that night was Ye Zhehan?

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