Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C12 Congratulations
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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C12 Congratulations
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C12 Congratulations

She shook her head and denied this possibility. How could Ye Zhehan fall for Wang Ruoxin?

"Congratulations, Ruoxin." Wang Zi suppressed the emotions in her heart, "Like I said, I'll definitely find the news at the seductive bar."

Wang Ruoxin's body couldn't help but stiffen. That night …

"Zi, thank you. If it weren't for you accompanying me, I wouldn't dare to go by myself."

"That's what I should do." Wang Zi smiled, trying her best to hide the expression on her face.

Hmph, thank you? Wang Ruoxin, are you thanking me for drugging you that day as well? How could you have had sex with the god of men in T City if you hadn't drugged him? You must be secretly happy now.

"Don't just stand there. Sit down." Gao Hau helped Wang Ruoxin to sit down and then opened the soy milk for her, "Drink first, I'll go to work first. Call me whenever you need me."

Wang Zi was on the verge of losing her temper. She flipped through the documents with her hands, wishing she could rip them apart. What right did she have to do that? Why? Why did Gao Hau like Wang Ruoxin in his heart? She was a great beauty that wandered in front of him everyday, her meaning was already so obvious. Why didn't he understand? How was she worse than Wang Ruoxin?

"Come come come. Let me tell everyone a piece of good news. Our issue of the magazine has been sold out the moment it was released. Every point of sale is still requesting for an additional issue." Qin Ze walked out of the office and said happily, "We have to thank our Ruoxin for everything. This time, Ye Zhehan's news will earn Ruoxin a bit more commission. Besides, I will treat everyone to dinner and sing karaoke tonight."

"Yay, long live the editor."

"Yeah, the editor is the best. Ruoxin is the best."

Everyone in the magazine had their eyes on Wang Ruoxin. The feeling of being surrounded by others made Wang Zi uncomfortable. It was like she was in a small corner of the world and they ignored her.

Wang Ruoxin smiled. They were too passionate, but no one saw the bitterness in her eyes. If it was possible, she would rather not have gone to the Charm bar. No one knew what she had paid for taking those photos.

Wang Zi sneered in her heart. Wang Ruoxin, you must be happy. Let's see how long you can continue to be happy. In those photos, maybe the female lead is you?

It was night, and the lanterns were beginning to light up.

After dinner, everyone talked about going to the Charm bar. Wang Ruoxin didn't want to go there, not only because it left an unpleasant memory for her, but because the magazine had paid her salary today. She wanted to go back to the orphanage.

"Ruoxin, let's go together. Everyone's going together." When Gao Hau saw that Wang Ruoxin was unwilling to go, he pleaded with a pitiful expression.

Wang Ruoxin's heart softened. She had no choice but to agree.

"I'm getting old, so I won't be going. You guys are all so fun. Leave it to me." Qin Ze waved his hands and left. He also knew that if he was here, they wouldn't let him go and play to their heart's content.

Charm bar, the smell of alcohol, passion and lust could be seen everywhere. Everyone in the bar took off their daytime masks, venting out their most primitive desires that were hidden deep in their hearts.

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