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C13 Do Once

In the private room.

"Why don't we play the big adventure?" colleague A suggested.

"Sure, sure." Everyone responded in unison.

Wang Ruoxin didn't say anything. She didn't intend to participate anyway, so they could play however they liked.

"Turn, spin, spin, spin …" In the midst of everyone's heckling, the winner switched the bottle to the genuine one, while the loser was Gao Hau.

"Brother Hao, come quickly. Be honest. If you have anything to say, say it quickly." When his colleagues winked at Gao Hau, it was obvious that they were in the same group.

Gao Hau licked his lips, feeling a little nervous. He stole a few glances at Wang Ruoxin and found nothing abnormal with her. Seeing the encouraging looks from his colleagues, he dared to open his mouth, "Ruoxin, I have something to tell you."

"Ah, what is it?" Wang Ruoxin reacted in slow motion.

Gao Hau picked up the liquor and drank a few sips. He coughed lightly and said, "I want to use today's opportunity to go with Ruoxin …" "Confess."

With a "pa" sound, Wang Zi put down her wine cup on the table and walked out angrily.

She actually heard that Gao Hau wanted to confess to Wang Ruoxin. Was he drunk? Or was he blind?

"Zi, where are you going?" Wang Ruoxin felt a gust of wind like a woman, only to answer her with a strong slamming of the door.

"You guys play first, I'll go out and take a look." With a blushing face, Wang Ruoxin jogged out.

"Hey hey hey, brother Hao, how could you let Ruoxin leave? This is such a good opportunity, how nice would it be to take advantage of this opportunity to confess?" His colleague A said with a look of pity.

Gao Hau also came back to his senses and regretted that he should have struck the iron while it was hot. He should have said it out loud during this momentum. He secretly cheered in his heart: Don't be afraid, you have to be brave to strive for your happiness.

"Come, Brother Hao, wait a bit, we'll do this …" His colleagues gathered around him to give him advice.

Wang Zi stood at the door with a ferocious expression. She had liked Gao Hau for three years, but Gao Hau didn't seem to have noticed her existence.

Gao Hau only had Wang Ruoxin in his eyes.

Wang Zi clenched her fists, her long nails digging into her flesh as if she had no consciousness: Gao Hau, I must let you know Wang Ruoxin's true face.

Wang Ruoxin ran into the bathroom, panting as she held the sink. She had never thought about what Gao Hau said just now. She had always treated what Gao Hau said to her as if he was her big brother.

Furthermore, she knew that Wang Zi liked Gao Hau, because she noticed that Wang Zi's gaze was always following Gao Hau.

She had always wanted them to be together, if she could.

Wang Zi and Gao Hau …

"Zi, are you in the bathroom?" Wang Ruoxin went through them one by one but could not find anyone.

Helpless, she had no choice but to leave the bathroom, planning to search elsewhere. When she came out, she accidentally bumped into someone else. "Sorry, sorry, I …" She raised her eyes and realized that it had always been that haunting man, Ye Zhehan.

"Hey, I say, are you following me every day? "Now, this …" Ye Zhehan pointed at her with his slender finger, then pointed at himself, "Are you planning to follow me in the bathroom again?"

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