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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C14 Excuse Me for a Moment
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C14 Excuse Me for a Moment

Wang Ruoxin's face was flushed to the point that her ears were red. She put her hands on her waist stubbornly and rebuked, "You're not even looking at yourself in the mirror! What kind of appearance do you have? I've taken a liking to you, that time …" The voice behind him suddenly trailed off and lowered its head. "That time it was because you were despicable."

If it hadn't been for her body, she definitely wouldn't have let him succeed. But what she couldn't figure out was, who had drugged her?

"Don't speak of yourself as innocent. Do you dare to say that you didn't experience the feeling of being ethereal that day?" Ye Zhehan crossed his arms across his chest and smiled evilly, teasing her on a whim.

For the past few days, he hadn't been interested in any other women, and his mind had always been muddled. Only today, after seeing this little girl, did he finally understand that what he was thinking about was the feeling of intimacy with her.

"You …" Wang Ruoxin choked.

At this moment, facing this man, she could not utter a single word of debate.

"Young Master Ye, you must have forgotten something important, right? Did something happen to us before? Why can't I remember? "I have a friend waiting for me. Sorry, please step aside …" Wang Ruoxin didn't want to talk about what had happened that night again. She clearly told him everything.

Ye Zhehan stood in front of her without any intention of getting out of her way.

He raised his eyebrows, his voice low and sexy, "I'm not good at anything else, but I have a good memory. There are some things that I can't forget even if I wanted to.

Since he met her again today, he had no intention of letting her go.

No matter what, Ye Zhehan wanted to keep this woman by his side.

"Name your price …"


Wang Ruoxin really couldn't stand it anymore. She raised her head and scolded him, "Young Master Ye, do you know what you're saying? I can't afford to play games like the one you rich people play. Sorry, but I really have something to do … "

However, Ye Zhehan had a wall of flesh in front of her and had no intention of backing down.

The two of them looked at each other.

Wang Ruoxin's eyes were filled with rage.

Ye Zhehan's eyes, on the other hand, showed a determined look of playfulness.

Silence, silence.

The air was eerily quiet.

"Excuse me." Wang Zi's voice came from the bathroom door.

Wang Ruoxin pushed away the wall in front of her, looking at the person at the door nervously, "Zi, where did you go? I didn't find you in the bathroom. "

"Ruoxin, why did you come out?" When Wang Zi asked her, she also saw the man she pushed away. It was Ye Zhehan. "You …"

He had always thought that Wang Ruoxin and Ye Zhehan must be related, but seeing it with his own eyes was different.

"Are you okay?" Wang Ruoxin blinked and asked with concern.

She was really afraid that she would be angry with her.

"Idiot, what are you thinking? I don't know you at all. I just went in and heard from them that you haven't returned for a long time. I was worried, so I came to take a look." What Wang Zi said was half true and half false.

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