Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C15 It's Just a Game
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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C15 It's Just a Game
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C15 It's Just a Game

She really did look down on Wang Ruoxin. She had secretly taken care of the girl's dream lover in City T. No wonder she looked down on that small editor Gao Hau.

She was much more at ease now.

Ye Zhehan's black eyes, which were like black obsidian, flashed. He slightly squinted his eyes. It seems like this little girl is really simple.

"Let's go back." Wang Ruoxin held Wang Zi's hand and lifted her leg, intending to leave.

However, there was someone who didn't let her do as she pleased. Wang Zi pointed at Ye Zhehan who was leaning against the wall. "You and Young Master Ye …"

Wang Ruoxin's heart was beating rapidly. She was afraid that Ye Zhehan would say something random, so she quickly explained, "It's nothing. We just bumped into each other and asked a few questions."

"Oh …" Is that so? " Wang Zi had a look of disbelief on her face.

"Quickly leave! Didn't you say that you were waiting for us?" Wang Ruoxin pulled Wang Zi along and started running.

Wang Zi turned around and gave Ye Zhehan a charming smile before following Wang Ruoxin into the private room.

Ye Zhehan followed him and secretly memorized the room number before returning to his own room.

"Zhe, I just told Xuan, did you fall in the washroom? I was wondering if I should go help you. I didn't expect you to come back." Su Yifei, who was in the room, had a naughty smile on his face as he joked around.

"Scram …" Ye Zhehan laughed and scolded, "Even if you fall in, I won't fall in. However, when you fall in, I definitely won't go and pull you, because you're too smelly …"

"Haha, haha …" Everyone in the room burst out laughing.

"Little beauty, do you think so as well?" Su Yifei raised the woman in his arms and asked in an evil tone.

The woman in his arms retorted coquettishly. "That won't happen, Young Master Su has always been the best in his heart."

"Haha …" Su Yifei laughed. "I knew the little beauty knew my heart best."

He leaned over and kissed the little woman in his arms amidst a series of tsk-tsk sounds.

"Wow, looks like Yee is doing a real show for us." The man in black opposite to Su Yifei, Ouyang Junxi, said with an evil smile.

Su Yifei stood up and pulled the little girl in his arms along the way, "I won't keep you guys company, I'm going to have fun with my little beauty, please do as you please."

"Hey, you inhumane guy from the opposite sex, didn't you suggest gathering here today?" Shangguan Chenxuan couldn't help but burst out.

"This young master's nature has always been like this. It's not like it's the first time you've known me." Su Yifei's voice gradually faded away.

Ye Zhehan also suddenly stood up and left.

"Hey, I say, Zhe. Yi went to play with his woman. What about you?"

"I went to find my new toy."

In the private room.

"Ruoxin, you didn't run out to find Zi just now. Instead, you asked Zi to come back and find you. This is too much. You have to have a drink no matter what." colleague B puts the glass in her hand.

Wang Ruoxin didn't know whether to accept it or not, so she accepted the wine in the end. However, she said tactfully, "To tell you the truth, I don't have a lot of alcohol. I'm just taking a sip."

"Sure, but you have to admit your loss. We still have to continue the game we just played."

"Game, just game." Wang Ruoxin said with a coy smile. Actually, this was the kind of thing she didn't want to face the most.

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