Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C16 I Came Looking for Someone
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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C16 I Came Looking for Someone
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C16 I Came Looking for Someone

Gao Hau finally mustered up his courage and said, "Ruoxin, what I said just now was all true, I like it …"

The private room's door was suddenly opened, attracting everyone's attention.

Ye Zhehan, who was wearing an Armani suit and had his hands in his pockets, walked in elegantly. He looked down on everyone.

The lights in the room were not that bright, and instead gave off an indescribable feeling of ambiguity.

"You, Young Master Ye …" One of his colleagues wanted to go and send him away, but he didn't expect him to be a famous person in City T. Ye Zhehan.

"I'm Ye Zhehan, continue playing. I came to find someone." With that, Ye Zhehan walked towards Wang Ruoxin.

Wang Ruoxin recognized Ye Zhehan the moment he opened the door. She had been hiding behind Wang Zi, praying silently that he didn't see me, that he didn't see me.

"Darling, what are you hiding from? Is he playing a game of hide and seek? "

Hearing the devilish voice, Wang Ruoxin knew that she couldn't avoid it, so she slowly stuck her head out from behind Wang Zi. Her voice sounded like a mosquito, "What are you doing here? I don't know you. "

When Ye Zhehan came in, he didn't say that he was looking for her. He only said one sentence and she admitted it herself, which caused her colleagues to have an infinite amount of joy.

"Don't you know him?" Ye Zhehan's low and sexy voice suddenly improved, "But, didn't we …"

"You …" Wang Ruoxin quickly stood up and interrupted him, "If you have anything to say, let's talk outside."

She stood up and didn't care about the crowd's gazes as she pulled Ye Zhehan's hand and walked out of the room.

"Young Master Ye, let's play together. It'll be more lively with more people." A colleague stood up and suggested.

Everyone in T City wanted to befriend Ye Zhehan.


Ye Zhehan was the owner of the Imperial Group in City T. The Imperial Group, on the other hand, had won over all the clothing, accessories, and electronics of City T. He was the leader of the City T.

Ye Zhehan also had another identity, the person in charge of Ye Gate. This was something that normal people did not know, but the people in the 'Gossip Men and Women' all knew about it because they had all looked into it before.

"Sure." Ye Zhehan smiled. He agreed generously and pulled Wang Ruoxin's hand as they sat down.

"Young Master Ye, let me toast you."

"Young Master Ye, it's an honor to meet you here today. I'm Ruoxin's colleague. Here's to you." Everyone with discerning eyes could tell that Ye Zhehan was here for Wang Ruoxin.

Everyone in the magazine went up to Ye Zhehan one by one to toast him. Ye Zhehan didn't refuse any of them and just drank it all.

There were only three people who did not move. One was Wang Ruoxin, one was Gao Hau, and the other was Wang Zi.

Gao Hau clenched his wine cup tightly as his veins popped out. Why? Why? He had planned everything and arranged everything. He wanted to use this opportunity to confess, so why did Ye Zhehan suddenly step in? Don't think he has the right to be rich.

"Ruoxin, I really didn't see it coming. Your colleagues are so passionate." Ye Zhehan drank a lot of wine, but his face was still not red as he said this.

Wang Ruoxin rolled her eyes. Ruoxin? Did she know him that well? If she wasn't afraid that he would say something ridiculous, she would have pushed him out of the box without caring about anything else.

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