Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C18 Your Good Day Is over
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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C18 Your Good Day Is over
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C18 Your Good Day Is over

Wang Ruoxin ran off as soon as she finished her sentence.

Ye Zhehan's obsidian eyes flashed with a dark light. 'What kind of woman are you exactly?' What exactly is your goal? What exactly is your relationship with the owner of that jade pendant?

Wang Ruoxin ran with all her might for a long time until she finally stopped, panting heavily.

Wang Ruoxin thought about what had happened in the past few days, so she powerlessly squatted on the ground and hugged her head while crying.

She had been an orphan since she could remember, but that was what mattered most to her, her chastity. It was proof that she was innocent after her marriage.

However, everything had already been lost.

At first, Wang Ruoxin was weeping quietly, but gradually, her tears turned into wails.

Since they were young, the mother of the dean had taught them that girls must be pure and self-loving, that they must be self-loving people.

But she had lost everything.

Mother Dean, would you blame me?

My biological mother, if you were still alive, you would surely blame me, right?

Actually, I blame myself even more.

The man in the Rolls Royce not far away stared at her, his hands clasped together as he watched her shoulders shake.

Wang Ruoxin walked back to her room. When she saw that it was already past midnight, she opened the door and entered. It was pitch black and she didn't even turn on the light. She groped her way back to her bed, pulled up her blanket and immediately fell asleep.

If he could wake up from his sleep and nothing had happened, how great would that be?

Early in the morning, the bright sunlight shone through the veil and onto the beautiful face buried under the pillow. Strands of golden light entered her eyes, causing her long eyelashes to flutter slightly.

"The bubbles under the sun are colored, just like the ones that were tricked by me. They're blissful." The phone suddenly rang. The person on the bed frowned slightly. He fumbled for his phone and picked it up lazily, "Hello …"

"Ruoxin, why are you still sleeping? "Don't you know what time it is? The magazine is already at work." Wang Zi's slightly anxious voice rang out from the phone, waking Wang Ruoxin up. When she saw that it was almost nine o'clock, she hurriedly stood up and said, "Zi, help me ask for a leave of absence for the editor. Tell her that I …" Tell Me... Say I have a stomachache. I'll be there soon. "

After hanging up the phone, she got up in a panic. Her feet accidentally touched the edge of the bed. "Sss!" She gasped. Her feet had already become much swollen from running for so long last night.

Wang Ruoxin endured the pain in her feet and hurried to put on her clothes. She had to get to the magazine as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would have to attend the whole magazine this month.

Gossip Magazine.

Due to the fact that she was late for the day, Wang Ruoxin specially called a taxi in a luxurious manner. She jogged to the entrance of the magazine, but no one noticed her. She jogged to her seat.

"What's wrong?" Wang Ruoxin leaned to the side and whispered to Wang Zi.

Wang Zi shook her head, showing a puzzled expression. However, she was actually sneering in her heart, "Wang Ruoxin, your good days are over."

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