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C19 Condition 1

The air above the magazine was filled with the scent of gossip.

Finally, someone couldn't help but ask in a low voice, "Ruoxin, when did you and Young Master Ye get to know each other? It seems like you're quite familiar with it? "

Yesterday, she walked out of the room with Ye Zhehan. The group of them had been together for a long time.

Wang Ruoxin took a deep breath, trying her best to not appear angry, "I think you misunderstood me, Young Master Ye and I... "I just happened to meet by chance. I still have things to do, so I'll be busy now."

Her fingers were rapidly tapping on the keyboard and only she knew how fast her heart was beating. Seeing her relaxed appearance, her colleague looked at her suspiciously before turning around to leave.

When Ye Zhehan appeared in the room yesterday, she had already anticipated that his life would give rise to a thousand ripples in her calm life.

"Ruoxin, the editor has something to tell you to go to the office." Gao Hau, who just came out of the editor's office, said.

Wang Ruoxin walked into the chief editor's office nervously. Could it be that Ma Dong wanted to not only withhold her full time, but also give her a beating?

"Ruoxin, how long have you been at our magazine?" Qin Ze suddenly asked.

Wang Ruoxin suddenly felt more nervous, so she nodded and said worriedly, "It has been almost a year, but because I was a part-time worker in the first half of the year, I haven't done much of an internship. But don't worry, editor, I will do my best to read the news."

Qin Ze waved his hand and interrupted her, "I didn't mean anything else. I just wanted to ask, why don't you... What is Young Master Ye's relationship? "

Wang Ruoxinxin immediately raised her head and said, "Editor-in-Chief, I don't understand what you mean by that."

Didn't the editor not go yesterday? The news spread way too fast, it even reached the editor in chief's ears.

"Let's put it this way. Young Master Ye came by this morning." Qin Ze was straightforward. He pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "Young Master Ye said that we can report his news exclusively in the future."

"What are the conditions?" Wang Ruoxin wasn't too surprised when she heard Qin Ze's words. However, since Ye Zhehan took the initiative to offer all the benefits, then there must be a condition that he wants.

She didn't think that there was really something like a pie falling from the sky.

Qin Ze was at a loss for words. He raised his eyes and stared at her, as if he didn't expect her to say it out loud so casually, "Young Master Ye said that as long as you …" "Let's leave."

Qin Ze didn't expect Ye Zhehan to make such a request. He thought that, no matter what, he would make Wang Ruoxin bow to him or accompany him for a night.

How could Qin Ze understand that Ye Zhehan's request was indirect in making Wang Ruoxin his woman.

Wang Ruoxin was stunned. When the editor asked her what relationship she had with Ye Zhehan, she already knew that what happened today was not that simple.

At this moment, she could still remember the arrogant words he said last night, "Name a price."

He was truly very arrogant and conceited. Did he really think that everything in this world could be bought with money?

Ye Zhehan, I will let you know that you are wrong. In this world, you can't do anything with money.

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