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C2 Charm Bar 2

It was Ye Zhehan! The manager of the city's Imperial Group!

It wasn't just Wang Ruoxin who was familiar with Ye Zhehan. A lot of people in T City should be familiar with him because he had always been the headline of entertainment news.

Finally, he could no longer hold back his excitement, "There's finally news!" And it was the headlines about the entertainment headlines!

She immediately closed the door and turned around. She then ran back the way she came from.

However, no one noticed that when Wang Zi saw Wang Ruoxin disappear around the corner, she took out a paper bag from her pocket and poured out the white powdery substance into Wang Ruoxin's wine cup …

Xiao Yan picked up the wine cup and gently shook it a couple of times. When he could not see any trace of it, he revealed a strange smile …

When Wang Ruoxin ran back to the bar with a jog, she said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Zi, give me your bag."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Wang Zi took a sip of her wine and asked casually, "Did you find any valuable news?"

Wang Ruoxin nodded like she was pounding garlic. "Give me the bag!"

"Hey, here you are." Wang Zi passed her cup of seasoned wine, along with her bag, "Don't waste it."

Wang Ruoxin took it and drank without a doubt. After drinking, she handed the glass to her and left while carrying her bag.

She didn't see the strange sneer on her face as she turned around.

It was as if the coldness was deep inside his bones …

Wang Ruoxin jogged to the door of the washroom. She could still hear the ambiguous voices inside, and she secretly thought to herself, "Do it, do it, the longer it takes, the better it is!"

She took out a camera and recording pen from her bag and gently opened the bathroom door. The width of the door was just enough for a camera to be placed inside.

She thought that no one knew what she had done, but who would have thought that the person in question, Ye Zhehan, had already taken everything into his own eyes!

Just when Wang Ruoxin left the bathroom, Ye Zhehan saw the door move subconsciously. He just didn't expect that it was a squatting person.

Looking at the excited look on the young woman's face as she took pictures with her camera, even he was surprised. Was she really that good-looking?

Ye Zhehan felt that what he did wasn't as happy as what she saw.

Wang Ruoxin looked at the woman in the camera. Her clothes were naked, and she was using all kinds of methods to please the man.

The more she clapped, the happier she became. She felt an indescribable feeling in her heart, as if it was hot, as if … There was also an indescribable feeling.

Ye Zhehan was in the washroom, and he saw all the movements of the girl outside. He sneered in his heart, "You really put in a lot of effort to follow me to the washroom."

Wang Ruoxin squatted outside the door, taking photos while feeling unwell. She had to be careful not to let out a sound and twist her body. She wanted to quickly take all the pictures and leave.

However, how could the people in the sect fulfill her wish?

Suddenly, Ye Zhehan pushed away the woman in front of him and stood up. He walked directly to the door with his huge body showing no signs of blocking the way at all.

Wang Ruoxin, who was standing at the door with a camera, was still in a daze. She didn't understand why he would suddenly stand up and even more so, didn't understand why he was walking towards the door.


At the door...

By the time Wang Ruoxin reacted and wanted to run away, the bathroom door had already been opened!

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