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But it wasn't long before Wang Ruoxin realized that she had been wrong.

"Editor-in-Chief, I know what Young Master Ye's exclusive name represents." Regardless of which magazine or newspaper it was, as long as there was news about Ye Zhehan, it would all go to waste. Knowing this, Wang Ruoxin snickered in her heart and said, "So, I have to leave, don't I?"

"No, that's not it …" Qin Ze denied it out of the ordinary, "Ruoxin, although I scold you sometimes, and often say that I have to cross the line on your internship evaluation, in fact, I've never thought about it." He just wanted to scare her, "You go to Young Master Ye, say good words, or... After the internship, you can stay in our magazine. "

Although he would sometimes curse and swear, he had always done it for their own good.

Wang Ruoxin stood up and looked at Qin Ze with stubbornness and sadness in her eyes. "Editor, thank you."

This time, what she said was incomparably sincere and serious.

However, this time, she would not regret it. She would not retreat. She had to advance forward forever.

Just as Wang Ruoxin walked out of the editor's office, Gao Hau and Wang Zi went up to her and asked in concern, "Ruoxin, are you alright? What did the editor say? "

Gao Hau said worriedly, "Don't take the editor's words seriously. He'll be fine in a few days."

They saw Ye Zhehan come to the magazine today. He went into the editor's office and talked for a long time. Although they didn't know what he said, their instincts told them that it must be related to Wang Ruoxin.

"Thank you, I'm fine. I'm a passerby from work just now. I called from the orphanage to say that something was up. I'll go take a look." Wang Ruoxin walked to the desk and picked up her bag. She smiled at the two of them in relief, then left the magazine without a second thought.

Walking out of the magazine, Wang Ruoxin didn't head for the orphanage. She didn't know how to face the mother of the dean and how to explain what had happened that day.

Looking up at the pale blue sky, she couldn't help but feel sad: If only I had only the memory of the sky?

It was said that the traces of the sky were very shallow, and could only last for a single moment of memory.

Mother dean, forgive me, forgive me for not telling you what happened, forgive me for not following your teachings properly.

First step, raising his head, second step, closing his eyes, so that his tears would flow down into his heart.

Unfortunately, Wang Ruoxin's tears still flowed down the corners of her eyes and into her bun.

With a screech, the ear-piercing screech of brakes rang in her ears. Wang Ruoxin opened her eyes. It was the Rolls-Royce Silver Charm that had stopped beside her again.

Ye Zhehan walked down majestically in a silver-grey Armani suit, which wrapped around his tall figure.

"Sigh, what a coincidence. Why do we meet every single day?" Ye Zhehan crossed his arms and smiled evilly.

Wang Ruoxin didn't think it was a coincidence. She sneered. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for letting you bump into me so coincidentally. I'll definitely watch the road when I leave in the future."

Which road has your shadow, I must disappear far away.

"Ruoxin, don't you have anything to say to me?" Ye Zhehan let out a charming smile. He was very confident in that. That was because it was certified by countless people. Other women would faint when they saw him, but what about her?

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