Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C3 Does It Look Good
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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C3 Does It Look Good
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C3 Does It Look Good

The man who was inside the camera just now had already magnified himself in front of her!

"Does it look good?"

Ye Zhehan's low and sexy voice sounded.

Wang Ruoxin had originally been feeling lucky, but when she heard his words, she instantly dropped to the bottom. When she heard his words, it was clear that he had the intention of denouncing her …

"I'm sorry Young Master Ye, I didn't do it on purpose, I, I..." It's just that coming to the washroom is convenient, and accidentally disturbed your good fortune, I am truly sorry. "

Wang Ruoxin smiled coyly, trying her best to not let her voice tremble, to not let the other party know that there was anything wrong with her.

What's more, her words weren't wrong either. She came to the bathroom to conveniently see them.

"What about this one?" Ye Zhehan extended his slender finger and pointed at the camera on her chest.

Wang Ruoxin, who was holding the camera in her arms, could not help but take a step back. This was a month's salary for her. Besides, if she did not shoot the news and return home, there would be no problem with her salary.

She immediately smiled coyly, "Young Master Ye, I'm just a photographic fan. I'll carry my precious camera wherever I go. With this saying," With the camera here, I'm here. The camera dies. I die! "

After saying that, she showed a heroic expression and prayed in her heart: Other than her, Ye Zhehan didn't see anything else. She could just treat her as a soy sauce …

Ye Zhehan pressed on her step by step until he forced her to a corner of the wall. He sneered and spoke with a slightly gloomy voice:

"Photographers? "Hehe, then are you satisfied with the item you just bid for?"

A photographic fan? Well, he had never seen a photographer squatting in the bathroom, taking pictures of other people doing and loving each other!

Doggie these days is really all-pervasive, he can even find the bathroom.

"Hur hur, Young Master Ye, what are you talking about? I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first." Wang Ruoxin laughed dryly as she hugged her camera tightly, intending to escape.

He pulled her by the collar and effortlessly lifted her up, "Since you have such a low professional integrity, how about I let you 'admire' her up close?"

He carried Wang Ruoxin's robe as if he were holding a small chicken, and walked into the washroom.

"Ah …" What are you doing? "Let me go …" Wang Ruoxin tried her best to struggle free from his grasp, but her power was too weak to fulfill her wish.

"Young Master Ye, what's going on?" Wang Peipei, who was still waiting in the washroom for someone to 'favor', asked softly.

"Scram …" Ye Zhehan's thin lips slightly opened as he chucked a word towards her.

Wang Peipei gently bit her lower lip as she sized up the woman he was carrying without leaving a trace. In the blink of an eye, her face looked as though she was about to cry.

"Young Master Ye, what did Peipei do wrong?" Isn't it fine for Peipei to change it? Please don't let me go. "

She didn't want to give up so easily. Moreover, not long ago, he had promised to make a movie for her.


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