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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C4 I'm Leaving Now
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C4 I'm Leaving Now

Ye Zhehan was still saying the same simple word, but this time, he was clearly gritting his teeth as he said, "The same words, don't let me say it a third time!"

At this moment, Ye Zhehan's interest in Wang Ruoxin was far greater than that of Wang Peipei! As soon as his hand loosened, Wang Ruoxin fell to the ground in a sorry state.

"Ah …" Wang Ruoxin fawned and fell to the ground. She innocently said with pain in her little fart, "Young Master Ye, I know my wrongs. I shouldn't have been so reckless today and disturbed you guys. I will dodge right now and get lost!"

Based on the current situation, she knew that if she did not escape quickly, the consequences would be dire!

Wang Peipei glared at her angrily, secretly delighted in her heart: "Hmph, at least you know what's good for you. Knowing that I've taken the initiative to run away, I won't disturb her and Young Master Ye."

Receiving Wang Peipei's gaze, Wang Ruoxin looked down on her in her heart. In the past, what she had seen on TV was a pure and charming appearance. Unexpectedly, there was also such an unrestrained side.

However, someone had to let her go first!

Wang Ruoxin endured Little PP's pain and got up from the ground. "Young Master Ye, I'm leaving now. I'm leaving now …"

Unfortunately, no matter where she went, there was always a solid wall of flesh.

Moreover, her body was still burning with an unfamiliar heat. She felt like she wanted to take a cold shower.

"Young Master Ye …" Wang Peipeiyu, chest half exposed, stuck to Ye ZhehanFa body, voice coquettish.

"Scram!" With a wave of Ye Zhehan's hand, Wang Peipei was thrown to the sink. Her waist throbbed with pain, but she gritted her teeth and didn't dare to make a sound.

"Young Master Ye, I'll be leaving first. If you need anything in the future, you can call me. Bye …"

Wang Peipei was clearly more observant. Before she left, she endured the pain of blowing a kiss to Ye Zhehan and glared fiercely at Wang Ruoxin. She 'remembered' her in her heart before leaving hatefully.

Once Wang Peipei left, Wang Ruoxin's heart skipped a beat. She suddenly felt that she was in even more danger. She really had no way out, no way out after this. She was crying, but her smile was like flowers, "Young Master Ye, um …" My friend is still waiting for me outside. Can you let me leave first? "

F * ck, hurry up and let me go. I only took two pictures of you. It's not like I've never been photographed before, it's not like I've never been on the cover before.

Ye Zhehan was completely harmless as he forced his way towards her step by step, "I just want you to watch the beautiful scene from close up."

Hearing his words, Wang Ruoxin realized that he was still standing there, full of fighting spirit.

If the situation allowed, she really wanted to spit on his face. Was he really in heat all the time?

Wang Ruoxin retreated to the corner of the washroom. There was nowhere for her to go, so Ye Zhehan forced his way in front of her.

"You …" Wang Ruoxin couldn't help but swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva. Just now, she had felt that there was something abnormal about her body. After the pain passed, it was replaced by a scorching heat.

Due to Ye Zhehan's proximity, she could clearly feel the refreshing air of him pouncing on her face.

"Hmm …" She couldn't help but want to get close to a very comfortable feeling.

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