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Rich Family's Wedding Dress/C5 You Can Start Now
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C5 You Can Start Now

She felt as if she had been possessed, and her hands felt as if they were her own. She couldn't help but touch his handsome face, and she felt a cold sensation, a very comfortable sensation.

Ye Zhehan looked at the woman in front of him. His face turned red and his eyes became hazy, "You were drugged?"

Wang Ruoxin snapped out of her daze when she heard his words. She shook her head vigorously with a flushed face and said, "No."

She had always been with Wang Zi, so how could she have been drugged?

Ye Zhehan's pretty eyebrows slightly frowned, the little girl in front of him clearly looked like she was drugged, "It doesn't matter if you were drugged or not, I think, we... "You can begin."

If this little girl wasn't drugged, then she must be faking it in order to attract his attention.

Fortunately, she succeeded, intentional or not.

From the first glance, he felt that this woman was a little crafty. Who would lie to her like that?

Wang Ruoxin's large black eyes stared at the man. She had initially been disgusted with him, but now she didn't know what to feel. She couldn't deny that this man was handsome.

Her fair face was sharp and sharp, and her deep black eyes were filled with a charming luster. Her thick eyebrows, nose, and thin lips gave her a noble and elegant look.

Wang Ruoxin swallowed her saliva. Why did she feel so hot? Why does my mouth feel dry? Why did she want to touch his face again?

Had he really been drugged?

Ye Zhehan bent over and smelled a faint fragrance. It seemed that the current little prey was even more delicious than the ones he had hunted before … Clean.

Once again, Wang Ruoxin's eyes were replaced by the senses of her body. Her eyes became blurred and her lips became dry. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips innocently.

From Ye Zhehan's point of view, that lick of her lips seemed to intentionally seduce him.

"Ugh …" Wang Ruoxin opened her eyes wide, and her hazy eyes instantly became clear. She didn't understand why he would kiss her like a madman. She wanted to push the man in front of her away, but her hands seemed to be unable to obey her command and actually hugged him.

Her body was getting hotter and hotter, but the man in front of her was ice-cold. She wanted to get closer, she wanted more. She couldn't help but increase the force of her embrace.

Ye Zhehan couldn't help but laugh. It seemed that this little girl was more worried than him.

Today, Wang Ruoxin was here to put on a show. She was wearing very little, so it would be more beneficial for his plans.

The clothes on Wang Ruoxin's body were 'destroyed' by Ye Zhehan very quickly.

Ye Zhehan couldn't help but stare at her body. He didn't expect the figure wrapped under the clothes to be so amazing. At this moment, he felt lucky that he picked up this woman.

But was it really picked up?

Ye Zhehan carried Wang Ruoxin and put her on the bathroom counter.

Feeling the cold on her body, Wang Ruoxin woke up and saw herself sitting naked on the bathroom counter.

"What are you doing?"

Just as Wang Ruoxin asked this question, Ye Zhehan hugged her leg and …

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