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C6 You Go away

"You … "Go away …" Wang Ruoxin wanted to push the man in front of her away, but it was useless. There was a huge gap between men and women, leaving her powerless.

Ye Zhehan smiled evilly and leaned in front of her, "Don't forget, this is the closest you can get. Have a good experience of the best scene. Compared to the one you just captured, which one is more intense?"

Wang Ruoxin frowned and bit her lower lip, not saying another word.

"Ah …"

Unexpectedly, Ye Zhehan actually started to stir violently, causing Wang Ruoxin to mutter uncontrollably.

Ye Zhehan said while moving, "Speak? Why aren't you talking? Is it because it's too beautiful that I can't say it? "

All of a sudden, Ye Zhehan saw something on her neck. It seemed to be familiar to him.

His hand pulled away the messy clothes in front of Wang Ruoxin. Finally, he saw a jade pendant. It was a milky-white crescent-shaped object with a phoenix printed on it, looking very lifelike.

"You …" Ye Zhehan was astonished. He didn't understand why she would have such a jade pendant.

Wang Ruoxin weakly rolled her eyes. If she still had any strength left at this moment, she would definitely scold him until his head was soaked in dog blood.

"If you don't say anything, I'll agree to it on your behalf. I knew that with my skills, it would always be difficult for women to maintain their self-control." Ye Zhehan took the initiative to ignore the question from the jade pendant. His expression was rather smug as it was immediately followed by a violent surge.

Because of his actions, Wang Ruoxin sat on the washbasin. If she wasn't careful, she would hit the edge of the washbasin. Her hands tightly gripped the edge of the washbasin, trying to prevent herself from getting hurt again.

Since he could not escape, why not enjoy it?


She was gradually lost in this sense of her body, followed by a spasm that seemed to linger on the brink of death.

Afterwards, Wang Ruoxin sat powerlessly on the sink, her flawless back pressed tightly against the mirror behind her. Their bodies were suffused with a pinkish hue as they panted slightly. The rise and fall of their bodies exuded an indescribable charm.

Suddenly, Ye Zhehan was stunned and quickly came back to his senses. He tidied up his wrinkled clothes and said, "Not bad, but I'm more curious about where your membrane was made. It feels like it's real."

Anger burned in Wang Ruoxin's heart, and she immediately jumped down from the sink. Because of the pain in her private parts, her legs felt sore and weak, causing her to fall to the ground.

She forced herself to crawl a few steps forward and hugged the camera tightly to her chest. With a hoarse voice, she muttered, "The camera is here, I'm here. If the camera dies, I die."

In any case, she had lost a lot of important things because she took these photos. If she lost this camera again, she would really want to die.

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