Rich President Spoils His Wife/C1 I Can be Responsible for You!
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Rich President Spoils His Wife/C1 I Can be Responsible for You!
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C1 I Can be Responsible for You!

"Ow, that hurts! So uncomfortable!"

Mo Wanxi, deep in slumber, was jolted awake by an intense discomfort. She turned over and found herself nestled in the broad chest of a man.

The unexpected contact with a presence that was clearly not part of her bed snapped her eyes open, revealing the magnified, handsome features of a man.

Mo Wanxi, thinking she was in a dream, incredulously reached out to touch the man's face before her.

To her horror, she discovered that he had also opened his eyes. Their gazes locked, and Mo Wanxi let out a scream, rolling away in panic.

Only then did she realize she was completely naked. She quickly snatched up a blanket to wrap around herself and demanded, "You... Who are you? What are you doing here?"

The man blinked slowly, his gaze settling on Mo Wanxi's exposed collarbone, his eyes darkening, his voice a deep rumble, "Your lifesaver."

Lifesaver? Mo Wanxi stared at the man's strikingly handsome face on the bed, her mind racing back to the resentful voice of her friend Meng Weiwei from the night before, just before she lost consciousness.

"Mo Wanxi, I've already drugged your tea. As a parting gift, I'm leaving you with a young, handsome man. Once Baihao sees photos of you with another man, he'll break up with you, and then I can rightfully be with him!"

Was this attractive man Meng Weiwei's setup?

A ghostly pallor washed over Mo Wanxi's face. In a surge of anger, she grabbed a pillow beside her and hurled it at the man, "You'll pay for this. I'll make sure you end up behind bars!"

Unfazed by Mo Wanxi's fury, the man effortlessly caught the pillow she threw. There was no trace of fear in his demeanor. "Last night, it was you who clung to me. You were the one who threw yourself at me. Do you really think the police will take your side if you report this?"

"You..." Mo Wanxi clenched her lips, shaking with rage.

Despite her anger, Mo Wanxi kept her wits about her.

The man had a point; she couldn't go to the police. She had been ensnared by Meng Weiwei's plot, her mind muddled, showing no resistance throughout the ordeal. It was even likely that she had been the one to initiate the embrace, seeking his affection. The police would never take her word for it.

But not calling the police—was she supposed to just let this man get away with compromising her purity?

Mo Wanxi found that utterly unacceptable.

Watching Mo Wanxi bite her lip, her face etched with despair, the man inexplicably felt a twinge of pity for her.

His voice grew gentler. "Even though you were the one who initiated things last night, if you're willing, I'm prepared to take responsibility."

Responsibility? Expect a stranger to take responsibility for her? What a colossal joke.

Fury swept over Mo Wanxi once more. She pointed at the man, her voice thundering, "Get out! Just get the hell out! Or I swear I'll kill you!"

The man rose from the bed amidst Mo Wanxi's hysteria. He nonchalantly picked up his clothes and dressed, showing no signs of panic or fear.

Once dressed, he turned and pulled a business card from his pocket, offering it to Mo Wanxi. "If you change your mind, you can contact me. My word is my bond..."

Without a glance, Mo Wanxi ripped the business card to shreds. "Get out!"

The man cast a final, lingering look at Mo Wanxi before stepping out.

As he closed the door behind him, Mo Wanxi's muffled sobs filled the room. The man hesitated, then with a shake of his head, strode down the corridor.

As he emerged, two bodyguard-like figures appeared silently at the end of the hallway, approaching him with deference. "Seventh Young Master!"

His expression hardened into the authoritative coldness befitting his status. "Find out everything about her and report back immediately!"

"Yes, sir!"

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