Rise From The Doom
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"Huff, huff ~ ~ ~" He could hear the sound of breathing from more than ten meters away, but he had to run. There were people everywhere, and if he stopped, he would be surrounded. Liu Wei An's tired gaze swept across every corner, not to find his enemy, but to find his hiding place. He had to find a place with water. If he did not clear out the loot on his body, he would not be able to escape. T
Resources were depleted, civil war broke out, and the earth was on the verge of destruction. After the order was re-established, there were still many contradictions between the two sides. A tranquil undercurrent was surging under the surface … A space ship carrying a felon was shot down by a pirate near Mars, the scapegoat Liu Wei An was lucky enough to escape. The little butterflies in the slave quarters stirred its wings, and the gears of history changed.
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