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Rogue Pharmacist/C12 An old thing in a ring (3)
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C12 An old thing in a ring (3)

Ling Xiaotian looked at the smiling old man, and the more he looked, the more he felt that his smile was sinister, and especially so for Yindang.

"Can you not look at me like that?!" Ling Xiaotian also sat down, and said: "What kind of place is the Saint Martial Sect, it is probably a place all warriors dream of entering, why would they harm you?"

The old man shook his head and said, "Let's not talk about me first. Tell me about yourself! Let me ask you, when you were young, you were a genius in dou qi. If I'm not wrong, you should have awakened your dou qi when you were about four years old, and then improved very quickly. At the end, it was hard to move an inch.

Without hesitation, Ling Xiaotian nodded his head, the old man was right, this was exactly what happened to Ling Xiaotian in this world, it was a very tragic experience, a child reputed to be the pride of the heavens, yet in the end, he became a piece of trash.

"How do you know so clearly?" Ling Xiaotian could not help but have a whole new level of respect for the old man.

"I won't tell you the answer first!" The old man's tone was much calmer than before. "I'm asking you a question. When did you know that your battle qi could not advance even half a step further and was starting to decline?"

Ling Xiaotian pretended to think, as he had heard this from Ling Fang before, so he had to think about it.

"When I was twelve!" Ling Xiaotian said, "It has already been three years!"

"Hur hur, twelve years old. Good age!" The old man asked again, "That year, did you meet any strange people, or strange things, before your battle qi could not advance?"

"I think so! It doesn't seem to be there! " Ling Xiaotian had heard this from Ling Fang before. At that time, he was facing an upgrade and he felt a strong sense of danger, as if he was telling a car that its brakes were suddenly stepped on and it couldn't move a step forward.

Hearing Ling Xiaotian's words, the old man thought for a few seconds, then said: "Your chest has an important part sealed, your Spirit Qi cannot complete the Circulatory Cycle Revolution in your body, so naturally you cannot improve at all! As for the two reasons, the first one is a mixture of poison, a very strong poison, this poison doesn't do any harm to the other functions of the human body, but it can block this important path. The other one is the combination of poison, I think the probability of the first one is a little higher, after all, there are very few people who can use this kind of poison, although this kind of poison is very rare, however, it's not that difficult to obtain! "

Damn, it's actually like this! Damn, I was just saying, with my intelligence, Ling Xiaotian's body that doesn't even exist in the world, why can't I cultivate battle qi?

F * ck, it's best if I don't find out who poisoned me, or else I'll tear you into ten thousand pieces!

Ling Xiaotian frowned: "Let's talk about you later, you said that your enemy is the Saint Martial Sect, what is going on?"

The old man thought to himself, It's been so many years, so it doesn't matter if I say it out loud or not. Since I have to be with this guy in the future, I might as well say it to him.

The old man was probably one of the experts in Saint Martial Sect 2000 years ago, one of the few powerful warrior power experts, he was born in a commoner family, at the same time he had a strong attainments in medicine masters, he was young and was absorbed into the Saint Martial Sect, this was the result of him saying that he was young and ignorant.

The Saint Martial Sect was the biggest sect in the entire Mystic Cloud Continent, and their personnel covered every city in every empire. There were branches of schools in every city, and there were even some in some large towns.

This region did not belong to any empire, as it was completely independent. For the past ten thousand years, wars had been going on endlessly on the continent, and the speed at which the empires were changing was as fast as running lamps. However, there was only one Saint Martial City, who was able to stand firm and not fall.

The highest leader of the Saint Martial Sect was their Sect Leader, and their Sect Leader never showed his true face. Every generation's Sect Leader's strength was the strongest in the Saint Martial Sect, and even in the entire Mystic Cloud Continent, it was the strongest! Under the Sect Leader was a Grade One Elder. Those who managed to obtain such a position all had the strength of a Grade 90 Martial Saint or above. Some Martial Saints were unable to achieve such a position and could only become a Grade Two Martial Elder.

Putting aside the second and third level elders, the minimum requirement for a third level elder was a person who was at least sixth level. Those with the strength of a Martial King had more than ten thousand third level elders, which was equivalent to the sum of the three empires combined.

With the Saint Martial Sect's power being so powerful, it was undoubtedly the dream of every warrior to enter. As long as they could enter the Saint Martial Sect, even an ordinary member would receive preferential treatment, no less than a baron from an empire.

Therefore, although the Three Great Empires were trying their best to retain some talents, there were still a lot of people who joined the Saint Martial Sect every year. They could do nothing about it, after all, even if the Three Great Empires were to join hands with them, they might not necessarily be a match for the Saint Martial Sect.

The rules of the Saint Martial Sect are even stricter than the law, after you become a member of the Saint Martial Sect, according to the stage of warrior power that you are at, there will be a specialist training you and raising your strength, but everything that you learn in the Saint Martial Sect is a secret, even if it is your own son, you can't give it to him, unless he also entered the Saint Martial Sect.

As for those who leaked it, there was only one outcome for them — death.

He was already a level 68 Martial King before he was forty years old, and had even reached the strength of a level seven Alchemist. He was reputed as the representative of the young and strong sects in Saint Martial Sect, and was the most likely person to advance to become a new level one Elder. At that time, he was already a level three Elder.

After taking his place as an Elder, the amount of time he spent cultivating each day was much less than before. He needed to deal with some matters in the school, and it wouldn't be long before he was promoted to become a Second Elder.

As time passed, the old man felt that this was not the life he wanted to live. His goal was to reach Level 90 in battle qi and become a Martial Saint. At the same time, he also wanted to become a Grade 10 Medicinal Master.

More and more, he found that the Saint Martial Sect was not like the others. It was his responsibility to spread his battle qi and maintain peace on the continent.

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