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Rogue Pharmacist/C13 An old thing in a ring (4)
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C13 An old thing in a ring (4)

With the excuse that he needed to go into closed-door training, and at the same time roaming the continent, the old man resigned from his position in the sect. Of course, the title of Second Elder still remained, and he did not make any progress for a long time.

During the journey, the old man made many good friends. They were not from Saint Martial Sect, but they were all outspoken and straightforward. Everyone was happy together, and the warrior power that was going to stagnate for a period of time also increased by a few levels.

He had rejected the Sect Leader's invitations several times in a row to assume important positions in the Saint Martial Sect. Previously, the Sect Leader did not take it to heart and was happy with his continuous progress, even complimenting him on it, directly promoting him to a Grade One Elder. At that time, he was only a Martial Saint at level 82, and all the Grade One Elders were all at least Grade 90.

The old man did not do anything to let the Saint Martial Sect down. Even his best friends did not know his true identity.

On one hand, he gave the refined pills to his friends to help them raise their strength, and on the other hand, he leaked the secret of the Saint Martial Sect.

At the beginning, the Sect Leader didn't believe it at all, but after the three of them created some so-called evidence, the Sect Leader started to suspect and sent people to follow them.

Most of the people who accused the old man were rank 2 elders with more than 90 dou qi. They had no way to be promoted to a rank 1 elder, and as long as the old man died, there would definitely be someone who could take his place, so they spared no effort in framing him. (NT: elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = elder = person)

The so-called evidence had never been proven, so the Sect Leader did not say anything. After another dozen years of carefree life, the old man finally broke through to Level 90 Warrior Energy, inviting his friends to the forest to search for magical beast cores that had been there for more than ten years to help him advance from Martial Saint to Martial Saint.

With this kind of thing, as long as he reported it to the Saint Martial Sect, the Sect Leader would naturally send experts to help him. But before that, his friends had volunteered to help him multiple times, which he wouldn't refuse.

However, the Sect Leader already knew about this matter, and began to have some opinions on him. When they were hunting down a hundred thousand year old Demon Beasts, several of them were injured, and one of them was in imminent danger, so he took out the top-grade pills he refined and used them to heal his wounds. At that time, he would already be a Rank 10 Medicine Emperor.

The spy hiding in the shadows saw all of this and immediately went back to report it to the Sect Leader.

The sect master was furious. He dispatched 24 experts to surround and attack the little guy.

The old man had successfully advanced, but before they could leave the forest, they had already been surrounded. Although he tried his best to resist, after killing a few of his friends, he was captured.

The old man had resisted more than once, but it was useless. There were too many experts guarding him, and he finally found a chance to escape. However, his pursuers soon arrived.

After a fierce battle, the old man was ultimately defeated. Before he died, he had injected his soul into this ordinary looking ring, and it could be said that he had lived till now through another method.

"That's why I said my enemy is the Saint Martial Sect! However, so many years have passed, and those people who tried to kill me have long since turned into dust. The old man looked at Ling Xiaotian and said, "The two of us are already linked, if I have anything, you have to help me!"

This young noble has nothing to do with it, what I yearned for the most was the Saint Martial Sect, although this was only what I heard from Ling Fang, but after understanding the Saint Martial Sect for the past few days, I still yearn for it. If you have anything to do with it, just don't blame it on me!

"I'll be relying on you!" The old man chuckled and said, "Because I can help you regain your warrior power. Moreover, I can help you become a different kind of person, a very eye-catching profession!"

After obtaining the warrior power again, Ling Xiaotian jumped up happily, but he thought that something was wrong, I just thought about it and did not say it, how would the old man know, he immediately asked: "Old man, what happened to you?"

"How do I know what you're thinking?" The old man interrupted Ling Xiaotian.

"Yes, yes!" Ling Xiaotian nodded heavily.

"You brat, you still dare to say that!" The old man started to curse again, "If I told you to stop, you wouldn't have listened. Instead, you got worse. "Even I have to acknowledge him as my master. Otherwise, would I have to be covered in red?"

Ling Xiaotian was secretly rejoicing in his heart, luckily I did not listen to you, if not I would not have been able to recognize you as my master. I am truly clever, but I did not show it on my face, and said: "No, what does that have to do with you knowing my thoughts!"

The old man looked at Ling Xiaotian with disdain, and said: "Don't think that I won't know what you are thinking just because you don't say it! "Since you have already accepted me as your master and your blood is the medium, we have already been linked together. Of course, I know your thoughts, and as long as I am willing, I know everything that you hide in your heart!"

"Ugh!" Ling Xiaotian was immediately dumbstruck, this was not a good thing, if he knew everything, then how would he be able to continue living on Earth in the future? This was not important, what was important was that he had peeked at a beauty bathing last night and got thrown off the cliff.

"But you don't have to worry, I don't have the time to know about your matters!" The old man threw his head back and said, "What good is it to me? It's quite a waste of time. I'm not interested in this old man either. I must be full of bad intentions to be with a young man like you!"

Hearing the old man say that, Ling Xiaotian calmed down, and muttered: "Why do I not know what you are thinking, you are not kind!"

"I'm very kind!" The old man smiled obscenely and said, "The reason is very simple. It is because it is your blood. If it were my blood, you would know my inner thoughts!"

Go die, exchange your blood. Doesn't that mean that you have become my master? I wouldn't do such a stupid thing just to know about your inner world. What's more, you're just a soul.

The old man smiled even more lewdly and said, "What about you? Meeting me is your good fortune. I will help you regain your battle spirit and help you improve rapidly. I will also get some benefits. This is what I wanted you to help me with, hehe! "

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