Rogue Pharmacist/C15 Break through obstructions (1)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C15 Break through obstructions (1)
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C15 Break through obstructions (1)

Compared to the three energy cyclones, those who had the Qi tornado had the fastest improvement. It was the Qi tornado that all alchemists dreamed of, and because the Qi tornado was below the dantian, it was affected by the dantian. Although it was one of the three, it did not have the potential to grow as fast as the other two.

As far as the human body was concerned, the position of the chest was undoubtedly the widest. Even the Medicine Sect's air whirl, since it was located on the head of a person, could at most reach a diameter of twenty centimeters. The chest was different, after all, one could reach a diameter of thirty or more than forty centimeters.

Ling Xiaotian's current air whirl was only twenty centimeters. Although it was not as smart as Pill Cong air whirl, it would definitely surpass it in the future.

At that time, the old man was in possession of a spiritual energy whirlpool, and before the age of 60, he had already become a Tier 10 Medicine Emperor. From this, it could be seen how powerful he was!

"Brat, you're so lucky!" The old man smiled and said, "Last night's fortuitous encounter actually formed a Qi tornado of the Medicine Sect in your chest. This truly makes one envious!"

Ling Xiaotian scratched his head in embarrassment, laughed dryly, and asked: "Oh yeah, what happened last night, tell me, at that time I was unconscious, and didn't know anything!"

After listening to the old man's story, Ling Xiaotian exclaimed in his heart about how lucky he was to be able to encounter such a fortuitous encounter after falling off the cliff.

"Then quickly teach me how to become a true alchemist!" Ling Xiaotian could not wait to answer.

The old man shook his head and said, "It's still too early. I think your battle spirit awakening is the most important thing! With the Scarlet Fire Toad, 10,000 Year Gold Scorpion, 10,000 Year Blue Centipede, and the effects of the 10,000 Year Fire Centipede, you have completely transformed your body. Right now, the five elements are fire, and this is the starting point of a drug refiner. "Since I have already confirmed that I can become a pharmacist, there's no need to be so hasty!"

The Five Elements was something that existed when humans were born. It was divided into metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. People who practiced battle qi would produce different things because of the difference between the five elements. Not everyone used the same battle qi.

"But didn't you say that the acupoints on my chest were sealed?" Ling Xiaotian asked: "How do I train battle qi?"

The old man explained, "Your cyclone is so powerful, I think it can break through that sealed acupoint. Yesterday, when you were unconscious, the cyclone already tried to break through.

Since he was not aware of the situation, he was able to rush into his sealed acupoints with the help of the airflow. Under Ling Xiaotian's guidance, the speed at which he charged into the air would be twice the result with half the effort.

The old man continued, "Also, the Scarlet Fire Toad, Ten Thousand Year Gold Scorpion, Ten Thousand Year Jade Centipede, and Ten Thousand Year Fire Ganoderma, how could you absorb all of their energy in one night? According to my experience, you will need at least six to thirty-six days before you can fully absorb them.

"Alright, old man, I'll listen to you!" Ling Xiaotian nodded his head, it seemed like his plans to go home had come to naught. Thirty six days, staying in the wilderness for thirty-six days, that was considered camping, it was no big deal!

It's just that my parents will definitely worry about it, aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

"Then, let's leave this place first!" The old man pointed in one direction and said: "There are a lot of people over there, they came to catch the Scarlet Fire Toad, and I didn't think that you would have such a great advantage over them. Although their strength is very average, it's impossible for them to not see that it's you who ate these heaven and earth treasures, the Scarlet Fire Toad, but if they catch you, you have to wait for them to release your blood, because your blood contains a strange energy, which is also a good material for refining pills! Let's go in the other direction! "

"Is that so?" Ling Xiaotian looked at the direction the old man pointed, and asked: "Isn't their strength very average?"

"Indeed!" The old man snappily said, "The point is that you're even more ordinary than them now. No matter what, the weakest one among those people is a grade sixteen martial spirit. What about you? What do you have?"

Ling Xiaotian curled his lips and did not say another word. To take care of him with a level 16 warrior spirit was as easy as crushing an ant to death.

"Put the ring on!" The old man said to Ling Xiaotian who had an unhappy expression.

He stuffed the broken necklace into his pocket and placed the ring on the pinky of his left hand. He did not want to wear the necklace on his ring finger in case he met a beauty.

Strangely, the ring that was originally larger than the size of a ring had actually shrunk in size after being placed on the little finger. Now, it was a perfect fit!

"This is?" Ling Xiaotian asked while looking at the old man.

"What's so strange about that? Let me tell you, this is not a normal ring!" The old man laughed and said: "Don't look at its ordinary appearance, but it has a universe within, its name is called Universe Ring, I originally thought that the ring's name was just an empty surface, but later on, when my soul entered, I realized that using such a name wasn't excessive at all!"

"What's in there?" Ling Xiaotian asked anxiously, he was the owner of the Universe Ring, and wanted to know the answer.

"I will tell you after you regain your battle qi!" The old man snappily said, "I was the owner of this ring before, but now I'm yours too. I get angry just thinking about it. I'm going in and I've been out for so long, I'm a bit tired!"

Ling Xiaotian wanted to grab onto the old man's hand, but he caught hold of nothing, only then remembered that he was not a real person, he quickly said: "Don't, didn't you say there are many powerful people there, if you go where I will listen to your orders, wouldn't it be dangerous if you go in with me?"

"Idiot!" The old man gave Ling Xiaotian a fright.

F * ck, you can beat someone even if they aren't real. Why can't I hit you? There's no justice in the world, what kind of world is this?

Seeing Ling Xiaotian grimace his teeth, the old man felt much better, and said: "I can talk to you inside, it's called telepathy, so you don't need to speak up. Just think of what you want to say, and let those words appear in your head, my words will also appear in your head!"

Why didn't you say so earlier? Even if that was the case, don't you think that you should give me a fright? You shouldn't have said it properly!

Following the path pointed out by the old man, Ling Xiaotian walked forward with one foot deep and one light kick.

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