Rogue Pharmacist/C16 Break through obstructions (2)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C16 Break through obstructions (2)
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C16 Break through obstructions (2)

Along the way, a few more holes appeared on Ling Xiaotian's already tattered clothes.

"Wow, it really is a genius treasure!" Ling Xiaotian looked at his right index finger, and said to himself: "This is only a short meeting, the cut on the Sawtooth Grass has already healed. Hehe, honestly speaking, I should thank that Sawtooth Grass, if not for it."

Ling Xiaotian immediately stopped what he was about to say. He wanted to say that if not for the Sawtooth Grass, his hand would not have bled, and the Universe Ring and the old man inside would not have recognized him as its master.

Ever since the old man had entered the Universe Ring, countless people had wanted to drip their blood in order to bind it, but he had blocked all of them. Ling Xiaotian was so lucky, because his blood contained a large amount of energy.

Looking at it from the surface, it was undoubtedly the Universe Ring's best cover. In these two thousand years, the old man had changed countless masters, but he was not trapped inside, and did not know much about the things that had happened over the past few years. Instead, he knew even more, and it was a lively encyclopedia.

Ling Xiaotian really found a treasure!

"Wait!" The old man's voice rang out in his mind. All this time, he had only said something like "move forward". It was rare for him to say a word like "wait".

"Oh!" To be honest, if this was any other time, he would have long since lost the strength in his legs after walking so far up the mountain road. Now, he didn't feel the slightest bit tired.

"Look at the three o'clock direction in front of you, the distance is about six meters. Isn't there a green grass that's bluish?" the old man said.

"Yes, but there's more than one!" Ling Xiaotian looked at the grass on the ground that was of the same shape, and said: "Within a radius of fifty meters, it is all green to the point that it's somewhat blue, I just don't know which one you're talking about."

"What an idiot, he can't even tell the difference between grass and herbs!" the old man muttered, and had to show himself again.

Blame me, I am a person who cannot be separated from medicinal herbs. What's so strange about that? I am not a pharmacist or a Chinese doctor, why would I need to know about medicinal herbs! Who told you not to hurry me up and make me an alchemist, otherwise I would recognize those so-called medicinal herbs!

When he was six meters away, the old man pointed at the grass beneath his feet and said, "Come here and take a look, this is the first herb I'll teach you — Blue Silver Protection!"

The Bluesilver Guard was a variant of Bluegrass. The entire Mystic Cloud Continent was covered with Bluesilver Grass, and their shadows could be seen by the roadside and by the ditches. It was commonly used to raise livestock.

No matter what happened, it would ensure the warrior's safety. Although the rate of Qigong deviation was very low, it would happen often, and if there was no warrior protecting the warrior during the breakthrough, then the light vessels would be broken and the warrior would become a cripple. If there was a heavy injury, the warrior's body would explode, and the warrior's bones would be gone.

Even if Bluesilver was protecting you, you wouldn't know it unless it was an extremely powerful alchemist. In winter, the Blue Grass would turn yellow, but the Blue Silver Protection was different. In addition, it had its own medicinal effects, but the withering Blue Silver Protection's effects were inferior to the previous one.

"Pull it out. Slowly, do not hurt its stem!" The old man explained.

Ling Xiaotian squatted on the ground, reached out and grabbed the Blue Silver Guard, then gently pulled it up. The roots of his beard brought up a bit of moist soil.

"Leave it to me!" The old man reached out his hand.

Ling Xiaotian obediently gave it to him, and the blue silver protection immediately disappeared into his hands. Seeing his strange expression, the old man said: "One of the functions of the Universe Ring is to keep things in your hands, with your body temperature added with dry air, you will lose all your water and wither away. Although it is not the best choice to keep it in your storage ring, it is better to keep it in your hand than to not keep any medicines!"

Ling Xiaotian shrugged his shoulders, thinking that he didn't know what you were talking about, how could I have the necessary equipment to store the pills!

The old man raised his head and looked around him. Ahead of him was a steep cliff, the stone was blood-red, and the surrounding trees towered into the sky. A small river snaked its way past.

"I was wondering how it could be protected by Blue and Silver equipment. This is really like hiding one's true self. The five elements are not lacking at all!" The old man stroked his beard and said, "It's precisely this place that is filled with spiritual energy that produces the Blue Silver Protection. I estimate that there are many other medicinal herbs here as well! "Kid, continue to walk forward. There should be a cave on the mountain wall ahead. After you find it, you will cultivate here!"

"Alright!" Surprisingly, Ling Xiaotian did not refute the old man, he truly admired him from the bottom of his heart.

After continuing walking for half an hour, the old man said, "There is a hidden hole above. Let's go up!"

Under the old man's guidance, Ling Xiaotian quickly found the cave. Not only was there grass as tall as a person at the cave entrance, there were also many vines hanging down from the mountain walls. Even if he walked in front of the cave entrance, it was difficult to discover its existence.

Ling Xiaotian pushed away the vines and extended his head inside, it was pitch black and he could not help but ask: "Old man, it's so dark inside, could there be any ferocious beasts hidden?"

"Are you stupid? Have you seen any footprints of wild beasts on our way here?" The old man rolled his eyes.

"What about the snake? The snake wouldn't leave footprints, right?" Ling Xiaotian said tit for tat.

"Smell the air in the cave, dry or wet!" The old man entered the cave first and said, "Such a dry hole, would the snake treat it as its own nest? I really wonder how you grew up without any common sense of survival in the wild!"

"Even if it's nothing, its interior is pitch black, god knows if I'll knock my head against a rock," Ling Xiaotian was not done muttering to himself, but he had already shut up, because after the old man entered, his body released a white light, brightening up the interior!

Damn, this is fine too. I don't need to bring any torches with me when I walk at night. The old man's body is like a flashlight that will never need to change batteries.

"Brat, what are you doing outside? Why aren't you coming in!" The old man turned around and said snappily.

"Alright!" Ling Xiaotian dove into it head on. In order to not be discovered by the people of the Jadesea Sect, he did not destroy the entrance to the cave as it was before.

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