Rogue Pharmacist/C17 Break through obstructions (3)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C17 Break through obstructions (3)
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C17 Break through obstructions (3)

According to the old man's instructions, Ling Xiaotian sat cross-legged on the ground, faced the sky with all his heart, and began attempting to control the air whirl within the Medicine Sect.

His mind was completely blank. Ling Xiaotian quickly discovered that a warm current was separating from the Medicine Sect's cyclone and slowly circulating through his eight extraordinary meridians, subjective wanting to send this warm current to another meridian was something he was not very willing to follow at the start. But after a while, he became obedient.

The old man in charge of "illumination" exclaimed softly, then nodded and muttered to himself: "This child is not simple, he was able to control the Qi Swirl of the Medicine Sect so quickly. I thought this process would take at least three days, he's worth teaching!"

What happened next made the old man even more surprised.

Under Ling Xiaotian's control, the flow of air became faster and faster, and the number of meridians that flowed through also became more and more. This brat was actually not willing to even let go of the tiny meridians in his fingers, and the air slowly flowed through the hair-thin meridians.

Perhaps because he felt that this process was a bit slow, Ling Xiaotian divided the air current into several tens of portions, and went through the tens of tiny meridians in his five fingers, and then converged them onto the meridians in his palm.

How could such a thing happen? The old man was shocked, before he died, he was a rank 93 warrior, he could not explain the situation, when warriors practice battle qi, meditating and meditating is a very important way, they train the meridians in the body, but only let the battle qi flow through the stronger meridians in the torso and limbs, no one cared about the smaller meridians, the first reason was that the battle qi simply could not flow through the smaller meridians, because they could not withstand the impact brought by the battle qi. The second reason was that the smaller meridians could not help the improvement of battle qi.

However, Ling Xiaotian's body was different. After the airflow passed through, the small meridians actually became a bit thicker, and the airflow also became stronger, much faster than when it passed through the cuda meridians!

Was this a mistake, a mistake from thousands of years? The old man was lost in thought. He had been in this world for more than two thousand years and had never considered this question.

This was a major discovery. If Ling Xiaotian succeeded in doing this, the old man was confident that he would be able to change the fact that he had cultivated Dou Qi for tens of thousands of years, or even change history.

When the stream of air flowed through the sealed part of his heart, Ling Xiaotian controlled the air current and started to attack it. However, it was to no avail as it felt like a child trying to push open a door that was a thousand kilograms.

After trying a few more times, he had no choice but to give up.

He controlled the airflow to flow through all the meridians in his body. The airflow, which was much stronger than when it came out, once again returned to the vortex. The vortex began to slowly rotate, completely fusing the airflow.

The Qi tornado was a little too big, maybe because it felt like there was a problem. If the Qi tornado could become larger so easily, it would not be the Qi tornado that all the pharmacists would dream of, Ling Xiaotian thought.

Slowly opening his eyes, a bright light flashed and Ling Xiaotian regained his consciousness.

"How do you feel?" the old man asked impatiently.

"It feels really good!" When Ling Xiaotian stood up, he would kick the legs with his arms and say: "I feel an indescribable comfortable feeling in every part of my body, as if all the pores on my body had opened up, haha!"

The old man looked at Ling Xiaotian as if he was looking at a monster, and said: "You don't feel uncomfortable at all?"

"There is. I can't break that path on my chest!" Ling Xiaotian was a little disappointed: "Only that part felt bad, nothing else!"

The old man jumped up, happily dancing as he said, "At this rate, you won't even need sixty-six to thirty-six days. At most six days, you'll be able to completely absorb the remaining energy of those heavenly and earthly treasures. It'll be very easy to breakthrough!"

"Is that so?" Ling Xiaotian could not hide the joy in his heart. Although he had not been in this world for long, his yearning for battle spirit was no less than the people in this world.

The old man smiled and said, "When have I ever lied to you? If we weren't in the middle of the mountains and forests, I would have given all I know to you, directly refining a Muscle Meridian Rebirth Pill. Maybe after you eat it, the sealed path will be reopened by the medicinal effects!"

"Then why don't you teach me now?" Hearing that there was such a miracle medicine, Ling Xiaotian became even more excited.

"It's not that I don't want to teach you, it's that the circumstances forbid it!" The old man laughed and said, "Firstly, there is a lack of medicinal herbs. You must go to the depths of the forest to gather the good herbs. You should be very clear about the dangers of the forest. Secondly, without equipment, the minimum requirements to refine medicine is to have a cauldron, do you have it? Third, there are pursuers behind you. The people from the Green Phosphorus Sect will definitely catch up to you if they find out the Scarlet Flame Toad is missing. Before you completely absorb the remaining energy, they will have a way to find you! "

"Then can't you start refining the pills now?" Ling Xiaotian giggled as he looked at the old man, he was the Medicine Sovereign from two thousand years ago, what kind of pill could he not concoct?

The old man glared at him and said angrily: "Speaking of which, if I did not need a ring to recognize you as my master, even if I were just a soul, it would not be difficult for me to refine some high and middle level pills. Moreover, I can directly possess your body, and in an instant, you will become a powerful warrior with the strength of a Martial Saint. "Now that you have become my master, my strength has completely disappeared. I can only repeat it step by step with you!"

"Ugh!" "So it's like that!" Ling Xiaotian said with some regret: "Then why didn't you say so earlier?"

The old man gave Ling Xiaotian a fright, and said: "You gave me a chance, I won't let you drip blood on the storage ring, even if you don't listen, what's the use of regretting it now!"

If that's the case, then I want you to do something for me. I'll have to ask grandpa to tell grandma, now that you don't have any abilities left, you must be eager to improve. Only then will you be able to truly help me, I'm your master!

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