Rogue Pharmacist/C18 Break through obstructions (4)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C18 Break through obstructions (4)
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C18 Break through obstructions (4)

"Good luck, really good luck!" Ling Xiaotian carried two half a foot long fish into the cave while carrying a bundle of firewood. The old man looked at him with half-opened eyes, but did not say a word.

"Haha, when I went to fetch water, I saw fish in the river. I don't think there are many people who are afraid of these fish, but I easily caught two of them!" Ling Xiaotian said happily: "It's been three days in a row, all of them eating wild fruits for impact, their mouths could even make a bird out of it! The fruit can at most be considered a snack, how can a snack be enough to fill the stomach! "I'll eat grilled fish today, haha!"

The old man laid down on the rock and said, "If I were you, I wouldn't eat grilled fish and eat fruits! If you start a fire inside the cave, although the people outside can't see the light, that doesn't mean they can't smell the fire. Following the light of the fire, the one who is in trouble is you! "

"I think you're just jealous of me. No matter what good stuff it is, you won't be able to eat it!" With a grim smile, he said, "I was paying attention to my surroundings just now, but there were no traces of people looking at me. I'm very confident. I'll eat grilled fish today!"

The old man shook his head helplessly and closed his eyes to rest.

In the past three days, Ling Xiaotian had improved very quickly, and the Pill Sect's Qi Swirl had become larger by one centimeter per day. According to the old man's words, the main reason why Ling Xiaotian had improved so quickly was because of the amount of energy he had, but after six days, forget about growing by one centimeter every day, even a year's worth of time was enough for him to achieve such results!

He peeled off the bark from the branch and used a rock to smash it apart. Then, he rubbed the bark vigorously. Soon, it turned into a pair of fur like things. Then, he placed some small branches on the branch.

From his pocket, he took out two small stones that he had picked up from the outside. Ling Xiaotian started to continuously smash the rocks together with each other to produce sparks.

"Boom!" With a dull thud, the fluffy bark of the tree rose, igniting the branches on top of it. Ling Xiaotian quickly added more dry branches, and the flames grew bigger and bigger.

"Hey, old man, how's my move?" When the flames were a foot tall, Ling Xiaotian said while grinning: "It seems like two days ago someone said that I do not understand the common sense of surviving in the wild. If someone sees this, they will watch and I will start a fire!"

The old man pretended not to hear. He did not talk much the past few days, but Ling Xiaotian could tell that he was extremely shocked at the speed of his improvement.

Then worship me, I am your master!

When the branches were almost done burning the fish, leaving behind a pile of charcoal, Ling Xiaotian placed the made shelves away and used a branch to thread the two fishes, then placed them on the charcoal fire to roast them. Regarding the barbecue, he had some experience, or rather, it was learned from a book, fire could not be roasted at all.

The barbecue on the open fire was' invented 'by some TV series in order to achieve some filming effects. It was a pure misdirection to the audience.

Soon, the smell of meat filled the cave.

"En, not bad!" Looking at the two fish that had been grilled to a golden color, Ling Xiaotian started to eat.

The wild fish were the wild fish, and the mountain water was very clean. There were very few plankton that fish liked to eat, so it was not easy to grow half a foot long under these conditions. The meat was fresh and tender, and it was fragrant but not greasy.

Although there was no seasoning such as salt or cumin, it still couldn't stop the deliciousness of the roasted fish.

"Delicious, so delicious!" Ling Xiaotian chewed on the grilled fish in large mouthfuls as he said regretfully, "Seriously, I saw a few fish when I was fetching water in the past, why didn't I catch one or two of them? I really failed in my plan!"

After eating his fill, Ling Xiaotian burped and sat down on the ground with his legs crossed, then began his cultivation.

The old man valued Ling Xiaotian's point the most. If it was anyone else, living under such conditions would cause them to have a lot of objections, how would they even have the mind to cultivate?

Seeing that Ling Xiaotian had quickly entered a state of clarity, the old man praised him and muttered to himself: "This child is not bad, his mental fortitude is not something that someone of his age should have. Just based on his mental fortitude, he will definitely not be simple in the future!"

The flow of air was separated out from the Pill Sect's cyclone. Under the guidance of Ling Xiaotian's subconscious, it started to flow through his meridians.

Actually, in the old man's opinion, there were many inaccuracies in the process of Ling Xiaotian making the air flow. When training battle qi, one must control the air flow from the Dantian out, to the left leg, then to the right leg, then to the right torso, to the head, then to the left torso, and finally to the Dantian. This process was known as the one-week cycle.

It was the same for the Qi tornado training; it could be said that it was similar to the battle qi.

However, Ling Xiaotian was different. After the air flow separated from the vortex, he let the air flow around his shoulders, then passed through his neck to his head, then down his shoulders, arms, torso, legs, then from his legs to his torso, arms, chest, and finally back into the vortex. After entering the vortex, he separated a flow of air.

Without a doubt, Ling Xiaotian had circulated the energy flow a full two times within the meridians in his body. Regardless of whether the meridians were small or small, he had never done things that were biased, so those minute meridians had now become abnormally tough.

Before the gust of air returned to the air whirl, Ling Xiaotian, as usual, guided the air current to attack the sealed part.

The air current collided with the road, and it seemed as if the road had "moved." This made him very happy. Could it be that he was about to rush out of the way? He controlled the air current to hit him again.

But in the next few times, there was no reaction. Could it be that he had felt wrongly the first time? That shouldn't be so, the feeling just now was so obvious.

Since there was no effect, Ling Xiaotian had to give up for now. He opened his eyes and said, "Old man, I felt like something just now … …"

"I know what you're going to say!" The old man interrupted him and said, "This is indeed the beginning of a new beginning, but isn't it a good thing?"

The old man made Ling Xiaotian admire him one thing, he only peeked at him, saying that he wanted to be obedient. Other than that, he would not look into the things that Ling Xiaotian had buried deep in his heart, just like his true identity.

The old man had never asked Ling Xiaotian how he managed to obtain the storage ring, or how he fell off the cliff!

Hearing the old man's words, Ling Xiaotian thought that since it was a forewarning, why would he say that it might not be a good thing? He became suspicious, and waited for the old man's explanation.

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