Rogue Pharmacist/C19 Break through obstructions (5)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C19 Break through obstructions (5)
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C19 Break through obstructions (5)

The group of people from the Jade Phosphorus Sect waited on the spot for three days before confirming that the Scarlet Flame Toad was no longer here.

The one in charge of this operation was the second elder of the Jadesea Sect. His name was Cordor, and he had a level 29 battle spirit and was a level 3 alchemist.

There were two people standing in front of Cordor. They were the two brothers that fell down the cliff that night, the senior brother was called Ma Kui Biao, the first level alchemist was called Liu Sheng Jun, the second was called the first level alchemist was called the sixteenth level warrior spirit. The one with the weakest strength that the old man had mentioned was him!

"All of you should carefully recall the events that transpired three days ago!" They had followed the Scarlet Fire Toad for a few months, but they had never lost it once!

Ma Qui Biao pointed at the place where the Scarlet Fire Toad had been active and said, "It has been fighting with a few poisonous bugs there. When the sun rises, Junior Brother and I will leave!"

With a wave of his hand, Cordor led a group of people over. Leaves littered the ground and the grass was littered with broken pieces.

If it was only the Scarlet Fire Toad and a few poisonous bugs, how could it leave such a serious mark? Could it be that someone beat them to it, ah, that's not right, the Scarlet Fire Toad's poison is so strong, who can catch it and not get poisoned to death?

Cordor's eyes were sharp as he looked at a big rock. There was a red root sticking out of the rock. He bent down and picked it up with his hand. He sniffed the root and shouted in shock, "This is the roots of the 10,000 Year Flame Ganoderma!"

Ten Thousand Year Fire Ganoderma? Ma Qui Biao and Liu Sheng Jun almost sat down on the ground. This meant that the 10,000 Year Old Flame had already been eaten by the Scarlet Flame Toad and then easily taken away by others!

"You two did a good job!" "There's only one way out of here, and that's already blocked by us. No one passed through our camp, so that means he hasn't left yet. He must get the Scarlet Flame Toad back!" Ma Kui Biao, Liu Sheng Jun, you guys better watch your backs. If you guys can get it back, I can pretend that nothing happened.

Ma Qui Biao and Liu Shengjun trembled at the same time. The master of the Green Phosphorus sect was not someone to be trifled with. He was known as the 'Du Lang Jun', and in addition to being a pharmacist, he was also a frightening poison master.

The old man looked at Ling Xiaotian and said: This is not an ordinary acupuncture point, when your strength is not strong enough to reopen it, but you are able to be impulsive, the acupuncture points will automatically seal tightly. Originally, I wanted to tell you about this tomorrow, but I never expected you to be able to do it today!

It can't be. That means that it could be broken through easily. Now, the seal on his acupoints is even tighter. Only Heaven knows if he can break through on the sixth day!

Old fart, why didn't you say so earlier? Ling Xiaotian was a little angry.

"I didn't expect you to improve so quickly!" The old man said somewhat embarrassedly, "However, don't be discouraged. I think it will be the sixth day and you will definitely succeed!"

Ling Xiaotian sat on the ground and started cultivating again.

Two days passed quickly and today was already the sixth day.

Just like usual, when he woke up in the morning, Ling Xiaotian would sit down cross-legged and begin meditating. His habit was to train for the entire morning. At noon, he would go out to get some water and some food to eat. After lunch, he would continue to cultivate while chatting with the old man in the evening.

Liu Shengjun was the first to find footprints by the river and immediately informed Cordor!

Cordor counted the footprints and said, "There's only one person who has come. According to the number and age of the new prints, this person has been here five times, five days at a time. Five days since I last saw the Scarlet Flame Toad, and he hasn't come back yet!"

"Second Elder, should we set up an ambush here?" "I think the best way to do that is to wait for someone to come back," suggested Ma Qui Biao.

"This is bad!" Cordor shook his head and said, "He was able to get the Scarlet Flame Toad away from us, but we didn't detect it at all. This means that this person is not an ordinary person. There's no use waiting around. Let's find his hiding place!"

"Kid, wake up!" The old man woke Ling Xiaotian up and said, "There are people here, they should be from the Jadefallen Sect. There are a lot of them!"

"So fast!" Ling Xiaotian whined: Today is the last day, they really know how to pick the time, what about the old man, are we going to leave this place immediately?

The old man said, "It's a dead end if we go out. Can you run past 20 battle qi experts? Besides, they have more than 10 people!"

I definitely won't be able to outrun Shangguan Bing'er. Shangguan Bing'er's martial spirit is only a grade ten or so, and I can't even outrun it, much less a grade twenty or so Martial Soul.

"What should I say? We should just peacefully stay here and try to break through!" The old man patted on Ling Xiaotian's shoulder and said: "If we can rush over, with our powers, perhaps we can escape. If we cannot, we can just hide in the cave and wait for them to leave.

"I'll listen to you!" Ling Xiaotian said.

The old man extended his hand, and the Bluesilver Guard appeared in it. With his other hand, he plucked the longest leaf and said, "Open your mouth, chew it, and swallow it!"

"Is one piece enough?" Ling Xiaotian said as he looked at the twenty centimeters long thin leaf.

"Enough!" The old man said, "Adding a few other ingredients, this leaf can make at least five ordinary quality Protection Pills. Since it's not a refined pill but a raw material, I'll let you eat so much. "You must chew it to pieces. The more crushed it is, the better it is, and the easier it is to absorb the medicinal properties contained within it!"

Ling Xiaotian took the leaf and placed it in his mouth, starting to chew.

The leaf had a delicate fragrance to it, and the juices had a faint, sweet flavor.

"I will be guarding the entrance!" The old man smiled helplessly and said, "Just focus on breaking through. Although I don't have any abilities, I can still scare people!"

"Old man, thank you!" Ling Xiaotian said sincerely. This was the first time in the six days that the two had known each other that he thanked the old man.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. If you want to thank me, I'll thank you first. You're the one who allowed me to see the light of day again!" The old man said with a genial expression.

The two of them looked at each other. The old man smiled and floated towards the entrance of the cave.

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