Rogue Pharmacist/C20 Break through obstructions (6)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C20 Break through obstructions (6)
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C20 Break through obstructions (6)

Ling Xiaotian sat cross legged on the ground. Although the old man said it was serious, he was not distracted and quickly entered into a state of meditation.

The old man nodded his head in relief, thinking that for Ling Xiaotian to have such mental fortitude, he was definitely not simple, how would he know that Ling Xiaotian's mental age was already over twenty years old?

The old man's original plan was for him to train hard for six days, and on the seventh day, he would break through all the acupoints. As long as it was only the seventh day, the people of the Jade Phosphorus Sect would have already given up.

After seven days had passed, regardless of whether the Scarlet Flame Toad had escaped or been caught by someone else, it was impossible for them to become its owner.

After neutralizing it, if the Scarlet Flame Toad was lucky enough to escape, its poison would be even more powerful than before. Even the strongest person would die within a hundred meters, if they were caught by someone, they would have long refined a medicinal pill or made an Origin Pill. Could it be that it was staying by his side to recuperate, waiting for it to neutralize him and kill him?

The air current first flowed through the meridians in his chest, but Ling Xiaotian did not immediately come to find them because of the Jade Phosphorus Sect, so he purposefully increased his speed and proceeded at a normal pace, neither fast nor slow.

His entire head felt warm and comfortable, and under his supervisor's consciousness, the air current was split into several tens of fine streams, which at the same time "advanced" towards those tiny meridians!

In fact, every time Ling Xiaotian controlled the flow of air to circulate for a week, he paid more attention to the head. Among the three cyclones, the Medicine Consonance Cyclone was ranked first because of its position on the head.

He then followed the original route, passing through the neck and shoulders, then the arms, torso, and legs, not even sparing the blood vessels at the bottom of his feet. After completing the route, he once again returned to his original path, the air current flowing back to his chest.

In terms of distance, Ling Xiaotian's Circulatory Cycle Revolution was twice that of an ordinary person's. After all, the flow of energy through all of his meridians naturally had a great increase in strength.

This was the conclusion he came to after a sudden inspiration. Every time the air current returned, it would bring along a strong energy, but after returning to the air current, although the separated air currents would be a lot stronger than the previous ones, they would still be much weaker compared to the previous ones. If he wanted to reopen his acupoints once again, he needed a very strong air current, and a few more cycles would definitely allow him to reach the strongest state, which was very beneficial for breaking through the barrier!

The old man immediately knew of Ling Xiaotian's thoughts, just as he was about to speak of persuading him to stop, he stopped himself in his tracks. In his eyes, Ling Xiaotian was a complete freak, maybe he could really help him understand something, and he had not followed a normal cultivation method for a long time, but his rate of improvement was extremely fast, which was itself a very difficult thing to explain.

Under normal circumstances, regardless of whether it was Dou Qi or Qi Vortex, after circulating one cycle through the body, they had to return to their original location.

In truth, the old man really wanted Ling Xiaotian to try a normal method, but he was afraid that he would destroy his own talent, so he let Ling Xiaotian have his way.

It was not that Ling Xiaotian did not want to follow the rules, it was because he did not know anything about cultivation, and was embarrassed to ask the old man, since it was only common sense, he did not want to be scolded for not being able to learn.

It was wrong, it was wrong, even the old man did not expect that such a method of cultivation would allow Ling Xiaotian to become a strong Ranker that roamed the continent in the future, his method of cultivation was renowned as unprecedented, and no one could follow his unique method of cultivation.

The old man endured the excitement in his heart. As a strong warrior from two thousand years ago, he was very knowledgeable and interested in training and training. If a person was in front of him, and used a method that he did not know or dare to think of before to succeed, how could he not be excited? After all, he was an expert from two thousand years ago.

Earlier, he was unwilling to admit Ling Xiaotian as his master for himself and the Universe Ring! Now, the old man had no more grievances in his mind.

As he stroked his beard with gratitude, a hint of fanaticism appeared in the old man's eyes. His eyes were looking in the direction of Ling Xiaotian, who was sitting on the ground.

"That's right!" The old man muttered to himself: "This child's achievements in the future will definitely not be simple. I think that he will definitely be able to become a Grade 10 Medicine Sovereign. Becoming a Grade 90 Martial Saint is not a difficult thing.

Cordor led Ma Kui Biao, Liu Shengjun and the other two men to stand a dozen meters in front of the cave. They stared at the cave without blinking, searching for any clues that might be of use.

Ling Xiaotian was very careful when he came out of the cave every time. He did not destroy the vegetation around the cave entrance, and furthermore, the cave entrance was located at such a secluded place.

"How strange!" Cordor looked at the surroundings with some doubt and said, "There are no signs of leaving the valley, but why can't we find that person? Could it be that he's an expert, hiding his aura so well?"

Liu Shengjun said, "Second Elder, could it be that he took advantage of the fact that we were looking for him and there weren't many people guarding the exit, allowing him to calmly escape?"

Cordor shook his head and said, "Impossible, not only are we guarded at the exit, but we have set up so many traps, even if it's the Scarlet Fire Toad, it should not be able to leave without a sound, let alone a person. Everyone continue searching, today is already the sixth day, in another day, the neutralization period of the Scarlet Fire Toad will be over!"

"Yes, Second Elder!" The group nodded.

I don't believe that you have investigated the matter and flown up into the sky. Cordor knows that this mission is no small matter, and as long as he completes it, he would be able to establish a relationship with that great figure. It would be of great help to the future of the Jade Phosphorus Sect.

On the other hand, if they couldn't complete it, then the reputation of the Jade Phosphorus Sect would suffer a great blow and they would no longer be able to lift their heads.

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